Final Fantasy XIV ARR Beta

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by dbtenken, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. dbtenken Member

    Anyone else get a beta code today? Got mine, can't wait to start in a few days!
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  2. dbtenken Member

    Anyone else get one? lol hope I see some of you all there.
  3. Davon (Crisis Core) Well-Known Member

    I'm beyond jealous right now, but good for you ma'am or sir. Queenofwar and I also registered for the FFXIV Beta, guess we didn't get in. We played FF14 in the "Oh God this game is horrible, lets make it free to play stage." and watched the quality continue to go down until finally they took the game offline to remake it and start over. The teaser trailers have been impressive but I'm not getting my hopes up because keep in mind that teaser trailers are just visually pretty 3D animated movie shorts that have nothing to do with gameplay at all. That's how Square Enix tricked us the first time.

    Nevertheless, I do have false hope that the FF reboot will be awesome because I played FFXI for 8 years straight starting from Beta. Myself and a bunch of Navy buds had our own linkshell and had the best time ever in Valkurn Dunes lol. Tarutaru Summoner /panic

    Do post your opinions and possibly some screenshots of the reboot, would be much appreciated.

  4. dbtenken Member

    Will do. You should check out the alpha in-game videos they have on their site. I played the old one as well and I'm a legacy member which is why I get into the first phase of the beta. I will say that the combat and questing videos look much nicer than the first version of the game. The UI seems to be thousands of times better as well lol.
  5. Umi Well-Known Member

    Ugh, I'm so jealous! I haven't received one yet (signed up for the PS3 Beta, as did most of my leaguemates). Still going to keep hoping, though. ;)
  6. dbtenken Member

    All my leaguemates signed up as well. I'm hoping they will give some form of friends invites for beta access. If not in this phase then somewhere down the line at least.
  7. Davon (Crisis Core) Well-Known Member

    Queenofwar immediately went to the alpha gameplay video... honestly besides the amazing UI overhaul, seems the same as before. Nevertheless, nothing was terribly wrong with the gameplay in FFXIV, it was more so the lack of content and poorly designed dailies in the form of "Leves" I just hope they add my summoner class back, lol I miss my d@mn Carbuncle! :(
  8. dbtenken Member

    As far as I know summoner is in. Lol I guess I'll find out soon.
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  9. Davon (Crisis Core) Well-Known Member

    Carbuncle pic, please and thank you. :cool:

  10. leoface1987 New Member

    There's a non-disclosure agreement so can't post any photos :( But summoner will be ready for release. Please don't let the alpha sway you in anyway, it's an alpha lol. Can't say much about the game... but definitely look forward to the launch. (or the open beta in a few months). I, and many others, are in love.
  11. Faust74 Well-Known Member

    I got my code last week, thanks to being a Legacy member on the old server.
  12. risen Active Member

    Sadly no beta code for me. Undecided how I feel about this game till its repolished and rereleased I suppose
  13. Drathmor Well-Known Member

    I still havent gotten one I really want in to see if the game is going to be worth the investment
  14. Frostbight Well-Known Member

    Legacy here from day one FFxiv 1.0. Got my code on friday cand played all day monday. Cant wait till severs go back up and can grind away again. Im on a server that starts with a B and ends with a T.
  15. Davon (Crisis Core) Well-Known Member

    What's the first summon you start off with? In FFXI it was Carbuncle, hope they bring him back.

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