Fast ways to get Marks of Triumph? Need help.!!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by oUnrealgodo, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. oUnrealgodo New Player

    Hey everyone I was hopping some of you might be able to point me in the right direction when it comes to getting marks the fastest way. Don't get me wrong I do understand its a "grind" type of thing when it comes to the Tier sets but I was wondering if anyone has some tips or tricks that would help me out. This is my first couple of days playing DCUO and I like it a lot, Juts need some tips form some of you out there if you dont mind helping a person out :)
  2. Green Lantern New Player

    Keep going for your daily bonuses, the ones marked with the gold asterisk. Also go for the weekly boxes as well.
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  3. randomkeyhits Dedicated Player

    For each level solo < duo < alert < raid for marks.

    Getting into alerts is easy and the queue times often short but if you can go for the raids and of course both can offer gear that help you to save spending some of your marks until its really needed.

    There are things you can do which are not part of the on -duty tab. For example when I log on I go to the vault then do my supercharge task. I could go down to the war room and bash on a target but instead I do something with a reward instead while building my supercharge.

    At 30cr there is always South Gotham and the chance of Astral Alloy drops, not many marks but as I said if you get a gear improvement then you can save them for when your progression gets stuck.

    At 53cr I go to central city get the close small portals task, take down reapers, close portals and get 20 marks. If I can jump on a CC bounty there as well its 40 marks. Sometimes the reapers give a nice drop, I've sold several fourth world helms since they started dropping gear.

    At 70cr I always go out and do either Strykers or Ace Chemicals home turf missions. each are worth 125 marks each.

    84 cr I'll do the Gotham Wastelands for realities or if I'm in Gotham or Metropolis waiting for a group to form I'll do the vices over virtues task for 315 marks.

    I do those things while trying to get into a group for bigger content.
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  4. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    As was said, blow Solo/Duo/Alert content

    Honestly you can avoid alerts completely up to t3 basically also.

    Typically i'll just keep solos/duos on lockout for like a week and in that week I'll have gone from fresh 30 up to t3 where I farm the Police Department/Nightclub Duo as it has a great set of gear drops that'll put me very close to the CR 70 that is t4. Add in some alerts at that point, grab an iconic peice of gear or two, toss a mod in or somethign and boom cr 70.

    although I had the benefit of Mods on hand, and the Gold rings/Neck, I was still able to get a toon from creation to t5 in 2 weeks flat. The second week all being t4->t5. So that means a week to get through 1-30, t1, t2, t3 and in to t4. You won't be as fast without the tools I had, but if you just plow your solos/duos you'll fly through t1/t2 for sure.
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  5. oUnrealgodo New Player

    Thanks all for the advice :D
  6. Apostate Rising Dedicated Player

    there are limited means of acquiring marks. so just do them. you will find that if you do in fact do them you will have marks.
  7. ShadowStyleB New Player

    I don't know about limited as the game is now. You can go around Gotham and Metropolis and redo all the old side missions for a 1 MoT each day.
  8. oUnrealgodo New Player

    I understand that lol, I was asking what would the best way to earn them. I got some really good answers before. And Thanks again guys really help me out a lot
  9. dehakka New Player

    Hey guys for those who still wonder what the best and fastest way is here is one: try Legends PVP and convert Marks of Valour. If you lose you get 100 and if you win you get 200. 20 Marks of Valour = 1 Mark of Triumph, 100 = 5, 200 = 10 and so on...
  10. ZeusShock Well-Known Player

    This is so wrong. For ex.if you are t5 you can run assault and battery, in the time you can do 10 batcaves(assuming you win) thats 100 MoT(converted) proposed to 19k from a t5 raid:)
  11. Ikyotojin Committed Player

    Manhunter cleanup in Warzone from Mogo. skirt the edges and get 12 cleanup without a single fight - 612 MoT a day. More when you get replays.
  12. Proto1118 Committed Player

    For a fresh level 30 it's a decent way to do it.

    I'm assuming the OP hit level 30 recently. Try running the Gotham Deconstruction dailies (located in the Meta Wing, PvP/T1 Iconic gear vendor). About 20 marks per day and it's quick.
  13. apocalypsegodx Loyal Player

    Fastest way is to rp prime or nexus there both fast and easy prime is t4
  14. zx192 Well-Known Player

    Well there many ways you can do it. You can do what I use to do i would start with solo, than duos, after alerts and raids, and would walk t1 one stuff. But it takes a lot of time. Try pvp legends if you are good at it you you can your pvp up to t3 in one day than save up and turn your marks of pvp into triumph like i have done with other toons which I deleted later. of if you are cr 32-40 ask somone to walk you into strykers and arkahm. everyday, you will get gear and marks.
  15. zx192 Well-Known Player

    You said you just started playing so I bet you are not legendary.
  16. DCUController New Player

    if your only T1 / fresh level 30, go to meta wing there is a console down by the R&D station off to the right, that grants 4 missions, which give 5 marks of triumph, this can be every day, and at Tier 1, 20 marks is almost enough for the chest and legs as those are only 29 a piece ;)
  17. RapidRay Committed Player

    Easy. Turn on the game.
    You'll have 75 to 100 marks just from leveling up. Buy a couple of T1 gear pieces and you're off and running.
  18. Fools Fire New Player

    Don't forget that after you do each of these missions five times you get an extra one. And, don't forget about the Bounties. Raven is weekly, OBot/MBot are daily.

    Someone mentioned the Manhunter cleanup...that is not a daily, it's a weekly.

    The easiest stuff to do is content without a bunch of running around. The best choices...

    + Safehouse Duo
    + KnightsDome Duo
    + South Gotham Courthouse Alert
    + Oan Science Cell Alert

    Finally, if there is stuff you really hate to least do it once a month to get the monthly box.
  19. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Do PVP and turn in your Marks of Valor for merits and MOT.....

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