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  1. Talve Dedicated Player

    Links are in the signature.
    I mostly try to provide either guides or PvP content. Most of the other league currently does either speedruns or 3/4 men raids.
  2. Lokkii Committed Player

  3. Battle Man Committed Player

  4. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I have a feeling if this was ported to PS4 most of us will have our own youtube channels do the new additions to social networking being added were it is always recording and the ease of sending recorded footage to those outlets. youtube better upgrade their servers because if we get the port, DCUO will be blowing up there
  5. conundrum4633 New Player Unlike most streams we are very interactive with the viewers and answer as many questions as we can. We have a great community here very friendly and helpful. Check us out we stream alot and have alot of viewers. We were able to get a number of new players to start playing and also able to bring old players back to the game. our community includes players from both the US/EU and PC/PS3 players. In the future we will be having giveaways which include station cash so be sure to follow us and stay tuned :D
  6. remsy New Player best dcuo stream i have been too period very interactive has his friends and fellow gamers on vent all the time lots of people to answer questions/help from. people stay in chat even when hes not streaming to farther help new or older players that just want a little community to play this game with i highly recommend checking him out always a blast!
  7. ENLIGHTEND1 New Player

    BRAYDEN5283, all things Nature Heal/DPS plus a lil bit extra, hope to see you guys and enjoy :)
    Small mini movie bellow

  8. Potent New Player

  9. Razormane MastiC New Player

    Representing Hardlight DPS
    PVP/PVE/LEGENDS video's of RazormaneMastic Villain Cr 89 sp 1XX / Hero Cr 82
    i also do commentaries from time to time

    Let's all HELP eachother and SUBCRIBE to eachothers youtube channel
  10. TyrantSC New Player

    I am a small Australian Based youtuber. I have a lets play of DCUO on my channel that was quite popular and ran for about 50 episodes. Many subscribers have requested another playthrough on the US server so I thought I would create another playthrough but have extremely high production value.

    I have created a comic style teaser video HERE and the opening video is HERE
    I have added a professional intro along with 60's style batman intro's and outro's. There are also comic book facts littered throughout the video's where appropriate to make the video interesting if there is ever a lull.

    Feel free to check out my channel or to play along and meet up and get in a video.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Brad AKA TyrantSC
  11. MrSage New Player

  12. Pew New Player

  13. skabs New Player

    Introducing my personal YouTube channel featuring :

    DCUO Fight Club (1 v 1) videos
    These matches follow Fight Club Rules
    - No supercharges, no sodas, no soda buffs, no consumables, no PVE or form change trinkets, and no pets other than power tree pets

    DCUO Lair Battle videos
    These matches follow Tournament Rules
    - No form change trinkets (OMAC, snowman, etc) and no pets other than power tree pets

    DCUO pug'd series videos
    These matches feature PUGs vs leagues and pre-mades. No rules, no excuses

    Thanks for watching

  14. Mcluv3n New Player

  15. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    Signature is the link to my YouTube page.
  16. ObsidianChillSucks New Player

    Links can be found in my Sig to my personal one and some of odyssey's vids
  17. Helios Xenon New Player
  18. MeleeHappy Well-Known Player

  19. Clutchmeister Loyal Player

  20. Count Shockula New Player

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