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  1. Dannyro19 Level 30

    In the long run, am I better off going with Spontaneous Combustion over Mass Detonation?
    I run enhanced eye beams, absorb heat, enflame or inferno, Wildfire,and my shield for extra defense.

    Seems like combustion is better especially in group settings where anyone can trigger the extra explosions, and its more consistent?

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  2. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    I run Inferno, Combustion, Mass Det, Wildfire, Volcanic Calamity, Absorb Heat. So far its my highest parse without having to get up close with Fireburst
  3. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    Are we talking ST? Or trash adds? Elite? Or reg? To me me Spontaneous is situational.
  4. Dannyro19 Level 30

    How is it situational?
    Im just tired of mass det's inconsistency
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  5. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    Mass Det isn't consistent that's for sure, but over the course of a raid Mass Det will out damage Spontaneous.

    Fire is diverse there are many ways to utilize its abilities, that's why I have 11 armories. 2 Tanks, 2 BattleTanks, the rest are various Precision or Might based ST and MT DPS LO's.

    Mass Det in content like duos and most alerts and anywhere adds die fast is about useless. For alerts and duos I use Inferno clipped with stoke flames, Flashpoint, Wildfire, flame cascade and NVB (or Fireball Barrage)

    My current 2 best LO's for ST and MT (highest parsing) for Might based Superpowered Focus.

    ST- Overheat, Spontaneous Combustion, HV (with at least rank 80 SA artifact) and Absorb Heat, RSK, and SC of your choice. Rotation- start with OH, then Spontaneous, HV, and AH. Reapply OH when it comes off cooldown and keep rotating those 3. (Spon, HV, and AH.)

    MT-(melee range) Fireburst, Mass Det, FlashPoint, Wildfire, Inferno, and SC of your choice.
    Rotation-lead with Fireburst, Inferno, Mass Det, Flashpoint, Fireburst, Mass Det, Flashpoint, Wildfire and then repeat. Add Killer.
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  6. L T Loyal Player

    In my testing Mass det hit for 102 to 116 base damage with an average of about 109. It's not really inconsistent. It crits about 25% of the time for just over double damage, same as any other ability when you have your crits maxed.

    Spontaneous Combustion averages 78 damage when all the explosions happen. It's a bit under-powered since it doesn't always proc. On the other hand, Flashpoint does 79 average base damage. Wildfire does 60. So SC isn't terrible.

    SC costs 200 power. MD costs 400. MD can be interrupted, SC may not proc. Finally, SC is primarily a single-target ability, since the initial hit is 100% single target, and I believe the explosions are 50% single target.

    MD will be higher DPS if you're not constantly being interrupted. And if your targets live long enough for it to hit.
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  7. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    I think fire is one of the very best, most versatile dps powers in the game. Just keep practicing. SC is more of a single target boss option though. Mass Det is a must in hallways.
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  8. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    I have one loadout that suits both Single Target and Multi Target.

    Spontaneous Combustion
    Mass Detonation
    Volcanic Calamity
    Absorb Heat

    For Single Target, in order-

    Inferno, Spontaneous Combustion, Mass Det, Wilfire, Absorb Heat, Spontaneous Combustion, Mass Det, Wildfire, Absorb Heat. Repeat when Inferno is off cooldown.

    For Multi Target, this is where it gets fun and the numbers start to show. (Its very power hungry, but its possible with even a moderate troll)

    Mass Det, Wildfire, Inferno, Mass Det, Wilfire, Spontaneous Combustion, Mass Det, Wildfire, Absorb Heat, Mass Det, Wildfire, Repeat
  9. L T Loyal Player

    I never get to run elite stuff these days, so I still run with Flashpoint and Fireburst.
  10. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    And what type of numbers do you see from this? I'm assuming this isn't your optimum build but more of a all in one?
  11. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    I would like to think that yes. This toon isnt at max stats yet, or its not at the CR that I would like for the stats to be considered optimal. However, this toon does have over 330sp, and at a CR of 244. I cant recall his numbers atm, but they are pretty good IIRC. Ive topped some really good players with its loadout.
  12. Original Cryo boy Committed Player


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