favorite TV show, cartoon, or anime theme song?

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  1. darth_paul Committed Player

    1. I never understood that line from Voltron myself. I recall reading somewhere that it was a mistake and should have actually been the good planets of the galaxy rather than solar system since they were the Galactic Alliance.

    2. The cannon flies off of his back and attaches where his head is in robot mode, so make that of what you will.

    3. Robotech is free with Amazon Prime, been watching it right now actually. If you have it I suggest checking it out. They also have the original three anime series that it was based on free with Prime for comparison.

    4. I never had any M.A.S.K. comics, but loved the show. Had the entire Mavel runs of Transformers and G.I. Joe before I sold them all several years ago for some good cash.

    5. Did you have Thundercats? The same company that made that also made Silverhawks. They also made a third show called Tigersharks that didn't last as long as the other two. They were going for a land, sea and air thing with the three shows. All were great imo.
  2. CHUD Loyal Player

    along with

    (yes.....I am going back that far in my childhood)

    (David Keith's voice on the intro was so dang cool)
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  3. HideTheBodies Loyal Player

    W.T.F. :eek: So he was dreaming about softcore p o r n for 500 years?

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  4. HideTheBodies Loyal Player

    Japan does not agree. :p

  5. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    That... that's a completely different show! Where can we get that on DVD?
    1. Maybe it should have been "Together, with the other planets of the Solar System..."
    2. Just looked at it again, and it goes from his arm and up his butt and out his head-hole :eek:
    3. Will see if can get the DVDs (if it has been released on DVD of course), always find that most things online are extremely bad quality visually
    4. It wasn't an actual M.A.S.K. comic like Transformers or Marvels G.I. Joe, but as part of an anthology comic (like 2000AD), actually, believe it wasn't even called "G.I. Joe" but "Action Force" (at one stage the comic had changed its name to "Battle: Action Force", it had other stories like "Johnny Red" and "Charley's War")
    5. Yes, we had Thunder-Thunder-Thundercats HO!!! :D Not sure if we had She-Ra though :confused:
  6. SuperSoldier Devoted Player

    What dirtbag, woke him up...
  7. ShazamFan2014 Loyal Player

    I was talking about here in the USA, people. At least here in the USA, people on the internet seem to agree with me.
  8. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    It did have an intro on the series, though.

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  10. ShazamFan2014 Loyal Player

    She-Ra was on TV. You should had to look for it on syndication. My cousins used to watch it all the time.
    I didn't have cable TV. I instead focused on He-man and the Masters of the Universe. My mom would
    record it for me, after school. I had to ride the school bus home, so she recorded it to VHS tapes for me
    to watch, once I got home. That and Transformers. I used to watch that every week, as a kid.
  11. NerdOfPrey Creative Director

    Fun fact: I listen to the RWBY soundtrack frequently while working. I recently had the pleasure of seeing Jeff & Casey Williams & crew perform live during RTX. It was pretty awesome.
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  12. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Tigersharks was pretty good too. It probably would have done well as a stand alone instead of being part of the Comic Strip shows.
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  13. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Britta Phillips was the singing voice of Jem and has been in different groups over the years. Not to shy away from talent, Vickie Sue Robinson (Turn the beat around) was the singing voice of Rapture and Gordon Frost (singing coach to Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga) was the singing voice of Riot. Anne Bryant and Ford Kinder wrote the music for Jem and also several Hasbro shows including the iconic Transformers theme.
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  14. Free2BeMe Loyal Player

    *being eaten alive by envy*
  15. VV Dedicated Player

    Cheers for RWBY!
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  16. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    A hot Space Princess who wanted to ride his 'shuttle' ;)
    Yeah, not American and back then, we only had two channels (no 'cable' or 'satellite' TV)
    Another show enjoyed as a kid, had a 'thing' for Stormer but for a very long time didn't know her name so just called her "Bluehair", totally shipped her and Kimber, they made such a cute couple :D
    Sucked when they brought in that third all-girl group, meant not so much Stormer screen-time :(
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  18. bagofboom Committed Player

    Favorite Tv show: The BlackList (slightly above Flash and Arrow)
    Favorite Cartoon: Futurama (then Young Justice, Justice League & JL Unlimited, Ultimate Spiderman)
    Favorite Band: My Chemical Romance
    Favorite Food: Tacos &/or Chili
    Favorite Game(s): DCUO (duh), Arkham series, Blasto, Beyond Good and Evil, Psychonauts and Uncharted series
    Favorite Team(s): THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES, Cleveland Cavaliers, L.A. Rams
    Favorite Candy: Twizzlers
    Favorite Human(s): My Family
    Favorite Pastimes: Making Lists of My Favorite Things
  19. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    The BIONIC SIX.....First positive superhero family with a positive black hero

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  20. aurorabenz07 Loyal Player

    Some of my favs that weren't listed already...

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