Feint mechanics.

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  1. ARI ATARI New Player

    Is there a tell to show that an npc is fake blocking?
    I'm able to beat the robot at the end of the bizarro fight but if i could recognize the feint it would be 100% easier. Im not sure how to tell if its a real block or not though.
  2. Breedin Bull New Player

    I think little yellow brackets are supposed to flash on his sides, but someone mentioned that that boss is a fraud and is always faking, so that might be able to be utilized for a while.
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  3. ARI ATARI New Player

    i have certainly block broke him. however, there is a fraudulent block like you say. I'll look for the brackets but im not sure thats it.
  4. retched Well-Known Player

    Wait is that what the yellow shield is? A fake? *mind blown* So pretty much don't attempt to do the block counter when that is up?
  5. Octantis New Player


    What ever action they do in the yellow ( ), that's what YOU do. Mirror the opponent.

    Here's the feints (in the parentheses) with the action they will take following it.

    (Attacks with a flurry of melee) > Uses a Block Break
    --- When they start doing melee, expect a block break following. Don't block the melee attacks as you'll get hit by the BB. Instead, do a Lunge or an interrupt

    (Attacks with a Ranged Block Break) > Blocks
    --- When they begin firing off some ranged attacks, don't go for the interrupt since they'll get you with the Block. Instead, begin Block Breaking yourself.

    (Blocks briefly) > Lunges
    --- Don't fall for the brief block they do, as a Lunge is coming after. Instead of trying to BB the block, play a game of turtle with them and wait for their Lunge.

    That's it, just these three maneuvers. Look for them, memorize them, dominate them.
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  6. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    Dat boss...I want to rip his arms off and beat him to death with them.
    I pretty much never block break him anymore because 9 times out of 10 he'll speed hack lunge me or something the second I throw a BB:p. lol...for real though I hate that boss.
  7. Hateyou New Player

    I just kept lunging at him when he had that yellow sheild out, then i get alot of lag and most of my hp disappears within 2-3 seconds..
  8. Octantis New Player

    Bizarro Mech Boss Phases:

    1) Analyzing Phase - doesn't attack; can be interrupted when he uses the scanning ray

    2) Brawling - Mainly Blocks and uses Lunges and Interrupts. Block liberally when he begins to attack, and go on a clipping fest after you counter. Rarely Block Breaks (I've never seen him do it in 5 runs), so don't be afraid to block

    3) Handblasters - Mainly Block Breaks and is easily Interruptable. Melees on occasion. Good phase to make use of the cola and healing barrel you stash prior to the fight; both should be saved for this phase just in case.

    Notes: watch for feints as described above. You should be Interrupting and Blocking more than Block Breaking in this fight; he's hardly Raven :p
  9. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    He was definitely worse on test.. like a clip happy damage junkie with no cooldowns on attacks. Kinda like Batman and his orbital strikes every 30 seconds.
  10. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    Oh...trust me I know. The first time I did it on Test I literally screamed at my computer screen at one point with a slew of obscenities. lol. It took me 54 minutes the first time I ever did it on Test. Woosah.
  11. Kintuse Well-Known Player

    The bot's not so hard against Bizarro. Think of the yellow brackets as a game of "Simon says" and open a can of Whooping when you counter. In the beginning, when he's "scanning" its like a free "beat me up card" since his scanning can be broken with a lunge. if you need to, take a yellow barrel with you. when the hall before the boss forks, the left route has a yellow barrel for you to take. Just be sure to clear all the guards first before you grab it.
  12. Pop a Trinket dey sweatin Dedicated Player

    I tried stashing a barrel today and it went away. I beat him anyways without it, but I was surprised to see it had gone away when I tried to use it.
  13. Octantis New Player

    You can also reuse the one in e Shield boss's room - it respawns quickly.
  14. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    Jens explained in the content webcast that whenever you see an NPC pop up yellow brackets around them you should mimic whatever they are doing exactly and it will turn out in your favor.
  15. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    I saw that and I facepalmed as hard as I've ever facepalmed before.

    He fakes block, that means he can do either a lunging type move, or a blockbreaker type move. So if you mimic and block, there's a 50/50 chance you just did the wrong thing.

    The correct answer is to acknowledge what they are doing, and realize that you have two options. For example you see them feign a block. You know it's lung or BB coming. So do NOT instantly start a blockbreaker as he might lunge, and even thought it's a "fake" block it will still counter you if you attack. So give it a one count and then start a melee combo, or if you want you can wait and block if you see an inturrupt coming at you.

    Overall I still hate these fakes because they aren't fakes. It's BS. They don't have a block window but can still do quick blocks? OP NPCs!

    If the devs try to say that you should mimic they are lying or just don't understand their own mechanics. As I have many times gotten a blockbreaker out of a block, and that's just gonna land you on your *** if you mimic.
  16. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    Well im not going to claim I know any better for sure. I haven't even had the chance to try it yet. I was just saying what Jens explains to do in the webcast.
  17. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Aye, and I have to say maybe that boss is that way, but the way he said it lead me to believe that's how he treats feint mechanics in general, which again, made me...ugh.
  18. Octantis New Player

    Negative. The fakes are all the same. Or at least they have been for me for months. I've never seen a Block Break after a Block fake.
  19. JEEBIE Steadfast Player


    Studied it for a while. Saw Errors, but i was wrong, definitely seems coded to work that way. Saw it happen differently like 3 times after watching probably 50+, but each time it looked weird as if their attack reset instead of a combo from one to the other.

    So sorry Jens lol, I KNEW I had seen it differently, and apparently I may have but You're right, Sorry.
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  20. ARI ATARI New Player

    mimicking has been working.
    what is odd is the combat mechanics in the anomalies barely work. you can block but you need to take like 5 hits before it counters a combo.
    it does not follow pvp mechanics. its a unique combat experience. BY UNIQUE I MEAN TOTALLY BROKEN.