False DPS numbers

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Regent Perry, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. Valsmurf Loyal Player

    I suggest you make a sorcery toon and test it yourself, not on what you see from a partner. Clownbox DOES do real damage to mobs. It can be a life-saver when you or your mates are overwhelmed by mobs. It DOES remove health from mobs/bosses. Sure it does do fake damage as well, but that' doesn't mean it's useless or that it's a move exclusively done by cheesy exploiter to pad numbers. If devs took out the fake dmg part Trans/CB dpsers would be just average. The good ones would top the charts, the bad ones would be last, the dumb ones would die all the time and selfish ones would burn through power in 2 secs, just like with any other power. There wouldn't really be much controversy.

    Edit. oh and without the fake dmg healers would most definitely not top the charts, they may be on par with trollers due to the actual real dmg CB does, but in that case they are helping the team if only by just a bit.
  2. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    like i said if its fake numbers, than it should not matter whaat the scoreboard says unless you just want to fuel your ego, because if you know they are putting out fake damage then you know that your the only ones doing any real work, and the clownbox does do real damage, but it works better on single targets as in boss fights, i have seen it knock a chunk off of the avatar of meta in prime a good 6% so yes it does do real damage, and maybe those healers were dual specced and were running with the home turf chest mod ( core strength ), to get damage, and if you see a healer using clownbox what is wrong with you? KICK HIM because that is pure trash tactics
  3. TheForsakenEvil Well-Known Player

    Overall, the leaderboard can't be used to determine your Damage Per Second, so I think it should be changed to at least give a more accurate display of how well you are performing your role. As for this CB/transmute method, it seems like its a waste of power. So why is it used? A false sense of superiority over their teammates? Lol..
  4. KarNage New Player

    This whole Transmutation Clownbox thing is getting out of hand now. I just ran FOS 3 with 2 Sorcery Healers and 3 Sorcery DPS all doing that. LMAO
  5. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    exactly but its no more different than scoreboard chasers, they both are just trying to get a high score, good dps dont need a scoreboard to tell them how good they are
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  6. TheForsakenEvil Well-Known Player

    I just realized this thread doesn't even contain a bug. LOL
  7. TrueMarvel New Player

    Just take object damage off the scoreboard.
  8. B0NE DADDY Well-Known Player

    You know what Conduit stop being a cry baby and ley them fix something that actually needs to be fixed. People like you are the ones that have the devs running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Learn your powers and stop whining. Just because you get out dps'd doesnt mean there's anything wrong with someone eles power set just your skills and for your information I have 8 toons 86cr above with no less then 85sp each of each powerset and hardly use my sorc toon for dps. Just stop trolling already
  9. Sionn Committed Player

    So much for the voting system in the BUGS forum. There was no bug with the power, and yet these whining cry babies get their way.
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  10. B0NE DADDY Well-Known Player

  11. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    WE QQ *WIN* Fake 5k DMG to that :cool:
  12. Gunny New Player

    Hmm...kind of like pretty much any other nerf that has ever happened? Fireburst has been blanketed with nerfs the past 5 months before the silver bullet with U23? Mental? (might as well mention the whole class itself, what move HASNT got the nerfbat..).

    By the way, U24 coming is adjusting transmute for some reason, so dont worry, its "working as intended", right? LOL
  13. Gunny New Player

    Oh, and to be frank....

    Yes, I hate the crazy nerf brigades going on, and the main place they take action is in the bugs forums.

    That said, a vote should never occur in these forums. ALL BUGS should be reported here, whether it be beneficial or a negative one. A very good bug discovery that is beneficial will have a poor voting on it quite possibly because IT IS REGULARLY TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF.

    Voting threads may be useful in discussions and guides, but reporting bugs is simply gathering information for the DEVS. Even if you could vote here, any information posted will probably be investigated by the devs (eventually) and will be acted upon based on THEIR findings, not your approval of the thread. The thread is only used as a "heads-up", their decisions will probably never be based off player opinions within the thread, just the in-game information you provide.
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