Fire’s Heals Post Revamp and Pre Revamp?

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  1. Kanmaru Committed Player

    By just how much has fire’s heals been decreased/nerfed after revamp? I’m a fire tank at the moment, and people are telling me “Don’t be fire, it’s easily the worst tank.” And then I usually would ask how come because it heals itself? People will always say “because the heals suck now! It’s been Uber nerfed!”

    I want to know (from fire users personally) how much of a difference fire is before and after the revamp?
  2. Killah Criss Well-Known Player

    As along time fire tank myself I can personally agree that fire tanking is easily the worst tank power. But that doesnt mean its completely bad.

    If you know what your doing you can definatly hold your own. But not blocking is NOT an option. You must block as a fire tank or you WILL die.

    Unlike Rage, Earth, and Atomic tanking that has mechanics that gives them the option to not block if they choose.
  3. BrandonB Well-Known Player

    Unfortunately, fire's self-heals have been laughable at best in end-game content, regardless of time frame. It's best not to rely on them and get to kiting.
  4. VariableFire Loyal Player

    They tried to give fire tanking an "active" solution where attacking enemies on fire would increase a fire tank's defense. Unfortunately, it takes waaayyyy too many hits for that to kick in, never mind that you have to keep attacking to maintain that increased defense. Moreover, because of that they nerfed the healing down.
  5. Chicken Well-Known Player

    I've played fire since Moses wore short pants and do not have problems with it while tanking.
  6. Brit Dedicated Player

    As a Healer, I've run with all sorts of Tanks and been successful with all flavors. Fire seems to be the most challenging, in my experience.

    If I had to hazard my own interpretation from the healer side of things, it is thing.

    Fire's mechanics increase their health pool significantly. Fire will end up having the most health. Others have different mechanics that increase mitigation through defenses or shields. The result is that every Tank has roughly the same "effective health". They can take roughly the same number of hits from the boss before dying.

    So this hypothetical boss hit is coming in. For a Fire character, it hits for some big number, but they have twice as much health so it doesn't move their bar much.

    For a Defense/Shield based Tank, it just hits for significantly less, so moves their bar about the same.

    Except the healer actually has to heal the literal health amount on the Fire Tank, while everything that the shields absorbed or the defense mitigated on alternative tank sets, that's freebie damage that disappears and doesn't need to be healed. That means that, unless the Fire Tank is also healing themselves to supplement the healer, then the Fire Tank takes significantly more healing and is more of a power drain on the healer. And since Fire's self-heals were nerfed, it's hard for them to balance that out now.

    Turtle Tanking (lots of blocking) to help the Fire Tank reduce the incoming damage doesn't seem to work as well either, because since the mechanics revamp, countering in boss fights is pretty important for those punishes and immunities, and staying mobile is a big thing, which makes hunkering down in block less of an option than it used to be.

    I've worked with some really good Fire Tanks, don't get me wrong. Some of them are excellent, and a good Fire Tank easily beats a bad Rage Tank who keeps crashing. It's not impossible to be good with Fire Tanking; it just has a smaller margin for error, so there are players who are bad Fire Tanks but could be good Atomic Tanks, or good Fire Tanks who with the same skill level would be phenomenal as Earth or Rage.
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  7. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    Fire tank is my main and I do great. It is my favorite tank. Don't be so quick to judge. End game elite raids every tank has to kite adds during last boss. Fire has a learning curve. Do not turtle, you must attack. Block on skulls or to knock down some adds but don't stay in block. I don't use shields either. You must CC adds. I enjoy fire tanking because ppl think it's the weakest tank. Get artifacts and skill points up. Fire is in a good place tanking wise
  8. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    As good as I am with fire, I don't want to rage tank because a well timed stun will make me miss rage crash and I am dead. Earth I don't want to rely on a pet to stay alive. Ice is the only tank power I'll try. Atomic combos are too slow to maintain. Fire's high health is the damage mitigation. My health pool is 145k and I do great and it is really fun. Ive noticed fire can have more healing out than a bad healer. In a few Cote runs I've managed to out heal a couple of so called healers.
  9. Kanmaru Committed Player

    What’s your character name? I’ll add you and see how it looks.
  10. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    Villian US/PS4
  11. Thunderstrikke Well-Known Player

    I relatively recently ran as a fire tank and switched to rage. I basically ran fire without the healing mechanic; I had one heal in there (and the group pull, which does some healing). Instead, I used two shields and crowd control, juggling ads like crazy (which is a fun way to tank, btw). However, it was stressful; I found I very healer dependent; with good healer, I sailed through, with a bad one, look out. Had to turtle bosses as cc doesn’t work on them. So I switched to rage, which the rage crash made somewhat stressful, but was way more steady than fire overall ( using the group breakout / immunity right before I negated the crash helped). So can you do it with fire? absolutely. Is it easier tanking with other powers? Absolutely.
  12. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    Dude, if you are not going to use the mechanic, you can't possibly expect the power to be any good. Wow!
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  13. Vagrant Committed Player

    So I was messing around in open world tanking as fire. There are a lot of abilities that heal us but fire tanks tend to not use it. Absorb heat for some reason only ticks ONCE when it says it will heal over time, maybe this is a bug?
  14. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    My biggest obstacle when fire tanking is needing to kite multiple enemies when there is no room to move around. I recently put Pheromone Bloom in my tank LO, it looks ridiculous but it has been a lifesaver at times.

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