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  1. Inpent New Player

    So, i finally obtained the OP Neck from Lockdown. After running A&B 100000000 times and never getting the ring it feels good to finally get the Neck.

    Anyone know the odds of getting it and how many people out there have already have it. I'm very curious to see how many people have it already and how long it took you to get it.
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  2. Hraesvelg Always Right

  3. SomebodyGiveMeAName New Player

    How many of these are there? I knew about the helm from Prime but not that there was a ring or neck. Are there OP trinkets running around out there too or what?
  4. Darkerusaelp Devoted Player

    Congratulations you are one lucky son of....
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  5. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    I would be estatic to get the chest piece much less the neck piece.
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  6. areacode8O8 Committed Player

    I read you have to be underrgeared and basically the weakest link in the group to get a higher chance of dropping?
  7. Stark23 Committed Player

    Wives tales.
  8. Inpent New Player

    I'm 108cr and was 2nd highest in dps out of four. So that deff can not be it.
  9. Darkerusaelp Devoted Player

    I have never seen the prime helm drop in a year and half of playing.
    One night before sever shutdown, I witnessed not one but 3 rings dropping from the last boss in AnB. I believe we destroyed the batteries and defeated Cyborg Superman first. I wasn't one of the people who acquired one that time.
    The necklace that drops in Lockdown I have yet to see drop because I have only been in there a handful of times.
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  10. Darkerusaelp Devoted Player

    Awhile back I ran A&B on villain side and I kid you not, the guy with the green and blue gear who had only been playing for less then a month received the ring at the end.
  11. Yui Loyal Player

    So, how many replays did you spend? :p
  12. Inpent New Player

    want to hear something crazy, i did not use any replays just was running on raid reset day. Also, i got it when lockdown was glitched when you would cage one of them they would stay caged the whole fight until the one boss dies then he would break out.
  13. areacode8O8 Committed Player

    Good to hear. Hated the idea of the weakest players getting rewarded
  14. Inpent New Player

    I thought the same thing about the ring in a&b, because ive seen people go in and seriously stand there the whole time not playing on purpose and they would get the ring.
  15. Marine Death Committed Player

    Congratulations man! I'm a little green but happy for you.
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  16. Fools Fire Loyal Player

    Agreed. I'm also a 108 and was top DPS when I got one. I tried it on and gained tons but lost 6 power and 22 might.
  17. AnonymousToughGuy New Player


    I returned to the game about a month ago after a 6+ month break.

    A Leaguemate and I pug'd LD after I knocked the rust off. As the least geared member, and lowest on the scorecard, I received the OP neck on my 1st run.

    I didn't even know what it was at first and blurted out "oooh whats this gold loot?" in group voice. Nobody was angry or pissed, but there was definitely disappointment when they all realized the guy on his 1st run got it.

    I still feel kinda bad for the other guys that have replayed it over and over to no avail.
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  18. Inpent New Player

    lol, yeah people were nice about it but i can tell they were pissed they didnt get it after they spent hours running it over and over. I mean i feel bad for them cause i know how it feels to spend lots of real money on replays and get nothing.
  19. AnonymousToughGuy New Player

    Let me rephrase. Nobody was pissed at me... Pissed in general and questioning if the "wives tale" of lowest geared gets it really was true.
  20. Inpent New Player

    Yes, exactly, They were just pissed in general.