Fanboys is Recruiting USPC

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by WastedMind, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Welcome to our newest member

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  2. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Holy Cow! Atomice finally arrived, I am loving it so far on test!
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  3. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Welcome to 3 more new Fanboys, looking forward to more!
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  4. CGthor Active Player

    I would like to welcome all the new members to Fanboys over the past week.
  5. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    The new members are working out well, but not as well as the Atomic Powerset. lol
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  6. Alpha Rad New Player

    I'm glad to see the league is still alive and kicking. (LG here).
  7. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Absolutely, hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year LG/Alpha Rad!
  8. CGthor Active Player

    Welcome to Fanboys Daddy Heal
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  9. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Looking forward to more new recruits!
    PC or PS3/4 all are welcome.
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  10. CGthor Active Player

    Will be fun to get into Prison Break. The latest 8 man OP . When the servers come back up :>)
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  11. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Alright everyone, after a long hiatus from the forums:

    Fanboys is back and recruiting: all roles, levels, and abilities.

    If you need more information catch me in game on


    This message is 100% Magmaflash approved!
  12. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    I did forget to mention we accept PS or PC players, so feel free to message me about league recruiting!
  13. dss New Player

    Hello Everyone,
    Looking for a few good Heroes to give my League a jump start.
    Any Role, any CR, any SP..., once you are in League we can help you work on these.
    If you are new to the game and working your way up, we will get you to where you need to be.
    You will not be carried thru content, you will earn it.

    We are Chilled, Relaxed, Laid Back and all the other good things.

    If you are immature, snobby, can't follow rules, runs ahead of the tank and dies elitist chart chaser, "Jedi mind trick hand wave"..this is not the League you are looking for.

    In game look for these toons for an invite:
    Sanichara - SloGinFizz - WhiskyMac
  14. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    100% what my friend Sanichara stated!!!!

    Also, we don't have cookies but we can help with feats!
  15. dss New Player

    Welcome to Fanboys:
    King Zhazhu: New Player, Electric Dps, CR286
    Nocturrnal: New Player, Electric Dps, Electric Healer, CR 298
    Anthea: New Player, Munitions Troller, Munitions Dps, CR304
    StarryGoggles: New Player, Nature Healer, CR207
    Cumulative Thought: New Player, Just left Braniacs Battleship.

    Welcome back to the game for a couple long time players who has been around since beta testing, you know who you are.
    1. The Icy Behemoth whose name doesn't go with his powerset.
    2. xXXXxXXx...this guy changes powersets like he changes his underwear.
    3. And finally, possibly.. the "smartest" Rage player in game.
  16. dss New Player

    Welcome Incenerator.

    Bump Bump Bumpity Bump Bump
  17. dss New Player

    Finding it difficult to complete feats?
    Can't queue up for older content because no one plays them anymore?
    Don't have a league to coordinate the game plan?
    No problem.

    Fanboys will be hosting Feat Hunting on 6/27/2020..starting 10AM EST.
    Give us a "ring" and we'll get going.

    Look for Sanichara, SloGinFizz, WhiskyMac or PhD. We'll do what we can to help you out.
  18. PVPieces New Player

    Looking for a league and all of thee above ign= Pvpieces
    Msg me ingame I'll be on in the Am so like 9 or so hours.
  19. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Also, if the other league mates are not on check for Magmaflash
  20. Fara New Player

    Hi, I would love to join your league. I already had a quick exchange by mail with Sanichara, he/she seems favorable at the idea.

    (I rewrote my character **** for a better communication (and because I do lvl up as fast as I can))
    My in game name is Kamysa. Fire, tank. CR : 94, SP
    (approximately) :
    50. F2P player (as far as I can). French, but no worry about time zone, I can handle it. It's just 6 hours of differencies, haha.

    There are just 2 questions that I want to ask :
    - What is your typical weekday schedule ? So I can organise my self if we have to meet.
    - And do you have anything like a discord, so we can tchat more easily if we have to ?