Fire Spaming Fireburst is ridiculous

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Aggro, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Aggro Well-Known Player

    Where is My jackhammer/uphavel additional damage while crystals active idea at (since devs are enforcing the pet am on earth), to counter this ridiculous spaming...

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  2. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    highest hit was like 10.1-10.4k :confused:
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  3. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    This is how fire use to be. Awesome imo. I remember when the devs nerfed Fireburst.... Fire as a powerset has been in the dark ages ever since. The rebirth of Fire burst will be the revival of the Fire DPS
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  4. Aggro Well-Known Player

    lol skip to the end where he kills 1 of the targets out and hits the other 2 for around 15k @1:38
  5. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    ah yea seen that 15.3k on both last standing targets. still though comparing to the likes of mental or quantum that do like 34k^ a rotation at CR120 on CR124+ adds?

    idk man I still think fire needs more love and Im not even fire lol
  6. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    That right there is the problem. You don't understand it really. Look. Here it is in simple terms. By the time it takes for quantum to finish it's rotation, Fireurst could have been shoot 3 and a half times.
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  7. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    yea but what of mental? mentals AM seems faster then quantum from my experience.

    And whats wrong with a outsider trying to get others better quality? When did trying to help others or w/e become a negative thing?
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  8. Aggro Well-Known Player

    lol well according to marvel, earth use to be jackhammer... and 34k? a rotation? fires rotation is inferno,feiry, 6 firebursts and im estimating here 20k each burst 120k a rotation, not to mention the speed vs timebomb and no1 parsing a 32k parse.. not even quantum
  9. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    "problem" wasn't the right word to use in that situation. Sorry for that. I meant that you didn't understand how Fire could keep up. I actually agree with you. Fire couuld use more love, but it's not for damage reasons. Structurally fire is flawed
  10. KidPhillip Well-Known Player

    I've already seen a ton of new fire dps's which i assume is probably because of GU49.

    It's sad too really, when i think of the fire, usually the first thing i think of is damaging and killing things...
  11. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Fire deserves to be strong for once. Stop complaining.

    @HL DPS, if fireburst were any stronger, it would be out of balance.
    It can be shot 3-4 times. There are multiple hits to it, so it's gonna look lackluster, but it's actually on par with Mass Terror.

    The only thing is, there is still a level of skill involved with the AM.

    You think Fire is strong? Take a look at Ice.
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  12. Mr BeefCakesss New Player

    Welcome to Rage range dps.
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  13. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    To be fair it's not much different than spamming 1 2 3 4... with quantum and mental
  14. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    oh so it doesn't do 1 hit for 15.3k it does 2 or 3 hits of that if its only 1 enemy? Or if there are multi adds like 3 in the video above the 3 hits is spread between the 3 adds so it hits each 1 for 1 hit, or does it still hit each 1 for multi hits?
  15. Aggro Well-Known Player

    oh im not bashing on fire... i just want to spam my old skool jackhammer if fire gets to spam theirs, thats all plus ill be doing the same pi debris jackhamer till my cooldowns are up repeat and im not talking about jackhammering 10k each, id say around 5k 7k like where striking stones is at without wm and have crystal finish the gap
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  16. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    let me ask this, did they do anything for the tanking side? as far as the pull goes?
  17. kravonik New Player

    no nono its just different K. /stomps foot.
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  18. Mr BeefCakesss New Player

    Earth got the shaft on the revamp. Really sad that you have to dps with crystal.
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  19. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    That is simply beautiful.
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  20. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    Nope. Very unfortunate to be honest. I personally don't think fire "needs" a new pull, but I'm not gonna turn down free stuff.