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    After a few days brooding in another forum I wanted to take advantage of the testing for the new Fire revamp. Here are some points I want to make:

    oNew Power Interaction Damage over Time Field
    §This will no longer stack with itself and will no longer stop itself from doing all damage when trying to be reapplied. This affects Glacial Flash, Arctic Gust, Freeze Wave, Avalanche, Shatter Restraints, and Resonating Gale. Increased the damage.
    oArctic Gust:
    §The visual effects for Arctic Gust will now play correctly while in Ice Elemental form.
    §Now does more damage to Rooted, Burning, Frostbitten, and Electrified enemies.
    §The visual effects will now show properly on use.
    oIce Armor:
    §Players now have 50% DPS bonus the entire time you are in Ice Armor instead of 40%.
    §Players are now properly buffed with Defense, Toughness, and Control Resistance while in Tank Role. These buffs cannot be overwritten for the first 48 seconds by other Tank powers. If you cast a power to get the buffs during the last 12 seconds it will be refreshed and stay on you when Ice Armor falls off.
    §Players no longer have to cast Ice Bash, Cold Snap, or Reflection a sixth time to get the buffs. You get them at the same time the Ice Armor is applied.
    §Using a power that gives a 60% DPS buff (Frostblast) will give you the extra 10% while in Ice Armor and will work with Enduring Damage Tactical Mod until Ice Armor falls off.
    §Players no longer have a constant 5% Crit Chance and 5% Crit Damage buff while in Ice Armor.
    oIce Bash:
    § Gives a 10% Crit Damage and 5% Crit Chance. In Ice Armor it gives 7% Crit Chance instead of 5%.
    §This is now flagged as beneficial.
    oImpaling Ice:
    §Gives 50% Damage bonus instead of 60% since it no longer has the 3 second cast time
    §Damage Absorption now scales to 100% of Dominance + 10000 instead of just a flat 10000 while in Tank role.
    §Damage Absorption now scales to 100% of Dominance (same) + 100% of Restoration (was 50%) while in DPS role.
    oResonating Gale:
    §Added a new Power Interaction DoT field
    oShatter Restraints:
    §Damage Absorption now scales to 100% of Dominance (same) + 100% of Restoration. This matches the Gadgets and Mental changes.
    oWinter Ward:
    §Damage Absorption now scales to 100% of Dominance (same) + 100% of Restoration . This matches the Gadgets and Mental changes.

    §Will no longer do both the base and its power interaction damage. Damage to Burning, Frostbitten, and Electrified enemies is balanced to the new damage equivalent in Frostblast.
    oMeteor and Meteor Strike:
    §The Burning interaction will now stay on your target if they breakout from the knockdown.
    oSnuff Out:
    §Now gives 50% Damage bonus instead of 60% since it no longer has the 3 second cast time.

    There seems to be an imbalance of power reworks going on for Fire. I'm not sure if it is because none of the devs like the class or what but it is definitely being slighted here.

    As far as improvements go I am not talking from a Tank stand point. If this is why none of the Fire suggestions are being taken please let me know so I can shut up and take another break from the game.

    I want to keep fire as unique as possible so I won't be asking for powers that are like other powers, however PIs maybe similar.

    Flashpoint - I'd like to see this power as both a stun, juggle and add its on DoTs to targets. Keeping the dmg bonus.
    Fiery Weapon - Add a bonus to Might also create a new PI that gives a +Crit chance/ dmg bonus for certain amount of time. I'm thinking 30 seconds
    OverHeat - Instead of additional power when Immolation is active make it so that using Immo or Flashpoint increases the length of burning.
    Reignition, Stoke Flames and Burning Determination should reduce all incoming dmg based on Dom for 3 seconds. This should NOT stack
    Flame Cascade - with the current changes to this power it's main purpose is knock back. With that in mind I'd rather see another power take its place that added additional DoTs on targets or took advantage of DoTs.
    Mass Detonation - ...Dmg is inconsistant can vary from 50 - 6k...can we have it changed so that the lowest amount is 1k?
    Wild Fire - Shorten animation to align with Detonation.
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  2. Magnificent Dedicated Player

    Fiery Weapon is already a must-have for fire DPS, now they have added a random chance for an extra burst damage with each hit.

    I'm more disappointed in Enflame and Immo not being combined.

    and Overheat looks goid for DPS
  3. Forkless New Player

    The patch notes you've listed are from the second revision of gu23. When gu23 first hit test there were a bunch of changes to fire and hardly anything was touched for ice. When they put out a new build with revisions (the updates you have listed) it was mostly changes to ice and just a few for fire.

    More importantly, if you look at those changes to ice you'll see that many them are just making ice powers do what equivalent fire powers already do. Ice was far behind fire in a lot of ways and those changes are mostly just bringing ice up to the level of fire, not pushing it ahead. Just looking at how long the list of changes is might make it seem like they made ice into some crazy awesome power, but they really just made it more like fire.

    Overall both powers could still use a bit more work. It's true that fire didn't get much of a buff, but even with the ice buffs I think fire is still a bit stronger in general, though still not on par with something like gadgets or HL for dps.

    At least they decided to bring ice closer to fire instead of nerfing fire down to what ice was.

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