"Fast way" to accomplish all those pesky missions in Wonderverse

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    Hey don't feel bad I spent about an hour in that zone while it was on test and found contact #4 while running around exploring... Was never quite sure of the reasoning behind it.. So let's see downstairs we have 4 vendors (only one of which will heal you if you get defeated), We have Steve Trevor who does nothing but stand by Diana , look sort of cute, and hand you a free coin and source mark once a day. Diane gives out one of two weekly missions (for the bounties). then we have the contact that gives us the Hydra weekly and three contacts handing out dailies.. But with all that room we had to bury contact #4 up a flight of stair all alone? LOL
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    Not sure if this is sarcastic or not but as I explained before I decided to post this for anyone new to the zone and/or the game to give them an heads up.

    Hey I'll even add this..

    along with all the other stuff it is possible to walk into a temple located in every zone and do the solo mission without using the que in the journal at all. AND for those below CR 299.. there are two (2) choices when you click the warp pad. Top one takes you into the mission for Cr299 plus players and the lower choice has your character battle CR 301 mobs and bosses.

    SO you could do the weekly stuff, all 4 dailies and the solo as well before leaving the zone and walk out with with even more splintered coins, source marks and armor.
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    OMG just to prove there IS a definite difference from one day to the next... after the morning maintenance logged on my main and walked in Hypolite's temple (umm just in case anyone is wondering I am working on those feats for collecting shard and by WALKING in I get to do the same type of shard day after day. till I get the feat OK? lol). Anyway so as was the case the past two days there was that healing crystal in the sub boss's room which I never even used and yep as soon as I defeated him it vanished.

    Then I got to Grail and gee.. look at that a healing crystal! Now that does not mean I couldn't take all 6 alts in later today (taking a break for coffee and some lunch now) and not find another one OR I could find them in every single temple. In short I think it is set up to vary constantly.
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    There is almost nothing in this game I could do or not do that would make me feel 'bad', but thanks for the sentiment. Yeah, I think this might be the only DLC 'mission' area that has been so wonky...going all the way back to CC and Trigon, they have always been within 'spin around' view. Atlantis was a bit off kilter with King Shark in his own spot, but as he was in the tutorial 'do this then do this' mission, you HAD to go there once at least.

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