Fanboys is Recruiting USPC

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by WastedMind, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Damn it, bring out Atomic already!!! lol
  2. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Thank you Daybreak! This is much appreciated!
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  3. Buckwheater New Player

    Greetings- I am interested in joining. My client is still patching though. Still recruiting?
  4. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Yes we are. Just go to Fanboys guild launch. You will find all the league information there!
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  5. Buckwheater New Player

    Thank you. Does it matter that I haven't even created my first character yet?
    By which I mean, new player friendly or veterans only?

    I guess I do qualify as a returning veteran...
  6. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    We do not discriminate from new players or veterans.
    We have a recent member that was level 7 and is now I think level 22.
    We will mentor you the best we can, you just have to be willing.
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  7. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Welcome new recruits!

    Oh, bring out Atomic soon! :)
  8. Red Jenni Loyal Player

    You guys stopped being Rational People! That makes my 7 day ban SO worth it!
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  9. Buckwheater New Player

    ;) I know what you're referring to.

    Careful. You may be right, but that's never stopped them from unjust disciplinary action before.
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  10. Red Jenni Loyal Player

    I'm just glad you got your name back.
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  11. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Thank you!
    It was only right since that has been the league name ever since start of the league.
    Go back and look at FNL episode 10, that is us!
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  12. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Thank you to everyone for the likes on here!
    Welcome to our newest recruits this week!
  13. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Everybody ready for Episode 15?
    Fanboys is ready!
  14. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Bombshell Paradox is a nicely done raid!
  15. Thunderbolt Dedicated Player

    Bumpidy bump bump for the finest league in DCUO
  16. CGthor Active Player

    I would like to welcome Burna and Cili to the league
  17. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    That is Cilit, but she know we like here.
  18. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    Still recruiting!
    Still waiting on Atomic Power!
  19. zCaution Well-Known Player

    Good luck on recruiting :)
  20. Magmaflash Well-Known Player