Fighter's Guide to Electric Healing

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    Fighter's Guide to Electric Healing

    2014 UPDATE - T6 LOAD OUT

    Your positioning is key!! You need be in the middle of the group but in a place that allows you to get closer to the tank then everyone else to cast Electrogenesis. Before moving away from the tank also cast bio surge. As super speed I use the double jump and go up to get back to a safe spot. Then I clip arc with bio cap to heal the tanks as needed then Galvenize as a large group heal. I also use Galvenize to put out an additional HOT after I get back to safety from casting Electrogenisis. I use Flux when tanks are taking lots of damage and when I get pulled in because I can use it while controlled.

    Everyone has different opinions, of course, but this is what I have found works best for me and what type of player I want to be. So I will give you the loadout I use and why.

    A big part of being a good electric healer is your positioning within your group of players. All of your heals are based on where you are standing and where everyone else is around you. This is also what makes being a good electric healer more complex then nature or sorcery.

    Here is the loadout I use from right to left on the menu bar in the game.

    Electrogenisis, Galvanize, Bio Capacitor, Bioelectric Surge, Ionic Drain, Invigerate

    Electrogenisis- this is your bread and butter tank heal. It is the electric healer's version of circle of protection that sorcery healers use, you know, that large red and blue circle you see on the ground under the tank. The thing with Electrogenisis is the the animation is not like circle of protection so it is harder to see who it is cast on. The animation is blue and white electricity is a small circle around the waist of whoever is gets cast on to. And you need to be next to the person you want to cast it on to. Since you need onto cast it on to your tank, that means you need to be next to him. Now this can be dangerous so you need to be careful. It will cast on to you and the closest person to you. Then it will move out from both of those people to others around them with heal over time. So if you move in and cast it on the tank, then role out, you will have heal over time on both melee and range positions.

    Another thing that is vital to electric healing sucess is the 35% heal factor. There are some heals that will bounce someone back to full health if their health goes below 35%. This 35% lasts for 2 minutes after the initial cast of that heal. But remember, if someones health is below 35% and they take a hit that is more then the heath they have remaining, they will die. So make sure you are still putting out a heal and don't rely only on the 35% to keep everyone up.
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  2. Fighter New Player

    Galvanize- This is the one where you punch your fist in to the ground and the blue and white electricity flows out from you like a wave. It is know as the large group heal and the "oh ****" heal for electric. The other great thing about Galvanize is that it gets stronger with everyone it heals. I want my biggest heal to be on my tank so I go in and cast Electrogenesis on him then a roll out a few times, then I line up where there are as many people as possible between me and the tank and then cast Galvanize. By doing this the tank ends up with the largest amount of heals. Galvanize uses up the most power out of all the heals I use, which is also why people say not to use it a lot. I have choosen to mod some additional power into my stats and I used a power point to get more power. Therefore, I don't run into the power issuse with Galvanize.

    Bio Capacitor- This is a 35% heal which makes it a must use. It is great to cast when the controllers or healers in a range position are low on health. The other situation that I use it is when I need to recast Electrogenesis on the tank in the middle of a boss fight. I will cast Bio Capacitor while far away then move in and get Electrogenisis on the tank then role out and cast Galvanize if I need to. This way I have the 35% heal factor on me brfore I get dangerously close to the boss. I also use this in alerts over Galvanize since it will keep 2 people up since it puts the 35% rule on 3 of them.

    Bioelectric Surge - This type of heal is a must of any healer no matter what power. It instantly heals you and the teammate with the lowest health. There are times when one person seems to be taking a lot of damage and this will keep them up. The cool down in pretty fast a well so if you find that you need to pop it over and over you can. It also don't use that much power.

    Ionic Drain - This one is also a group heal that you cast on an enemy. It uses energy from everything around you to heal everyone. It will give out a lot of small heals right after another with a large burst heal at the end. It's great when healing from a range position. But there is a longer cast time involved.

    There is one thing to know when two Electric healers are running in the same raid. There is only one power that will cancel if casted while the other healer's is still active and that's Electrogenisis. So logically, the healer with the higher restoration should be the one keeping it up on the tank. The other healer should be keeping it up on the players that are in range position. Again, if I am the range healer in this situation I like to try to cast Ionic Drain while the other healer is putting Electrogenisis on the tank to help keep them up while they are close to the action.
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    Invigerate - This is my supercharge and should be every electric healers supercharge! It is a 50% supercharge so keeping it on the ready is not too hard with the right weapon. It is a heal over time and it also gives out ticks of power to the group. I use it as often as I can in raids while trying to have it available for certain situations. It also has the 35% rule attached to it and hits the whole group with it. I try to use it first in situations where I know a lot of damage is coming to get the 35% on everyone then use Galvanize when the groups health goes down as a whole. The next situation is in a boss fight or where there is a lot of damage happening and the other healer goes down. This way I don't have to spam heals until the other healer gets back up. I also use it in the "oh ****" situation. Other then that, I use it in alerts and duos for power when needed. It's a must have for electric healers!!

    That was my loadout and now I am moving on to my thoughts on proper skill point alocation for healers.

    The three main healer stats are: Restoration, Critical Healing Chance and Critical Healing Magnitude. You should get them in the order!!! Currently, once nce you have 80+ skill points you can start on other stats that are good for healers. Go with health, defense and cunning. Health is obvious so do that first, then go for defense because it lowers the amount of damage you take from each hit. Then get cunning because it will increase the amount of power out your supercharge gives and your controllers will love the help.

    Let's talk weapons now. Use whatever weapon you like and want to use. But keep these things in mind:

    -You need good range and melee attacks since you move both in and out of the action.
    -You want your suercharge ready to go as often as possible (I stopped using the shield for this reason).
    -Just because you are using a certain weapon, doesn't mean you need to have that whole tree alotted. I use the bow and have 3 or 4 spots I don't use so I didn't bother to waste points on them.

    These are my thoughts on MODing gear. As a healer you will have 4 yellow sockets, 2 blue sockets and 2 red sockets. If you have both level 78 healer rings you will have 2 more yellow sockets. Two of the colors are easy:

    Red sockets - Restoration and Precision
    Blue sockets - Restoration and Health

    Now for the yellow sockets there any many opinions about how to mod them. Restoration is a must have for a healer so if you want to have amazing totals of healing then go for straight Restoration. Keep in mind that you don't need all staright Restoration plans to be able to put out enough healing for T4 raids. Here is the logic behind not using staright restoration plans. The restoration 4 plan gives 33 restoration. The double plans gives 23 restoration plus the amount you get from the other stat. The diference between the restoration is 10, but each double plan gives more then 10 of the other stat. For example, I decided to put Restoration and Power 4 in two of my yellow sockets. I lost 20 Restoration but I gained 80 power. So add things up and see what will work best for you. The only thing I don't agree with is putting lots of precision in your yellow sockets. DPS will do the damge, Healers need Restoration to keep the DPS alive. The small amount of additional damage a Healer can do will not help as uch as keeping the DPS up so they can do a lot more damage.
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  4. Fighter New Player

    Here's my thoughts about if you are in a league and/or are running a lot with the same players. You need to share with them how Electric healing works!!! They need to understand why you are moving in and out all the time and what Electrogenisis looks like, especially your tank! If you can get in tight with your tank and tell them you when a boss fight is starting you need to be right next to them to cast a heal then get out asap they can adjust their play and timing to help you do that. I have ran so many raids where I go up to cast Electrogenisis on the tank before the fight begins but they lunge in to the boss before I can do it!!! Now I wasted the heal and I can't get it up on them untill it cools down so I spend more heals and power to keep the tank up in the mean time. It's the little things that make a big difference in Electric Healing!

    Lastly, I want to talk about Electric healing compared to Nature or Sorceery. I have ran all 3 powers as a full T4 healer. If you are a numbers based player Electric may not be the right choice for you. The way the power is set up makes it more of a large heal and great for keeping up the whole raid in a pinch type deal. But that doesn't mean you can't keep up with the other powers. Nature is based on keep spores out for healing over time. They stack spores and let them do healing over time. Then if they need to do a single target heal its power is based on what spores are currently cast. After casting the single heal, all the spores are cancelled and they need to cast them again. It was too much casting for me, I left like I never had to do to my combos and get my supercharge up. Sorcery works off of heal over time as well but it is based more on where the heals are cast. They cast they powers on enemies or where they are currently standing. That can be more challenging in larger rooms and where the boss can move around a lot. For me, and the way I like to play, Electric is the best power for healing.

    Check out this guide by Max Volt for the DPS side of this power:

    In closing, this is my personal thoughts and findings on healing. It is by no means a say all or meant to start any debates. But comments and thoughts are welcome. Thank you.
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  5. PurpCity New Player

    It's always nice to hear how other players use powersets but your understanding on how galvanize works is slightly flawed.
    It does grow in strength when used on multiple people but it is NOT a 35% safety net power.
    What you're seeing after galvanize is actually a small HoT (which sorta sucks). The only 2 powers in electric's arsenal that apply the 35% safety net heal is bio-capacitor and invigorate.
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  6. Fighter New Player

    PurpCity, thanks for pointing that out! I have been playing the other 2 powers recently and got mixed up!! I just adjusted the guide accordingly.
  7. vikteren New Player

    nice guide. I use a similer loadout on my electic healer but i dont carry ionic and galvinize at the same time only one or the other i use the freed up slot for arc lighting which is a good (fairly cheep) aoe heal for the party. only big issue with arc is it does not come back and hit me like galvinize would.
  8. Saturn Knight New Player

    I was under the impression that the 35% heal only healed for the same amount as the initial heal. Also, that it was possible to stack multiple charges of Bio-Capacitor on yourself and allies so that when they hit 35% health they would get multiple heals. The in-game description doesn't really help...
  9. Mini Lini New Player

    Not a bad loadout, pretty much put all the main heals in it. Also, anyone who uses this loadout for PvP. I'd say trade in Ionic Drain for Arc Lightning. This will debuff the Tank in PvP and also give heals.
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  10. blklightning New Player

    From my experience, bio cap is stackable. The more it's stacked the better the heal when it's actually called to use.
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  11. Zizzi New Player

    Nice guide, I'll be referring back to this every now and then :)
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  12. Zeikial Committed Player

    Nice guide, but the load out is typical of all electric healers, I will give you two loadouts I use, and I am melee I dont sit in the back spamming heals I am right up in the action. I use,(Electro Gen, bio cap, bio surge, galvanize, electroburst, group transducer or invigorate) Another loadout is ( wired, electro gen, bio surge, galvanize, electro burst, and group transducer or invigorate) I have been experimenting with multiple other loadouts using diff set ups, with extremly surprising results, I would suggest you try and find a spot for electroburst in your loadout, just my opinion of course.
  13. Fighter New Player

    My style is a combination of melee and range positioning so having the main heals helps with that. I tried Electroburst when I was in T2 gear but I haven't tried it in T4 content. How do you use it? And what weapon do you use?
  14. blklightning New Player

    As a healer, electroburst is only useful when the baddies are electrified. Otherwise, it's just a super weak attack due to our specs. So, if you've got a tea member who regularly electrifies enemies, you just don't know if your EB will do its job. Wired is the only way to guarantee EB's success w/o knowing the powers of your dps's.

    My job as an electric healer is plenty busy enough that I don't want to worry about getting into the fight. That's not my job. I just can't imagine running any t4r that way. t4a maybe.
  15. Zeikial Committed Player

    I use it with elcetro static pulse devices and or wired, telsa ball, been back and fourth with the both testing and what not, More than likely going to stick with wired as it doesnt cost as much power. Electroburst will only heal when adds are electrified, but keeping them electrified is easy. Like all electric moves its situational, but its heals are better than galvanize<-- thats fact, when multiple adds are electrified I hit everyone in range for 1100 plus, plus the added Heal over time, granted its not much but it is there, think of electrobust as a stronger galvanize with a pi. My weapons of choice are 1 handed and Martial Arts, say what you will I have been very succesful using these weapons with electric, and no I dont get carried thru raids, and I dont drop, when I feel the heat I back up out of there, its just practice really and knowing the raids. I play this way in all the content, The only raid I dont use electroburst in is prime, there really is not a lot of adds to electrify and everyone is so spread out you just have to adjust.
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  16. Minrev New Player

    Great guide only thing i wud add is maybe a section on actually how to heal with electric (not saying give 100% of your rotation/plan out but some basic stuff) maybe some clip combos that make a world of difference like you can clip bio surge with bio capaticor back to bio surge into galvansie or iconic drain depending on where the raid hp is. also iconic drain shud be casted before people get hit so that the big heal can go off a second not seconds after they get hit.
  17. blklightning New Player

    I clip a few things here and there. Usually EG>bio cap or other burst heals. I have been paying attention recently to casting Ionic Drain as I think big damage is about to be dealt, like you said.
  18. Fighter New Player

    I clip electrogenisis with bio cap when casting on the tank. Sometimes i cast bio cap then go in to make the other 2 casts. That way i have some protection since i am getting near the action. Then i go for galvanize once i am in a range position again. So the beginning of a boss fight looks like this:

    Bio cap, electrogenisis, bio cap, galvanize and ionic drain (if needed)

    I dont clip bio surge with much unless after using i need to use galvanize or ionic drain to keep most people up. Bio surge is a single heal so i use it when 1 person needs health.
  19. Orca New Player

    the most you can stack is 10.
    due to cooldown on bio
  20. blklightning New Player

    Correction: from what I'd read, it's stackable. It has since been debunked.

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