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Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by WastedMind, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. WastedMind New Player

    Fanboys is primarily a PVE Raiding League. We are a group of players who choose to keep the balance between being dedicated to the game while still being dedicated to our everyday lives. We are mature and respectful of our fellow gamers and provide a friendly, social environment to game in.
    Fanboys is a close knit family and we're looking to expand. We're accepting players of all skill levels from all time zones, although we're primarily pacific and eastern based. We are an active league with events (Raids, alerts, PvP, etc) scheduled multiple days a week. We ask that applicants are able to use Ventrilo for raids.
    Fanboys members are kind, patient and strive to be as helpful as possible to players of all levels while maintaining the drive to progress our characters and conquer villainy in the DC Universe!

    If you're interested in applying to Fanboys visit us at

    See Fanboys in action! Visit us on Facebook, YouTube and follow us on Twitter @FanboysDCUO.
    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    If you have any further questions, please contact Jimmy Snow, RedKryptonite, WastedMind, Caitlin G, Nightengale, Wrxxer, Blue or Starbuk in game. We look forward to gaming with you!
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  2. CGthor Active Player

    Most raids occur weekdays at 9 east. We do try to have earlier times for the weekends.
  3. thecopyninja New Player

    how do i apply for this league? it's kind of confusing. need a little help
    i'm a dps/controller
  4. CGthor Active Player

    Click the link in the op
    You may then need to make a guild launch acct (if you do not have one)
    You then will be able to fill out an app
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  5. Twisted Titan Committed Player

    This is a great league that is patient with it's new members. I've been with them for a few months now and I have to say this is one of the best leagues I've been in. If you're looking for a good league to run regular in-game content with (to include all tiers) and learn more about the game then this is a league you should consider applying to.
  6. GnexiaR2 New Player

    I have a league right but its not active i'm interested to join your league im a Dps/Controller CR70..thanks
  7. CGthor Active Player

    If you like to join us please clink on our link for our website. Then you will need to fill out a short app and maybe make an account with Guild Launch.
    Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.
  8. GnexiaR2 New Player

    I've just submitted my application on your website , I am hoping for your positive response. Thank you very and more power to your league..
  9. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    I will agree with my fellow member Twisted Titan about this league. I am newer than he is, I have been in league about 1 month. These guys and gals are great teammates, with some good natured humor. All questions are answered. This league is exceptional in helping you through feats for your skill pts. I would strongly suggest that anyone who is looking for a good league to take the time and fill ou the application! :D
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  10. McBurly Level 30

    as a returning player who was looking to get back in the game, this league has been fantastic. they are very active and patient with new players. there is a very chill mature atmosphere with everyone focused on fun. I dont play often but when i do there almost always seems to be something for me to do with them.
  11. Twisted Titan Committed Player

    For those interested in joining but shy about using voice chat (we use Ventrillo) you should still apply to Fanboys. It is required to participate in raids but you don't actually have to talk if you don't want to. It's more so used so that the leaders can communicate strategy to the members participating. As long as you are willing to listen in Vent then you should put 'Yes' on the application. But don't be afraid to speak up we don't bite. :D
  12. Johnny McWeaksauce New Player

    Great league filled with high quality players who are dedicated to both having fun and helping people. We do weekly raids of just about all tiers of raids and we farm places like FOS3 for MoT's.

    Regardless if you are just starting out, or have been playing for a long time - if you are looking for an easy going guild with good quality players - give us a shot!

    We are in most need for Healers - but everyone is welcome to apply!
  13. cyberhawk04 New Player

    I just applied for your league and i want to clear one thing that i'm PVP geared so my CR is not great but i'm switching to PVE since i can't find any PVP league here. Hoping for a positive response. :D
  14. CGthor Active Player

    Look forward to seeing you in game Cyberhawk
  15. cyberhawk04 New Player

    ty so whom do i contact for the invite?
  16. CGthor Active Player

    At this time we have closed off Recruiting to DPS. Even with more then one Raid team running at the same time. We are having problems getting everyone in. Still accepting Trollers and Healers at any level. Tanks need to be cr 60 or higher
  17. BIackAbs New Player

    Guys i already submit my aplication, pliz take a look on it.
    Thx alot
  18. Magmaflash Well-Known Player

    As a semi new member I agree with Johnny McWeaksauce! Also there are those of us in league that run at least legends pvp!
    As Twisted said we dont bite, well unless provoked. lol
  19. Quixen New Player

  20. Twisted Titan Committed Player

    We are still recruiting active players. At the moment our top priorities are tanks and healers but we are still accepting applications for controllers. However we are not in need of more DPS at this time. CR 60+ is preferred but not required for all roles. We are still actively running content with raid dates and times posted on the league forum.

    Just recently our league began running a skill points challenge for all current members so now would be an optimal time to submit an application and see if Fanboys is right for you.

    If you have any further questions, please contact Jimmy Snow, RedKryptonite, WastedMind, Caitlin G, Nightengale, Wrxxer, Blue or Starbuk in game. We look forward to gaming with you!