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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by ThomasEternal, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    I was disappointed to find out they are just pet trinkets and not artifacts.... A mother box is an artifact that can do so many stuff, ya'll missed a great opportunity with that.. :(
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  2. Apollonia Well-Known Player

    I remember requesting Mother Box trinkets years ago. Way before we had artifacts. So, I'm happy they finally got around to this.

    The way they have their system setup though now, they could still make MotherBox and Father box artifacts (please?) and connect those trinkets to the artifacts like they do iconic powers. The Box artifact could be a multiplier of our base Box trinket stats / abilities or something and could get different abilities at different levels. LIke Boom Tube teleport in battle abilities, or added Teleport via map UI functionality, combat buffs and debuffs and so on. The boxes have a lot of abilities they could add in.

    I agree it is a missed opportunity and a fully developed Mother/Fatherbox artifact would be fantastic. I think there's still room to have both though. Maybe Charon or Batuba will see this?

    The nice thing here is that these Boxes are pretty respectable pets and they fit into the IP's lore nicely. So people running around with pets won't all have immersion breaking PacMan ghosts on screen. :D
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  3. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    These sentient boxes can heal you, provide a shield, debuff, buff, I mean the amount of things they can do is crazy. You know I was watching Hal Jordan when he becomes the God of Light and his ring is called "Mother Ring" which is essentially mother box in the ring lol but anyways, there's so much you can do with this and while I'm not a fan of them being pet trinkets, I still appreciate it.
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  4. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    pitty they weren't accessories instead :(
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  5. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    They could still be added as accessories. Look at the tsphres. They are a base item and an accessory.
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  6. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    How cool would it be to have them as an accessory and an artifact. Now that's LORE
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  7. Apollonia Well-Known Player

    That probably makes the most sense.
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  8. Disruptor Well-Known Player

    So, we're looking for an upgrade or re-skin of the Compartment Trinket?
  9. Charon Lead Content Designer

    We talked about them being Artifacts but I wanted to get them out to you guys before an episode that would feature New Gods again came along. Artifacts begin development way before other aspects sometimes due to new tech requirements, so it was too late to make a brand new artifact for this episode by time we knew for sure we were getting box art.

    We can look into "enhanced" boxes later as Artifacts or have an artifact affect existing boxes (we discussed this as well but it's more unlikely since these boxes are rare drops) and I can certainly look into accessory versions regardless of any Artifact outcome.
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  10. Apollonia Well-Known Player

    Very cool! That level of playstyle+immersion is why a lot of people come to the game. I know it's why I'm here and what I expect, so, thankyou. :) Also, is there any chance of seeing variant classic original Kirby-style boxes in the future?

    Sorry for all the questions but, while you're here :D , could I ask how hard it is to add to existing artifacts? I realize that's sort of a loaded question and would depend on how extensive the added stuff is -- As I was playing my WW inspired character using the new lasso artifact, I realized I wished it had functionality in DPS so I could use it in both my builds. It would have been nice if in DPS mode the artifact changed the lasso power to be the "lasso thrash" legends power or the "lasso maelstrom" (youtube links provided). SO is there any chance of adding some late DPS functionality like that? I'd really like to use the artifact more instead of taking concept breaking stuff for the purpose of endgame viability.

    Also noted; in researching my reply to you I realized that the character animations and VFX for legends WW's "truth lasso" are "better"/more polished than the basic vfx and animations used by player characters with the equivalent iconic "mesmerizing lasso" power.
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  11. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    Okay fine that's understandable. Accessory of both boxes seem feasible hooray for those players lol Well I just have to say when those boxes become arts make them be for all roles like the Philosopher Stone. Having an artifact affect existing boxes is weird unless you go with a Lantern power battery or the lantern ring i.e God of Light Hal Jordan, or Cyborg (he's essentially a God since he's fused with the box). I know the new episode been out for a week or so but the backlash on the amulet art is disheartening, the lasso art doesn't seem that popular and the purple ray well I can't say anything about that one. Buuuuuuuuuuut Father and Mother box arts would be favorable to everyone if gone with ALL ROLES. I look forward to when they do become arts.
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  12. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    I know what the Compartment Trinket does. It sort of does what I described but I was giving an example, obviously there's more that it can do. However as one player on Youtube demonstrated, both boxes have no stats attached to it for some reason and the damage for being RARE is subpar. For it to be a RARE reskin it could've been given to a vendor since it's just a reskin. But because it's a RARE drop it should have or do more than what it already does.
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  13. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    Maybe the artifact could work for any pet that shares that cooldown? But with exclusive visual effects when used with the boxes? If I were to use it with say, the easily attainable Seahorse, it would enhance the Seahorse in the same way as the boxes, but invisibly.
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  14. I3eleth Well-Known Player

    Yeah mother box could've been another chance for a versatile artifact like eog, strat, trans, or scrap.
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  15. Doomsday234 Well-Known Player

    I was thinking if possible at rank 200 give us or 120 give us the powers and enhancement steppenwolf got in JL the white eyes and immense power for only 5 secs at rank 120 and as you level to 160 etc add 5 secs more each perk. Not sure your guys choice
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  16. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    So exactly like the Source Shard or Dead King’s Scepter?
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  17. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    Man, y’all are SEVERELY underestimating the amount of work that goes in to developing artifacts. They have to be very careful tuning them and testing them for all powers/roles/etc as to not break the game. They can’t go throwing in an artifact all willy nilly.
  18. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    You and a lot of players here are always underestimating them on what they can or can't do. I'm sure they can do so many things but hardware or specs such as consoles prevent them from doing much more. They as Charon had put it had already talked about the boxes being artifacts and his response was he wanted them to come out first as trinkets. The idea was already there and if it was an issue they wouldn't even consider it.
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  19. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    Having been blessed with literacy...yeah, I got that. But...
    A: there’s a difference between talking about it in concept (even in depth) and designing it and tuning it with every possible relative power, ability, movement, role, CR range, SP range, artifact level, augment level, current instances, future planned instances, etc etc, both individually and in combination with each other. Also,

    B: For it to be introduced to the game in the way and at the time this pet trinket had been, the entire process above would logically have to have commenced and concluded in the past few weeks or so, otherwise it would have been on test server with the other artifacts.

    C: Introducing an artifact to live server without ANY player testing is tantamount to ordering The ultra-mega-grande triple S***burger with extra s*** sauce, Fecal fries, Caca-cola classic and a Hershey Squirt Sunday...supersized for only fifty cents. In other words, a very bad idea.
  20. Apollonia Well-Known Player

    I love this "CAN'T do" attitude players have here. You literally shot down Thomas' idea after Charon's reply literally acknowledged the desire and intent to execute the idea you just dismissed.

    Unless you're a dev or have related professional experience, you're not in a position to dismiss feature requests or suggestions, or authoritatively say what is not possible for the Dev team to accomplish. Even with that experience it's not always possible to speculate correctly because DCUO's setup is so "eccentric".

    The community's job is to request what they want from the game and the Devs will decide themselves if it's do-able or to what extent it is and so on. A lot of the times the answers can even change over time as staff and skillsets change.

    Spend your time more positively by supporting players making requests and suggestions, and by making your own requests, suggestions and contributions to the community and the game.
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