fire dps/tank loadouts?

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  1. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    okay once someone has found a good dps loadout for fire could you post a guide to it on here please? or even for tanks cause i found out fireburst is now useless and i dont know what to put on my loadout.
  2. xWorldkiller New Player

    Oracle's Database is there for a reason.
  3. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    i have quite a few listed starter ones that you can expand on, link in my sig

    i'll be looking forward to posting new loadouts and rotations
  4. Tocimus New Player

    i got this crazy idea. try something and see if it works.

    this will work much faster then waiting for somebody to tell you what to do. especially since the good dps wont tell you anything and keep things secret.
  5. Zhiushod New Player

    well, i'm still sticking with my Enflame, Burning Determination, Backdraft, Stroke Flames, Burnout, Fireball Barrage as my Tank Loadouts guys...
  6. Unreal New Player

    Fire is ruined lol might as well switch.
  7. Gunny New Player

    Abilities to look at....


    Spontaneous combustion, flashpoint, overheat, inferno, flame cascade, backdraft, wildfire, fiery weapon, mass detonation, fireball barrage, volcanic calamity, snuff out...


    Reignition, stoke flames, burning determination, burnout, backdraft, flashpoint, fiery weapon, wildfire, absorb heat, enflame...

    Before you say something in response to this list, GO TRY OUT THE ABILITY FOR YOURSELF POST-UPDATE. You may be pleasantly surprised.
  8. Vyltran Loyal Player

    Stick to your best loadouts as well, they aren't trying to nerf fire.. keep your work up.
  9. Dump Truck New Player

    Here's what I've been playing with so far tonight. SS clippng with all 6 powers as dots.
    1Hander: Loadout: WD, Inferno, Overheat, Flashpoint, Spontanious Combust, Enflame (6 dots)

    tap tap hold ->WD ->Spontanious Combust (the amount of dots you see after this is crazy)
    tap tap hold -> Inferno
    tap tap hold ->WD -> Overheat
    tap tap hold ->Flashpoint
    tap tap hold ->WD -> Enflame
    tap tap hold ->Flashpoint
    repeat. The power consumption is on par with gadgets (a LOT)

    What fire gained the most of with this update is OPTIONS. You can easily take a move of two out for others and not miss much.
    Fireburst is really not that good - worth running if you focus on ranged damage or want the 60% hands mod
    You cannot grab Inferno, snuff out, spontanious combust, and overheat... one power point short.
    I would rather not have overheat and grab snuff out if you needed snuff out. Spont Combust is too good if clipping WD.
    I would LOVE a shorter cooldown on spontanious combustion as well
    The one proc from fiery weapon hardly seems significant (run it if you would have prior to U23)
    Backdraft does not split damage and you can occasionally get a double tick if Inferno is up.
    I did not try the supercharges. I have not ran with one (cept for WOP/SpeedDrain in PVP) for almost a year.
    Oh yeah, AND we got some killer new animations... we win.

    Hoping to raid with a gadgets and ice dps pro's from the league tomorrow to really test these power sets against one another. Ice is MUCH better for DPS than it was pre U23 and from what I hear NASTY in pvp.
  10. Gunny New Player

    @ Dump Truck

    Would probably clip combustion with fiery weapon. Thing with fiery weapon is not only does it get the proc, it also had its power cost cut by about 20% - probably the biggest downside it had pre-23.
  11. FIYAH New Player

    my fire tank loadout:
    stoke flames
    burning determination
    wildfire or amazonium deflection (i switch depending on content)
    reignition,speed drain,tornado pull (depends on content)
  12. Zhiushod New Player

    Fire is fine...

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