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Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by ShadowCyborg92, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. ShadowCyborg92 Well-Known Member

    What would be the best loadout for a fire dps
  2. Tocimus Active Member

    idk, go try something. stop waiting for a cookie cutter build.
  3. Kimmern New Member

    my loadout after the update is:
    Fiery Weapon
    Mass Det

    Works pretty well, get as many dots as u can on a group of mobs,then cast wildfire
  4. ShadowCyborg92 Well-Known Member

    i ask because its good to get opinions. i use what i gather to make a good loadout for myself.
  5. Tocimus Active Member

    then maybe you should look at the 5 other threads and the guide all discussing this same topic.
  6. TrueMarvel Well-Known Member

    or maybe you can stiop trolling him?
  7. Death Throe Well-Known Member

  8. Soulburn32 Well-Known Member

    see the last 3-4 pages of my guide, were over there talking dps powers, loadouts and rotations..... you know we don't bite over there its ok to post o_O
  9. Tocimus Active Member

    if you give a man a fish he is fed for a day
    if you teach a man to fish he is fed for life

    im not trolling. im just pointing out the answer he seeks is already there, he just has to take a moment and look. or is that just to complicated?
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  10. ShadowCyborg92 Well-Known Member

    For one i didnt kno there was a thread created for fire. Second, thx everyone for the advice.
  11. Guardinel New Member

    Hm, I imagine you've heard of crowdsourcing, right? That's exactly what the OP is doing. With all the patch changes, it seem reasonable that someone returning from an absence to the game needs recent opinions due to said changes, and prior posts might not cut it or may have been deleted. Obviously you don't want to help with that, so that's out. In fact you go as far to lecture the OP and TrueMarvel on what should be done, yet don't do it yourself. If this is not trolling, it certainly comes across as such, and is otherwise simply impolite.

    Jumping in just to tell someone to shut up and not seek answers will not help the community. To address the question directly, it really depends. If your going for a pure dps spec, several of the suggestions here do make for some promising alternatives. If you're attempting a tank/dps hybrid, this video at shows all of the tank power loadout requirements.

    You can fill out any additional fire dps powers while reserving at least 3 spots for iconic power innates fire tanking requires. Doing so will probably leave you with more of an AE dps build, just remember that while dps'ing, try to avoid knockbacks and stuns in your loadout so tanks don't have to fight you for aggro.

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