Fate tokens to Destiny

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  1. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    A conversion needs to happen. We need to be allowed to convert our fate tokens to a destiny token. Even if you make it a membership only perk. It needs to happen. I have 3k of these and counting and I'm sure other long time players do as well. If anything it's a good gesture to long time players giving even more incentive to stay subbed. Most of us who've been playing as long as me have no need for these fate tokens as of now.

    Not only that but it then encourages people to log in those final 10 days but they still don't lose out on anything even if they don't. They will still accumulate fate tokens from the previous 21 days.
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  2. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    Or some kind of conversion to source marks so we can use them on artifacts or allies would also be nice. I have almost 4k now.
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  3. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

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  4. Zneeak Devoted Player

    Watch them make this happen but we mysteriously get 1 less destiny token from the 21 days rewards... o_O
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  5. PickArole Well-Known Player

    From a business perspective, this will NEVER happen. The loss on completion tokens alone would hurt. The destiny tokens are something that you just need to use sparingly. Now, as for source or MAYBE quarks,this could be feasible for a trade.
  6. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Why do they NEED to do this? Fate tokens are pretty much feee currency they give us. They don’t NEED to do anything.
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  7. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    They just need more items to spend them on. Most long term players will have the important items. I've been spending them on what I don't have, but my wife has been letting them accumulate since she only cared about anything that had feats attached to it.

    I imagine a lot of other players do the same as she does. If they add more items to the fate vendor that improve gameplay time, even if feats weren't attached, it would help make them more valuable. For example, I liked the idea someone mentioned recently to add a token sink to remove the broker fee for some period of time.
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  8. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    yet it seems so logical to do so and would certainly make it more interesting by allowing this for subscribers and much more interesting than a partially usable style
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  9. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Still didn’t answer the question. Why do they NEED to do it? You having a surplus of fate tokens is not a reason to do so. They already stated plenty of times that both tokens served a different purpose so converting them would defeat that purpose. So why do they NEED to do it.

    “I want it I want it I want it” is not a valid reason.
  10. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    Or convert Fate tokens into Source Marks or Quarks whatever. I'd be down for that
  11. FlyingFingers Active Player

    IMO this is geared towards more new players for players who have been here for year's a lot of that stuff we already have I would like if they can find some time and add more items so we can spend it on.
  12. Time Warped Level 30

    I kinda agree with OP. I want stuff that helps me progress my character. So we basically get a bunch of fate tokens that we are most likely never going to use. It would be nice to have something we can spend them on even if it takes time. Right now we can but 35k nth exp for 1 destiny token. It would be nice if something like 1k fate token could turn into 1 destiny or if something like 1k fate token would help you progress allies a lot bit faster since they are really expensive to build and can't be fed into other allies which make them even harder.

    Edit: Meant a lil bit faster. Something that from a business perspective does not take a hit into their pockets, but also from player perspective can help you out.
  13. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    I’d make the argument to answer u that they “NEED” to give us something to use them on because of a few reasons:
    1) giving us a currency that is fully useless makes them look incompetent. Its not a vendor that has changed this far so this is a currency we constantly get but we get nothing new to use it on making it obsolete quickly.
    2) giving us an exchange to basically any other currency in the game would add value to membership an entice ppl to be members (unless they dont want or need more revenue)
    3) because it makes sense an fits a similar model employed in episodes, when episodes fall out of relevancy, that currency is obsolete and we exchange extra for source. Well sir, the day they released that currency, it was already obsolete for some ppl and its more obsolete for more an more players daily so an exchange makes perfect sense.

    Just my thoughts
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