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  1. GloGeta New Player

    Hey guys i need help finding a Fire AOE Loadout . I know fire isn’t that good on AOE but i feel like my Loadout is lacking . My Loadout is 1) Inferno. 2)Overheat. 3)Wildfire. 4)Flame Cascade.
  2. Faded Killa Level 30

    For Aoe I use 2 slightly different loadouts (one move difference). For group content I use 1)Inferno 2)Fireblast 3)Wildfire 4)Flame cascade 5) Robot sidekick 6) Fireball barrage (or neo venom boost, not sure which does more damage at this time). I use this in most group content. Now for solo play and those quick hallways I switch out inferno for meteor. I do this in solo play because when you drop it it knocks down the enemies and gives you time to get off fireblast and in those quick hallways the meteor helps cause inferno has a longer cool down time so I can apply burn to the enemies in the hallways faster with meteor.

    Edit: I am in no way a fire expert. This is a loadout I got from my league mate. Only difference is he only uses meteor, while I switch between meteor and inferno.
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  4. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Fire is actually decent for AoE, just not the best AoE compared to some other powers. I would recommend dropping overheat, that's a single target. I'd also recommend mass detonation over fireburst, although fireburst is more consistent, it requires constant positioning and medium to close range.
  5. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    For Adds: Stoked Flames (SF) - Inferno - Snuff Out - Flashpoint - Fireburst - Heat Vision

    On My Own: Flashpoint -> SF (SF immediately after FP cancels the animation but still juggles the adds and sets them on fire giving them a DOT) -> Heat Vision for single / Fireburst for multiple and then Snuff Out if they're below 35%. Snuff Out also changes targets automatically when the original target dies. So you can realistically kill multiple targets with just one cast.

    Alerts/Raids: Inferno -> (SF) first then the rest the same as above.

    For Bosses: Spontaneous Combustion (SC) - Inferno - Mass Detonation (or Freezing Breath) - Overheat - Fireburst - Heat Vision

    Inferno -> SC -> Overheat -> Heat Vision...This sets up several DOTs and multiple burst effects.
    Then... Fireburst -> Mass Detonation if it's a boss that jumps around a lot. If it's a boss that will generally hang around then use Fireburst -> Freezing Breath [Reasoning: The second hit of FB is the largest. So you can wait until Fireburst or Heat Vision are done cooling down, jump cancel FB and go to another power without worrying about losing damage.]

    Someone mentioned to remove Overheat for single target...Don't if you're using Trans/Strat Cards. Those extra ticks will active that the cards and give full damage. Example: 50k hit from Overheat and 500k hit from Fireburst will both get you the same 500k hit from Trans/Strat. So it's actually advantageous to keep as many DOTs going as possible.

    Also, Trans/Strat gives you both the healing and damage increases even if you're in DPS mode. So Stoked Flames is great since it also gives you both. During Alerts when health is an issue during boss fights I remove Spontaneous Combustion and replace it with Stoked Flames. it helps a LOT especially if there's not a healer. During boss fights, don't even worry about using it in a rotation. If you're at 75% or less health just hit it whenever you can. There's no down side.
  6. GloGeta New Player

    Thank you for the explanation and Loadout but i have a couple of questions .. why SF and Neo venom & Robot Sidekick ?
  7. GloGeta New Player

    Thanks i will give it a try
  8. xXlNesTlXx Well-Known Player

    I am AOE fire DPS since long time ago...

    This is my build:

    Inferno, Meteor Strike, Fireball, Overheat, Fireburst and Volcanic Calamity (Supercharge)

    Artifacts: Tetrahedron of Urgrund and cards

    Rotation for low/mid adds: Meteor Strike-Fireburst (while enemies are down after meteor strike)-Overheat-Fireball
    Rotation for adds and boss: Inferno-Meteor Strike-Fireburst-Overheat-Fireball-Fireball-Meteor Strike-Inferno-Fireburst-Overheat..

    GOOD: Is fun to use, is a 100% fire powers build and does a pretty decent amount of damage
    BAD: Is finger hurting, all your damage comes from the whole loadout, no pets, so if you stop for a moment, your damage rate drops quickly
  9. Emoney Dedicated Player

    I said remove overheat if he's going for AOE. Overheat is a single target power, although it can spread burning, but other powers spread burning better.
  10. xXlNesTlXx Well-Known Player

    I mistaken, I not use Fireball, I use Flame Cascade
  11. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Stoke Flames is only for the adds. I do use Quislet.

    I forgot to say I also have a load out for 35% and under. It uses Flame Barrage - Eye of Gemini along with Batman Who Laugh's Toxic Gas ability. I like Flame Barrage better because it's only 2500. So you have more chances of activating the Eye without having to add anything else.
  12. JLAxPOWER GIRL New Player

    If you're flight:

    Downdraft > wildfire > flame cascade

    That's a loop.

    The animation time is almost exactly in sync with each other so you can keep it going in a chain. Only issue is that, as with all similar trio power chains is that it's power hungry. Throw in a supercharge or w/e into the next slot, then keep inferno and overheat for more durable targets. Overheat can AOE but only if other targets are close to the primary target. If a tank is pulling mobs into a group, then you're good to go. If not, Inferno may be better. Inferno also sets up burning and overheat scores off it.

    Acro's throwing knives fills in for downdraft. Superspeed's lacking an equivalent, though, unfortunately. Timing and range issues.
  13. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Inferno is just better overall. I've tested them extensively. Inferno's damage is higher, and doesn't require targets to be in tight stationary. Once you put it on a group, they can move around and still have the damage.