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  1. PrimedKrypton Active Member

    WOW...I honestly thought I would never get this piece lol.. Months after months of running the duo's, it has never dropped. Just when I give up, I get it xD!!

    EDIT>>> Sorry with all the excitement, I forgot to mention they dropped in FaM t5... Spoke with a bunch of people who confirmed they also received it there. I think they were either 81 or 83 cr troll versions.
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  2. Statman Well-Known Member

    Congrats, that's exactly how I felt when Lyssa Drak dropped the Sector Incendiary Hands for me last week, lol.

    Though... getting the Psycho Hands from Poison Ivy was much more a hassle than any I've had in the game. 3 months of running Arkham Asylum (back in the day of it being a T1) still gives me nightmares!
  3. IThe PatchI Well-Known Member

    I still cant find the legs...
  4. SuperBell Well-Known Member

    Wow, I didn't know it was that rare. Congrats.
  5. NoobishGuy Active Member

    Congrats man, my happy moment is riveted ventilator.
  6. PrimedKrypton Active Member

    OMG I need the psycho hands . =[[[[[[[[[[[[[ couple more months here I come lol
  7. The Unknown King Member

  8. neptunesBeard Well-Known Member

    Me either. I read they dropped in the Omac Duo but I never bother.
    I also need the Sector Incindiery head and legs.
  9. BrownMamba Well-Known Member

    Ya, would be feeling the same last boss in Nexus dropped the engineer belt and it was my final piece for the style but got out rolled :( maybe next time.

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