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    This thread is an index for posting links to fiction that players post here on the forums, usually but not always about our characters in DCUO. This is for the longer stories that take multiple posts, so that they can easily be found even if they haven’t been updated recently.

    Some quick suggestions:
    Put some tags in the title of your story’s thread indicating the primary setting/continuity/etc, so readers can have an idea what to expect. Some tag examples: [NEW EARTH] [DCUO] [REBIRTH] [EARTH-3] [GREEN LANTERNS] [JLA] [JLD] [FLASHPOINT] [RAVEN] [BATMAN] [GRIM] [HUMOR] [ORIGIN]

    Don't go overboard on the tags, just a couple to give the basic idea is enough. For example, I might use ‘[DCUO][ORIGIN][GREEN LANTERNS]Overcoming Fear’ as the thread title for an origin story about a Green Lantern character I play in the game.

    Use some common sense and restraint. Don’t go into graphic details of things that you wouldn’t see in the panels of a comic book page (whether it’s because the comic would skip to the next scene or because the viewing angles the artists use would hide certain details), use the old comics standby of ‘#!$@#!!’ for the major cusswords and so on.
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  2. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    This... is a great idea, it will allow new readers more easily find and enjoy past stories (particularly all the Bernie stories)
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  3. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    And future stories as well. If we can get someone to pin it for us.
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    Of course, and it's great to actually see one of your .gifs (far too often they don't show up for me :( )
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  7. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Maybe I should have started with a thread about putting this together first...half a page of replies and Bernie hasn’t linked a single story yet! (It’s ok if the story thread doesn’t have tags in the title, just add the tags to the post with the link)
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    Ok. Since apparently Bern’s confuzzled, I’ll make a new thread for the actual index.

    Here’s how it will work:
    After the initial post, if you write or have a story that’s in its own thread, you reply to the index thread with a link to your story and a few tags that give readers some sort of indication as to what the story is about. If we can convince someone with the power to pin the index thread, anyone interested in reading our stories can find them easily and also see what new stories are being posted and the basic info about them. As it is now, people have no way to know what stories exist or where to find them without spending possibly days digging through the forum. Many might not even know that there are *actual* stories being written here.

    So, Bern, you would reply with a post that has links to your existing stories, the titles of the stories, and also tags for each story indicating, for example, whatever name or acronym you choose to call your setting, an origin tag if it’s a character’s origin story, whether the main character of the story is a hero or villain, whether the tone is humor, grimdark, high action, etc
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