Fire DPSing in Tank Stance. Works for me. Is this WRONG?!~~

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  1. Guilty_iNNOCENCE8o8 New Player

    Okay, so, I'm a Fire wielder. I love the power and DPS role for all it is, for both PVE & PVP (maybe less so PVP). I started out my PVP career buying DPS gear from Hawkgirl, but found I was getting a really bad KD (Kill-Death) ratio in PVP Arenas, so I switched to Tank stance. After doing so, I saw a HUGE change in my competitiveness. Seriously, I have mostly GREEN gear with a few BLUE and I consistently beat (and sometimes annihilate) players with PURPLE gear. With the Core Strength mod it almost feels as if I'm actually in DPS stance sometimes and I run a full blown DPS spec (spec'ed into might, precision, critical attack chance and damage with Tactical Genius and Weapons Expert as Iconics) and a DPS loadout, no self heals (except for Overheat). Guys, I'm serious. I'm killin' out there. IDK if its my skill, but I'm LOVING IT. But what I'm wondering is, is this unusual?

    *I hope I don't get called a cheater! Sorry had to post this, couldn't really find any information on this around. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Skarlet Inferno Heroes USPS: PVE CR 103 PVP CR 87 88 SP
    LEAGUE: GHOST Protocol
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  2. Guilty_iNNOCENCE8o8 New Player

    oh, failed to mention, I'm living a lot longer which helps. Fire DPS=Squish-matic.
  3. DaiKaiJu New Player

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  4. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    Different strokes for different folks...I guess!

    Weird, but, whatever...

    One more thing....NEWB!


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  5. MasterBud New Player

    Good to see someone enjoying the fire power set lol. Might as well keep doing what you're doing if it's working so well for u. Play the way u want tho
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  6. General Powers New Player

    Wait until you go up against a healer.
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  7. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    Actually, this was a very common spec from a few tiers ago for fire tanks. I think a lot of people still use it. DPS gear in tank stance in PvP.
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  8. PillowHands Committed Player

    A few tiers ago is right lol
    Back then fire had the most damage potential, best rebuffs and maybe the most versatile loadouts. Fire was the 1st tank that was able to hit 500k damage as a tank in premades(that used to be impressive). Back then fire was also proven to be the best 1v1 tank. I left the game and came back to something called a revamp lol

    - ColdShadow Ice/Fire/Earth/Rage tank
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  9. proxyreiv New Player

    Fire is probably one of the best wearing dps gear in tank stance because tank gear and dps gear all have the same health stat (13000 with elemental android IIRC) so he is pretty much at full potential, instead of self healing you get a better damage potential so i will say is a reasonable build to do.
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  10. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    See ^ ColdShadow would know.
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  11. Lucaefor New Player

    You haven't been debuffed yet. Fire is the worst DPS performer of all which is why you noticed very little difference changing to tank role. Glad you are enjoying it anyway.
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  12. CoolJPri New Player

    going tank stance with DPS stuff, lol, I do that, well, at least I started too...
    I guess we tanks are only good for immunities and stuff, since the players can select whomever they want to target, our toughness is pretty much useless. Also, by doing this you help out DPS so it's a win for all :D
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  13. Guilty_iNNOCENCE8o8 New Player

    Thanks for all the responses, its good to know I'm not so totally far off on my PVP build lol. Changed my loadout a bit, got my immunities on there now with my Backdraft & Reignition. Inferno's still my "hell on earth" move, but got rid of Overheat and got Detonate in there. Innates I went Might, Prec (shield), Health & Resto & I got Tac. Gen., Weap Exp & Nano Armor. This build is doing well too (but I change my spec's and loadouts so much its hard to say which one is my MAIN. Variety behbeh). 500k is impressive? OMG. 500k is my minimum I shoot for lol. Yup, well for all the give and takes, I think I'm gona continue on this path of being a "Damage-Tank" in PVP. And if ANYONE calls me a NEWB, I say...

    COME AT ME CHUMP!!! :)

    PS: YES I LOVE FIRE! Sound effects & all. I have faced many a healer, and yes, I must say, with the most upmost respect, I #*@% hate those guys lol. PEACE & ALOHA \m/(-_-)\m/

    USPS :: Skarlet Inferno
  14. CrazyArtBrown Dedicated Player

    I started out as a pure fire tank, but every time I switched a piece to DPS gear I got more effective. The trade-off of tank stance for PvP is pretty well understood. In damage role it sometimes feels like I spend the whole match stunned. When you're a tank and watch a controller waste a lot of power on control effects you shrug off, leaving starved damage players in your wake, it's awesome. But when you have to run away from a healer who is happily kicking your butt by stacking powers with synergistic consumables...that's considerably less awesome.
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  15. Guilty_iNNOCENCE8o8 New Player

    Yeah healers usually waste me. But I'll take on a troller and 3 DPS's at one time, ANY DAY. Even if it kills me...eventually ;D lol
  16. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player



    Now what?

  17. Guilty_iNNOCENCE8o8 New Player

    You're just asking for a beat down. Lol