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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Regent Perry, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. Regent Perry New Player

    I been studying clown box and other technique that can put big numbers up but is not equal to total damage. When i got the new Henchmen, I started seeing a lot of purple numbers. This meant the more times my pets were out the better my DPS numbers became. Those number are reading as damage OUT, when they should be counting for damage IN. I blew up my turret and decoy in a Khan raid over and over for not reason, and I was spec in troll role and nearly put up 300k in Damage Out, I was number 2 on the charts. I lost to Hardlight and but beat out a sorcery CB user DPS. the Purple numbers are fake numbers, by fixing CB users numbers. We could see a huge fall in Number, for you guys to equal them out with a bump in damage.
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  2. Karasawa Loyal Player

    This is pretty annoying, especially with all the clownbox users now thinking they're doing awesome damage.
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  3. MeleeHappy Well-Known Player

    many times they intentionally do this. that's the whole point. they don't care what you and others think.
  4. EnSaBah Nur New Player

    I found this interesting as-well and have posted it regarding the false damage numbers of the Clown Box, I have to disagree with the exploding turrent and decoy of the Gadgets regarding actuall damage done/ generated as applied to a NPC versus damage done to an object, I'll explain. The Clown Box is a glitch as Transmutation read "Polymorphed and encased enemies will take additional damge" with Clown Box you are encasing yourself and can not be an enemy to yourself so it's a glitch, further there is a universal damage that is applied to exploding objects rather it be Clown Box, Turrent, Decoy, Scary Jack ect of 4242 the combat menu will read "Clown Box - Destruct damaged Clown Box for 4242" this 4242 will show up as a dark purple or brown color, the actually Damage done to targets I saw was 4 tics of 100, 110, 45, 45 as read from the combat menu, as with the decoy or exploding turrent, the damage was more effect with 420, 500, 140, 80, 97, 88, 130 with the addition of poping the targets up in the air for additional damge which I couldn't follow due to the combat window moving to fast, these number are shown in orange, these are the same number shown when Trinkets i.e (Mr.Boo, Hench men, Snow man,) etc strikes an NPC, white numners are weapon damage and yellow is power damage.

    In combat raids, alerts a Sorcery Clown box user along side my Gadget User we actually visual of the Gadget DPS doing a considerable amount of real damge to NPC using exploding the Turrent versus the Clown Box.

    The problem lies and how the Clown Box or Turrent or trinkets is applied like in your case exploding something just to generate the 4242 damage is poor, bogus and is faulty play, if a Clown Box user, etc uses the technique against real NPC's versus empty space, example: exploding in a group of NPC the damage to object will partially roughly 45-80% be applied correctly as orange numbers, hence actually damage to the NPC versus just damage to it's self, as you pointed out I have unfortunately seen alot of Clown Box users exloding the Clown Box when no NPC is around, where the Gadgets the very few DPS or Trollers I know that use it do apply it correctly, the Decoy draws aggro, defers damage and will explode on it's self upon a certain point in time the turrents if triggered zeros in on it's target rougly 3 seconds then explodes so there is a differance between the Sorcery and the Gadgets but it is what it is with the Sorcery using the Clown Box against a Gadgets the glitch being applied works in Gadgets favor because Gadgets can prematurely explode the Clown Box stripping the Scorcery of it's numbers, I just wish gammers would stop finding short cuts and use the power the proper way, I give much respect to Sorcery users who don't use the Clown Box and still do massive damage and the Gadgets who use the turrent or decoy the right way in the thick of a group of NPC's. I decided to stop complaining about CB users, when I DPS aagainst one on my Mental of Fire I dust them any way, a true DSP understands it's such much more than jsut damage, I've had to Tank, draw Aggro and many other things as a DPS to see my team through what ever we may be doing and still put up monster numbers in time I'm sure that purple number of 4242 will be applied corectly as damage to an NPC versus damage to Object, that's why I keep my combat menu up so I can see what I'm doing, further using Hench man, and Accomplices will increase your number but they only put out actual damage I've tested it over and over and only saw the little orange number of 7, 7, 10, 10, 51, 46, 45, 59, 75, crit of 150 & 300 but I still haven;t seen the magical 4242 number you stated they put out, even when they dissapear, check your Combat Menu, take care
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  5. EnSaBah Nur New Player

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  6. Kali Mortis Level 30

    I tested this the other day, grouped queued up for raid, zoned in, looked at damage out (of course it was zero), did Transmute/Clownbox, Looked at damage, still sitting at zero. I dont see where you guys are getting this information. even tried it during combat during the first group of mobs, no 5k grey damage, no extra damage on chart after (damage was under 5k)
  7. Solarstar New Player

    Clownbox/Transmute has always dealt false damage. Transmute has always dealt false damage in Outer due to everything being transmutable in there. Both tactics have always given Sorcery players inflated and false numbers in Outer, where Transmute works like butter, and with the Clownbox/Transmute trick. The only time Transmute works properly is in FoS 1 for the Scorpion feat.

    Ergo, fix Transmute so you can't get away with the Clownbox trick and transmute everything in Outer.
  8. B0NE DADDY Well-Known Player

    You People need to stop crying about clownbox and transmute.As mepps has said "working as intended" and whats false damage damage is damage. Its people like you that are ruining this game. Crybabys crying because either your getting whooped in pvp or ODed in leaderboards. First it was block in pvp "They're teabagging me when I'm down" now block is so messed up you cant even break out of stun. Learn your role and stop crying please. And its not only sorc that can break box early dont see you crying about them
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  9. B0NE DADDY Well-Known Player

    Tell you what we both pick same target. You do your thing and I'll use CB see who does more damage
  10. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I'm going to have to laugh at you about this. Everything in the cave is in casement. Those things shoots out the spider incase a spider which is also in a shield. Funny how only in fos 1 transmute gives real damage where it gives a feat for destroying the spiders before they hatch. So it's real on everyone else's conviences fake when it's not?
  11. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Technically every dps is putting out fake numbers. Every time you use a trinket, it falsely boost your numbers for 20 seconds, there for you are falsly doing more damage. Yes I'm splitting hairs here, but it is what it is. Now with hometurf out, with orbital strike, henchemen, sidekicks, and new mods, now you are adding more. They hare home turf damage, not the damage you are putting out.. At the end of the day when the scoreboard pops up, nobody is going to think of that, all they are going to think that is the damage they put out.
  12. Solarstar New Player

    I'm sorry, have you ever seen a Sorc (DPS or Healer... pick one) use Transmute in Outer and see how much Damage Out they had?

    I have... have you?
  13. Sytenia Committed Player

    I used to do that for jokes when I still played sorcery about half a year ago.
    You end up with about 300k damage if you destroy pretty much everything in the alert, including all those crates and stuff on the ledges and hidden places.

    This power has many great uses and I think it should stay in the way it is, I do however agree that the damage it does should not be added to damage out.
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  14. Valor New Player

    Why do you care? Are the numbers at the end of the content that important to you? All anyone should care about is if you beat it, and everything went fairly well.
  15. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Why are people against this? We use damage-out to determine how well we're doing in a raid/alert. If the numbers are innaccurately high, it leads people to believe they're doing great when in reality they're just wasting power for their team.
  16. Sytenia Committed Player

    Well you might aswell not have a scoreboard at all if you think like that...

    I like to use the scoreboard to compare my own and other people's performance to each other and then see where I can improve or help others improve.
    Not just the damage numbers but all the numbers are important.
    In this case there is false information added to the numbers.

    So to answer your question, yes I do care about those numbers.
    Oh and dont get me wrong those numbers DONT mean everything but they do have their purpose.
  17. Sytenia Committed Player

    I dont think they would believe they are doing great themselves as they know about the trick but others may not know about it or not see it happen and think they are doing great giving them false credit over the other players that are most likely actually doing better for the team but ending up with a lower score.
  18. 478874 Dedicated Player

    The saddest thing about this thread isn't the grubbing scorecard chasers but the fact that it could take precedent and resources over real fixes that are needed elsewhere.
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  19. Sore Steadfast Player

    Don't we deserve tools to better understand the results of our actions?

    Separate damage to objects to its own stat.
    Separate damage from pets to its own stat.
    Separate healing to NPCs to its own stat.
    Separate healing from pets to its own stat.

    Give us the tools to learn.
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  20. Max Volt Committed Player

    I totally agree, we do need to know where the numbers are coming from. Either that or can the scoreboards.

    The other day our sorcery healer run a little experiment and started using clownbox while in healer stance during an alert.
    At the end of the Alert the scoreboard had him on top by over 150k damage above everybody else.
    This cannot be intended.
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