Favorite character designs?

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  1. mattyice Active Player

    I'm looking to restart on my character.
    As of right now I have:

    I'm definitely going to try a villain this time, but as for the character itself I wanted something new. I was going to try speedster but wasn't sure what power and weapon to use. Any ideas? Also only have free power sets.
  2. E Clip Dedicated Player

    Go for melee weapon like One Handed or Dual Wield, they are much easier to learn and more useful during leveling as you'll be doing close combat more anyways. HandBlasters while pretty decent can be quite difficult for new players especially if you dont do combos with them. Pick Ice instead of Fire, its a much easier power set to learn. I know Villains will hate me but ... go Hero, Hero side is way more populated than Villain side. Movement mode is all up to you, all are good and easy to master, except maybe Acrobatic which can be a bit tough at start, but you'll get the hang of it. Each movement mode has its own advantages and disadvantages, so its up to you to decide which fits you best. Flight and Skimming are the same, they just look different, so keep that in mind.
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  3. mattyice Active Player

    Thanks I'll keep that in mind. When I chose hand blaster I was thinking it would be interesting and I got the hang of the combos fairly quickly but I think I'm going to give dual wield a shot.
  4. stärnbock Devoted Player

    villains are nice and helpfull. i have recently asked a lot in LFG for helping me to Q into alerts and raids.
    you allways find ppl to join you. some will even stay with you and help you with some feats if you ask.
    that been sayd: villains need more ppl and are allways glad for players doing both sides of the tracks...
    they are way more relaxed than heroes. at least, that is what i experience. don't worry, just go for it ^^
  5. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Lol, really? People are people, no matter which side they started their toon on. If I could post what a villain said last night in IS, I would, but it doesn't mean every person who made a villain is a *****. Each side has those.
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  6. Emerald Vibe Committed Player

    Every side has it's $&#%, i have had good and bad experiences from both sides it's the players not the sides.
  7. mattyice Active Player

    Just wanted to let you know I switched up a little to gadgets, dual wield, and speedster. I'm loving it so far. Only one skill point away from mastery in dual wield just from the little amount I played last night. It is so much easier than handblaster. The gadgets aspect seemed appealing to me so I tried something non-meta this time and I like it so far. Granted it is different but I'm liking it so far.
  8. mattyice Active Player

    I haven't really interacted with players besides the on duty missions. I'm trying to get to level 30 before I start messing with the more experienced players. But I'm sure its the same as every other game, there are always those select few...
  9. E Clip Dedicated Player

    Gadgets is great, but can be a bit hard for new players to wrap their head around with all the different power interactions it has. Head over to the guide section on the forums if you want to learn the powerset better.

    You dont need to waste a skill point on weapon masteries unless you plan to play primarily with weapons, which arent as effective as using your superpowers. Weapon masteries allow you to do 4 additional cross combos between your primary weapon and 2 more weapons, in your case brawling and bow. However, in order to use those 4 combos you will need to master brawling and bow as well, so you'll need additional 16 skill points too unlock those. In my opinion those will be of little benefit to you at this point, so grab only the 7 Dual Wield combos, and that's all the skillpoint you'll have to spend for the weapon. At level 10 or above your fast movement mode skillpoint in your movement tree will become available, dont miss that out, its the first one in the tree and its called Speed Force. That allows you to move much faster when activating fast movement mode.

    After getting the 7 weapon combos and Speed Force, spend the next skillpoints in the Stat Points tree, select Superpowered and start putting in Critical Attack Chance, Critical Damage and Might & Power. Those are your primary DPS stats. Up to you if you want to mix and match them, but I think its better if you go in order, first Attack Chance so that you crit more often, then Attack Damage , which means your critical strikes will hit for more damage and then Might and Power which furthermore increase your damage (both crit and non-crit) across the board and give you extra power/mana to use your spells more often.
  10. mattyice Active Player

    I have heard the Stats Points is important I just didn't know which to go for at first. Thanks for the direction.
  11. stärnbock Devoted Player

    the thing is, if you are behaving unappropriated on the hero side, it doesn't realy matter if ppl block you.
    if you are blocked on the villain side by many ppl, you will have a hard time for the rest of your existance.
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