Fanboys is Recruiting USPC

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by WastedMind, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Little MD Well-Known Player

    Hi Kamysa. I'll invite you next time I see you log in!
    It's a miracle that even after talking with Sanichara, you are still interested in joining Fanboys! :D just kidding

    as for the questions:
    1) we're most active between 6PM to 11PM EST during the weekdays. We are actively working on raising members' CR so that we can start to run endgame contents with them, and if we're lucky, have them join us for when the next episode drops!
    2) yes! we have discord set up, and we are actively encouraging our members to use it. We firmly believe that it'll help us communicate and bond as a league in the future.

    See you in game!
  2. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    I wanted to Kamysa and all our new recruits a welcome to Fanboys!
    We welcome those new that need mentoring and those that are just looking for teammates to stick it to villainy in DC!

    Magmaflash has approved this message!
  3. Devil Dawg New Player

    I'm looking for an active league and interested in joining. Currently only lvl 19 though but I'm working my way towards cap! I'm a returning player. I tried to click on the link to fill out an app but the page won't load.

    My IGN is Devil Dawg
  4. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Devil Dawg

    We do not require a minimum lvl, cr, etc
    We only ask you have a fun and try.

    In game contact any of the following:


    Look forward to meeting you
  5. Little MD Well-Known Player

    Cool beans. Yeah we aren't too concerned about lvls and CRs at this point since many cr255 i encounter are new to the game and used CR skip. As long as you play and are willing to learn, we welcome you. I'll look for you in game today (IGN is PhD)
  6. Devil Dawg New Player

    Sorry I have been lvling an alt, I'll try to contact one of the people mentioned, although it may be too late tonight as it's 11:04 PM my time.
  7. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Over the weekend our on game time range will be longer.
    No worries.
  8. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    WE are looking for more members.
    Give us a look!
  9. Little MD Well-Known Player

    Fanboys are still recruiting. Yes, we chase feats when we can (For those with surplus # of SP) but we're more focused on including as many players as possible in raids and alerts of all tiers right now. If we are that semi-casual league that you are looking for, give us a shout in game or holla at us here.
  10. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    I hope this finds all doing well and we are still recruiting!!!!
  11. Lycan Nightshade Committed Player

    these Fanboys are a solid group of folks, i wholeheartedly recommend giving them a shot.
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  12. Little MD Well-Known Player

    We've got a lot of new recruits and more encouragingly, a lot of vet players coming back! We are working on rebuilding our Fanboys guildlaunch site ( so that all members' DCUO needs can be heard and met. We use Discord for communication for raids & feats.

    Yes, we spam world bounties like the rest of 90% DCUO players these days but we run a lot of older raids for feats & new members as well!

    Join us, we have a good time here.
  13. Little MD Well-Known Player

    We are most popular and active between 6PM to 10:30PM EST during weekdays, and similar time during the weekends.

    This weekend, we completed feats that were requested in our guildlaunch site (, and celebrated our members hitting CR287 by running them through CT and FB. We also re-ran FGS for those that missed the raid night, and two members got their Motherbox while running bounties with league raid group.

    Come join in on the fun with Fanboys and grow with us.
  14. dss New Player

    Still recruiting. Join us, sit back, chillax and enjoy the show.
  15. Little MD Well-Known Player

  16. Void cell Well-Known Player

    Holy ****!!! Fanboys still going strong
  17. NNaz New Player

    whoever is looking for an active league US/PC-PS give it a try here, friendly and active users , i personally recommend this league for anyone who is looking for a place to stay.
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  18. Falko New Player

    How do I join
  19. Little MD Well-Known Player

    Some of us have grown tired of chasing aethers and are now running older content more often for feats and styles! Are you one of those that has never finished a Deluge raid with pickup groups? Still need those pesky styles from DWF and don't want to pay 70 source marks for it? Come play with us.
  20. Victor V0lt New Player

    Did you say Running Older content? Well chum, That's not just up Victor V0lt's Alley, that's directions to Victor V0lt's V0ltvault! I'm a cr104 electric metahuman with a fondness for blue spandex and dark chocolate! Who can I contact for an invite!