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  1. JOYFUL New Player

    Yup... for the last time DCUO has piss me off. DCING 4-10 times a day. Heading to Final Fantasy 14 in Aug. 27th who's with me!?!? Just hoping FF14 doesn't screw up again -_-...
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  2. FrontlineR Well-Known Player

    Yup... You're only the 34537543277138th person to post the same thing.

    Have fun in FFXIV.
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  3. Epic Wins New Player

    This is how I feel each time i get DC, I'm looking forward to Final Fantasy. I don;t know what server i'll be playing on though.
  4. Sef Prime Well-Known Player

    I can't wait for FF to finally come I can stop hearing about it here all the time. Seriously, these threads can't disappear fast enough.
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  6. Faust74 Loyal Player

    I am assuming since I am getting emails from Square Enix about transferring my old FFXIV character to a different realm, that I will be able to play my old FFXIV character in "Realm Reborn". Looking forward to it, but I won't be quitting DCUO.
  7. ShadowStyleB New Player

    I wasn't sure if that was what the email meant. I just keep deleting them. I am not looking forward to it until after it is released.

    Me too seems a new thread every week about the same thing. Although this happened on the old forums each new game release then those same people were back posting a week or two later about how bad DCUO is and how they can't wait to quit when "X" game comes out.
  8. Davon (Crisis Core) Well-Known Player

    Yep that is correct, you will be able to keep your old character from 1.0 and continue playing. They've already given us access to them in Beta.
  9. Redhot Well-Known Player

    am I the only one that Dose not think to highly of FFX!V. I know Dcuo has flaws but they pale in comparison
    everyone is free to play the game they like or even try new things, the thing is the Grass is not always greener.
    just remember that is all
  10. Faust74 Loyal Player

    Personally, I enjoyed FFXIV even from the beginning. IMO, I think the reason a lot people say they didn't like it was because they were expecting a FFXI 2.0. Instead they got something completely different other than the main character design. Even the races got a different name even though they basically look the same. Suprised the didn't rename the Chocobos. There was some mechanics and menu designs that needed to be reworked. But, to me is was still a great game. I say players just didn't want to adapt to the new system.
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  12. sonryo21 New Player

    I'm already out just waiting on open beta to start already.
  13. Veziann New Player

    Beta was promising to say the least.

    The grass (in comparison to DCUO lately) is the most lush and greenest grass I've seen in a very long time.

    As others have said you will be able to play using your 1.0 toon if you had one.

    I will be leaving DCUO for FFXIV for a good amount of time.

    I will just sub back for a month here and there if I want to play DCUO.

    I will no longer be spending any more cash in the marketplace.

    I've poured a lot of money into DCUO to help support the game just as many other people have.

    I just can't stand the level of customer service DCUO fails to provide.
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  14. sonryo21 New Player

    Well said I couldn't have said it better than you just did.
  15. Second Sin New Player

    I'm going to rant a bit here but eh... the second paragraph will have the relevant info to the topic.

    I came from FFXI (played for about 4 years) dabbled in SWTOR when that came out and was unhappy. Left MMOs for a while and just played mindless boring console style games for a while, but replayed Mass Effect trilogy a few times through. I played DCU for a couple days a long time ago and was put off, decided to give it a better try and liked it. After a week, I subbed, got to 68 cr on my "main" and 2 other characters to 50 cr within like 2 weeks. Which had me kind of worried right there. A good MMO takes a LONG time to get to where I was on my main. Original Final Fantasy XI might have been the extreme side of long progression (it is much different now) It took me 8 months to get to endgame levels on my character playing pretty regularly, 3-4 hours a day I'd say average. Most people don't have the patience for that, and that is GREAT. It means the players you find in endgame are dedicated, and know how to play their roles/classes/jobs (whichever term you prefer). That has always been a big issue with me in MMOs. You aren't just playing alone, you screwing up has the potential to affect a lot of people (again, early FFXI had 30+ player raids that were extremely difficult and took multiple hours) f2p people just don't seem to care that when they screw up, they are costing other players time and money, and use the excuse "it is just a game". Which is true, but if I don't care about life and kill your mom, I could say, Its just life. Extreme example, I know, but it is just respectful to do your job and not just screw around because you don't care, which way too many people here seem to do. I know joining a good league would probably fix some of those issues, but the leagues that take the game seriously are mostly elitists, and wont even talk to anyone below 90cr, which is also killing the new player base. Veteran players want this game to succeed, but completely crap on new players that are trying to get into it, and rarely seem to be willing to help out, or even answer a legitimate question without flaming or trolling. I played FFXI for about 8 months longer than I intended (which I am now glad about) but I did it because of the people I met and the friends I made in the game. People were open to helping, and inviting, the complete opposite of the community here. If you aren't T4 or 5 you don't exist. The lack of content, player quality, and longevity, combined with the fact that SOE seems to be more interested in adding content and making the game EASIER than to fix the problems that exist, and make the game more challenging makes me decide that this is not where I want to spend my time.

    I didn't play any betas yet, but I plan to sign up for phase 4 of 14, but I have talked to friends that I spent years with in 11 that have played the beta, and say it is remarkable. The fact that there is an initial cost for the game, and a mandatory sub means players will take it a tad more seriously. I know there will be a lot of changes to the core of the game that will make it more in common with modern MMOs, and less like 11 (which I personally don't agree with, but understand) but more complexity, more content and better player base from a company that is more focused on giving players what they ask for, and not just doing what they think is best for the game. Nothing is set in stone of course, but 14 is looking spectacular, and a much more complete MMO experience that I am looking for. DCUO isn't bad per se, it just isn't really for me. Most f2p games end up being a flash in the pan "what can we do to make the most money out it until it dies" not, "what do we have to do to keep people here for years". It seems that each "update" is focused more on money than genuine improvement, I have only seen 1 update in my short time, and it broke one of my core powers, caused a TON of other problems, and one of the biggest things they added seemed to be universally not wanted by the community, yet they added it anyway.