False DPS numbers

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Regent Perry, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. Vashta Well-Known Player

    Real damage... fake damage... does it really matter as long as you get through the content?

    It's pointless chasing the scoreboard because it proves nothing, so why let it bother you? The only point at which it should bother you is if someone feels the need to point out that you are behind in numbers, at which point you should point out that the scoreboards are not definitive proof of who is playing the most effectively.

    All roles can pad their numbers, dps can do fake damage or attack unnecessary mobs etc to boost numbers, healers can allow themselves to take some damage from mobs and proceed to heal themselves to boost healing out. Controllers can empty their power bar and throw a PoT and watch their numbers go up, tanks can even do fake damage in the same methods as dps.

    The scoreboards are only slight indicators of who's doing what.
  2. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    Clownbox isn't the issue per say. Transmute is. The description is Polymorphed and encased enemies will take additional damage. The problem is that what actually happens is when it's cast a lot of the non enemy objects are hit for 100% of their HP and any encasement you have placed yourself in also is hit for 100% of its HP. So additional damage in the description is somehow translated to all possible damage for these objects/encasement. As far as I know Clownbox is the only encasement you place yourself into so people cry that Clownbox is the problem. If you run Black Dawn with a Sorcery player, just have them transmute (don't use clownbox) a bunch of stuff in the location where you have to carry all the gold/orange orbs around. The player will transmute and the orbs are destroyed immediately. How the orbs are an enemy is beyond me. In healer stance this will skyrocket the person to the top of the board and really skew things if you're trying to figure out who is doing the most damage to the enemies.
  3. Snix Dedicated Player

    So just throw competitiveness straight out window I guess right?
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  4. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    If you're getting through the content then no it doesn't matter. If you're not getting through the content then it may matter so it would be nice to have it accurate or have additional metrics to tell what truly is going on. Also not every powerset can pad their numbers the way Sorcery can with transmute. If a sorcery player really wanted to they could make their numbers insanely high.
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  5. ARI ATARI New Player

    The test is actually quite simple. hit clown box when nothing else is around. see that the scoreboard goes up exactly 5000 regardless of might or tier.
    I do not think that clown box needs to be fixed with the exception of this 5000. it needs to be removed.
  6. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    The problem isn't clownbox. The problem is transmutation needs to be based on a stat. You shouldn't be able to cast any power in the game and be able to one shot stuff at lvl 5.
  7. ARI ATARI New Player

    in most cases transmute is awful. only when an object is destroyed does it do decent(not great but decent) damage.

    the only problem i actually see are the people watching the scoreboard.
  8. Valsmurf Loyal Player


    if it never had that 5k fake dmg, people not be crying even half as much about it. Dmg to objects should also not count in the scoreboard, that way the measurement would as accurate as possible.

    Transmuting encased enemies gives 150 dmg ( i have 1850 might) which is laughable. It's kind of a uselss power without clowbox since you rely on others to encase enemies just to do Some dmg to enemies. Clownbox is also useless without transmute for the 6 seconds you're encased. In pvp you just get tossed out of the way and hurt no one, in pve more or less the same and it prevents you from helping others.

    So please don't take away this interaction, it's fun and it makes 2 useless powers usable. Take away the fake dmg and nerf CB's dmg if you feel like it (i think it's fine tbh) but don't remove the interaction please :)
  9. KarNage New Player

    Like someone else said. If you pop Transmutation and Clown Box, then go hit someone with square or triangle you will automatically receive 5000 damage on the scorecard. I literally just found this out myself in the Circe solo. So as a respectable DPS I shall not be using this combo again until that issue is fixed. I shouldn't get 5000 damage out when all I did was maybe 71 with just one press of the square button.
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  10. Pentac Active Player

    Most of you are misunderstanding the meaning of false damage. Comparing Clown Box + Transmutation to Sidekicks, Orbitals, Trinkets, etc. is not the same thing. Someone in the old forums posted a thread about it.

    If queue up for a challenge mission, duo, alert, etc. and without engaging any enemies (from the staging areas) perform the transmute + clownbox and then look at your scoreboard. Without killing any enemies, all of a sudden you've dealt damage. Buffs will not make up numbers out of nothing, it will just enhance your ability to increase those numbers but you still have to deal damage to NPCs.

    That is the biggest offense of the Clownbox + Transmute, not so much that it deals a high burst of damage, but that the scoreboard takes into account the damage done to the Clownbox itself.
  11. Sore Steadfast Player

    There's a famous testing video showing that you get the 5k damage without needing to hit anything. You don't need that follow-up square or triangle.
  12. KarNage New Player

    Well either way, it's cheap and I won't be using it anymore.
  13. Sore Steadfast Player

    That's why in my post I'd just rather they break down all the stats. What's going on with objects. What's going on with pets. etc. Let us make our own conclusions from additional data points. Pets are grey when you get into healing numbers.
  14. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I have been sorcery from the beginning, and transmute does exactly what it does in the description of the power. If it didn't do what it was intended to do then soe would of fixed it already. Stop crying because you are getting beat in the scoreboard. At the end of the day it benefits the team and majority of the time they always ask if you have it in your loadout.
  15. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Unleashes a magical force to damage enemies and explode nearby objects

    Power Ineractions
    Polymorphed and Encased Enemies takes Additional damage

    Healer Role
    Exploded objects heal nearby allies

    Damage Role
    Exploded Objects deal additional damage to enemies:Increase all damage 45% until hit counter resets(atleast 5 seconds)

    So tell me where this fake damage is coming from with transmute excluding clownbox?
  16. BaddestJade New Player

    The best test is to jump into an instance you can press Y and see the scoreboard ...

    go to a section where nothing will be destroyed.. pop your clownbox combo and then check the scorecard again. Where did the damage come from again ? But that is not me saying its fake, as it does hit occasionally, in my opinion why waste 2 powers (or shock soda) for a low number that barely crits..
  17. Solarstar New Player

    Who said I was crying at the fact that everyone copies and does the same exact thing on PC (yeah... our server Adora) while somehow, the PS3 side has made leaps and bounds and figured everything out.

    BTW, I regularly beat Clownbox/Transmuters and know that its nothing more than a cheap move that deals false damage.
  18. Solarstar New Player

    Where's the power interaction the moment you're Clownboxed?

    BTW, if you have to rely on an Iconic Power to do damage, then you shouldn't bother being DPS in the first place.
  19. Enickma Dedicated Player

    Bunch of nerds in here.

    SCOREBOARDS DO NOT MATTER. Stop acting like they do. If you get through the raid, then that is all that matters. It is a TEAM game. Stop being so selfish. I bet some of the people in here complaining about clown box are the same ones who fight frivolous mobs just to raise their damage score.

    If you want competition, go to PvP. PvE is a team game, not an e-muscle flexing contest.
  20. Solarstar New Player

    Enickma... PvP and PvE are both e-p33n flexing contests as long as you have Scorecards.
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