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Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by WastedMind, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Chari El did you find someone in game, a bunch of us are on right now
  2. Staggiie New Player

    US/PSPC - Heroes

    Fanboys is recruiting friendly and respectful players who wanna learn and grow and teach with us and have fun doing it! We are a mature League and understand that people have work, kids, lives, ect. You will always be welcome regardless of logging on everyday or once a week and we welcome all levels and SP. We will get you to end-game if you're willing to work with us.

    We are mainly active between 6pm and 11pm EST.

    We use Discord for raid scheduling, sign-ups, and nightly raid voice chats. So a mic is preferred, even if it's just for listening and not talking.

    Right now, we are mainly focusing on new content, Renowns in T8-T9 Elites, Metal 2 and BOP Elites, and feats in all content. To participate in Elite contents, we recommend having 23 Augs (at least 1 for each ep) or a plan to level them soon.

    As a newer member here, I grew from 150 CR, 160 SP to end game content in 2 weeks with this league back in September. Currently I am 330 CR and 380 SP, all thanks to this League. I love these guys and gals. They will easily become like family to you. Everyone is easy going, generous, and helpful. There will always be a few of us ready and willing to run any raids you schedule or on-the-fly Alerts and Duos regardless of being Loot Locked or not.

    If you're interested, contact RedKryptonite, PhD, SANICHARA, Magmaflash, MajorPontoons Barbie, Xiuhcoatal, xKalxElx, Gypsy Rainbow, Dubb Lantern, Lonn Jordan, OP Jon, Poseidonia, or myself (Lit Lad) in-game via Tell or Mail or PM me here.

    We hope you consider us!
  3. Little MD Well-Known Player

    There is nothing more fun than clearing content as a league, and watching new players starting to lead feat groups and raids.

    Come and join Fanboys, and finally play MMORPG as it was meant to be played: with groups of other socially awkward adults that never quite let go of their inner Joker.
  4. Little MD Well-Known Player

    We are opening up recruitment for players to complete and feat hunt in T9 Elite raids.
    Open for all roles, we're looking for 250SP+ and 3x160 arts for the main role.

    We're all about completing content together as a league and friends. We use discord to set up raids and feat hunts, so come check us out.
  5. Boston Phantom Well-Known Player

    My munitions troll is looking for a stable league that is fun, and does league runs. I'm at at 326 SP, have 545 SP and I'm very active. Having trouble doing an application on your website, but would still love to join ya. Not all of arts are at 160 yet, but I am working on them. If you luke to have me, I do have access to discord. You can reach me there, in game - my toons name is Massachusetts Knight, my psn account - williamr75 - or here. Thanks your your consideration. By the way, I did fill out an application on the website this morning.
  6. Little MD Well-Known Player

    We are looking for roles to complete and feat hunt in late T9 and early T10 elite raids. 250SP and 3x160 artifacts for your role. We use discord to set up raids, feat hunt, and voice comm. We take pride in completing raids and content as a league, and grow stronger together. If this sounds like a league you're looking for, hit up any of these fine peeps: PhD, sanichara, lit lad, gypsy rainbow, dubb lantern, magmaflash.
  7. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Little MD is exactly right, we are continually working together as a team. If you feel like you want to be a part of this TEAM, look up one of the contacts and lets talk!

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