Feeding cats in bases

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by PolishEagle, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    Why does Wonderdog and Krypto get bowls of food but all the cats get to starve? Poor Isis and Teekl. Also boo dog and cat, should they have like ghost food?
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  2. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Can't speak to Wonder Dog, but if you put Teekl and Krypto in the same base it seems like Krypto blasts the mystical kitty with heat vision every chance he gets, so my guess is that Teekl keeps sneaking food out of Krypto's bowl while we aren't there. Then again, Wonder Dog is probably in mortal fear of normal cats (never mind Teekl) so Wonder Dog's bowl is probably fair game.

    Isis? She manages to sneak out of your base and bring back everything from socks to plush kitties to giant fish statues, so I don't think she has any trouble procuring nummies for herself somehow. :D
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  3. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    because cats are evil?
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  4. Walvine Well-Known Player

    Isis doesn't need any more to eat in last 3 days it coughed up one of flashs socks a rubber chicken and a huge fish statue as tall as me .
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  5. Controller Loyal Player

    Couldn't care less about Teekl but Isis deserves better treatment.

    No food bowl, no kitty litter, no play toys, no scratching posts.

    Ambush Bug seems to hang around more with Krypto in my lair...spoiled mutt.

    Wish I had a kryptonite chew toy for him.

    Wonder Dog zipping around like he owns the place...he eats, too.

    I'm calling out Kitty Discrimination




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  6. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I really wish that fish statue was tradable or at least account bound.
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  7. darth_paul Dedicated Player

    I never check on Isis enough to get anything from her. :-(
  8. Nodens Dedicated Player

    While I agree with the rest (Not to mention that Ambush Bug occasionally chases Teekl around my lair), My Isis DID come with a scratching post, which she does use occasionally. :)
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  9. myandria Item Storage

    Isis and Teekl LOVE to chase the Mischievous Brief around so that is their toy. My cats and dogs have their own bases; no need to start a war.

    I'm glad there is no kitty litter because I am NOT cleaning up that CRAP!

    I agree that they need kitty food bowls and more interactive toys to keep them busy.
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  10. Controller Loyal Player



    Can it be bought off the broker?
  11. myandria Item Storage

    If I remember correctly (and correct me if I am wrong) Isis did come with a scratching post when she was first available as a base item. You can buy the scratching post off of the broker if you can find it, as it is now a drop from the trick or treat bags. It may be hard to find, as it was one of the items that was very overpriced before the broker went down.
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  12. Controller Loyal Player

    Just so folks here know -

    I 'DO" Love Krypto. I love his frost sneezes - especially in the heat of summer.

    I "DO" love dogs.

    I just love cats more - especially Chocolate Points.

  13. Alitain1 Well-Known Player

    The cats are smarter and are able to hunt their own food where the dogs require you to put food out to feed them. Or maybe the dogs are just greedier by demanding you to feed them haha.
  14. Lycan Nightshade Committed Player

    actually it came out in a gift bag they did the year Isis came out.
  15. myandria Item Storage

    You're right; I couldn't exactly remember if it was a box or bag that Isis came in at at that time.
  16. myandria Item Storage

    LOL! I think it is a little bit of both.:D