Feedback on the shortened Spring Event 2020

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  1. myandria Item Storage

    Ok. So, I participated in the Spring Event with an open mind; however, I didn't expect my wallet to be so open, either. I've spent more money this year on the Spring Event then I ever have; 50% more.

    It felt like it was a speed event; I had to try to get as many of my alts as possible to run this event as much as possible, which, of course, was not possible. For me, two weeks into a seasonal event is when my alt rotation is performing at a good pace. I could only use two characters to run the event this year, instead of the 6 that I would normally use. By the second week of this event I stopped running the missions and just purchased seed pods; I guess that was intended.

    The raise in the seed pod reward was barely enough to cover getting the base item collection feat; after that, the reward did little to nothing to help purchase the new base items. I still had to purchase seed pods from the marketplace in order to get the base items I wanted/needed. The spring vendor price adjustment should have included the older base items from 2012/2013.

    The new base items are on point, and a nice change from the norm; I do like the added water/glowing mushroom elements. I do not understand the reason for the price increase along with a smaller amount of new base items, however.

    In conclusion:

    The shortened Spring Event seems to be tailored towards players who do not have a lot of alts. The shorter time frame prevents players from truly grinding and saving up their own seed pods to make purchases at their own pace; less time = more marketplace purchases in this case.

    This was a very disappointing experience for the most part and I usually enjoy the Spring Event. The only fun I had was placing those new base items into my nature-themed base. From 1-10, I give it a 4.

    Please do not do this again unless you intend to raise the seasonal currency to double or triple the normal amount AND leave the seasonal vendor open for at least another week to allow players to spend their seed pods and purchase seed pods with Source Marks.
  2. Brit Loyal Player

    I had pretty much the opposite experience. I ran the event across 12 characters. I had everything that I needed in less than a week for the feats. After that, I was totally done with it. It felt fast this year. Not fast like "Oh my gosh, I don't have enough time." More in the way of fast like "Cool. Since I earned the rewards at twice the speed, I was done in literally half the time."

    It's half as many runs through the event. Whether you do them all at once, or spread out over the course of the event, you earn double currency so you complete it in half the number of runs that it would previously take. You only have a window of time half of what you had previously, so it's rougher if you have a highly limited playtime or if you're prone to procrastinating. But if you're normally somebody who runs the seasonal to get all the feats, it just means half as many runs and half as much time required.

    Personally? I like the change. The only negative I felt that accompanied it was that, because it overlapped with other various events, it felt a bit like I had to choose: do the seasonal or do the special event. But it was way nicer to be done with the seasonal in a few days, instead of doing it across multiple characters for multiple weeks.
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