Fire Tank/DPS looking for league

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    101cr & 142sp fire tank/dps, primarily tank
    USPC hero
    Premium member owning all DLCs
    Don't have access to voice chat

    My background: Actively playing since September 2011 with the exception of 9 month break in 2013.
    Used to be in Alpha Synergy League but unfortunately it pretty much died. I've been playing fire since my day 1 of the game, I believe I'm an expert with it now, at least tanking concerned. Reason I'm looking for a league now is because T5 content is becoming impossible to do with PUGs that usually contain people with limited intelligence, and also to meet people. Despite being in a league before, I never really got to know anyone who doesn't see me as something other than a suitable player that will tank something at moment's notice.

    Big fan of legends PvP, favorite character - Cheetah
    I enjoy all content PvE and PvP, but I don't like PvP-ing for prolonged periods of time
    I don't usually speak unless I'm spoken to, but depending on to-be my league that can be changed
    To-be my league should be both PvE/PvP
    League members should be able and willing to communicate with each other for purpose of both playing successfully and having fun while at it, the latter being more important.
    Non-drama tolerant (duh:eek:)
    No elitist crap.

    Thx for reading thus far, any invites I take will be thoroughly considered. Not accepting ninja invites
    The very special Gale's trading bargain benefit for league members! - provide me with 2, yes only 2 stacks of equipment interfaces Vs and that member will get a stack(16) of red exoBYTES.

    Any questions? Feel free to ask!
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    We are the Incredible Smashers and we are a USPC HERO league looking for friends to join our league, we are looking to help whoever is not lvl 30 and we are willing to reach higher as we grew higher levels we are going to end the game together and help new comers to do the same. I am looking to do everything in this game PVE, PVP however the main reason is to meet people and have friends, why you ask? Because I live a busy life and mostly I have the most time to meet and interact with other people that have the same likes as me, are online. If you feel the same way, fill out an application so we can add you next time we go online. We are active and we like to talk so we use vent and we use our website forums. We have a lot of fun in this league. Interested? Click Here
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    No mass invite leagues plz.
  6. Dopest Active Player

    I ran anb with you the other day, why not try joining ThenRunLikeHell. If you're interested here's the website. Go ahead and apply, we'd definitely would like a player like you!
  7. Gale Reaper Dedicated Player

    Hmm, interesting. I checked out Yui's thread and description seems pretty unique. Very well, I'll give it a try.
    Apologies for nerd language, I tend to use it when talking to people I don't know ( yet ).
  8. Dopest Active Player

    :D It's okay, thanks for applying!