Fake Debuffs

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  1. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    Either mental tree the healing debuff also displays the armor icon :cool:
  2. chipzes Committed Player

    It seems like this is really causing a lot of confusion.
    Multiple times now I met trolls in T5 who I know were playing way before the bug started and who were convinced that "I only need 1 debuff, it's that one power that is a heal and def debuff"...
    You would think that after playing troll for months and going up to T5 they would have noticed the change (or maybe just read the power descriptions...) - doesn't speak for the playerbase, but should be fixed asap to avoid further confusion (especially in new players, considering PS4 is around the corner).
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  3. PaperGirl New Player

    3 months after the creation of the tread , i don't know ...
    This bug is still here every raid we'r doing .
    Some players in the group can't see the debufs , please fix .
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  4. Little Sister New Player

    NegativeMass hasn't posted in over a month, I really hope he is still working on this. :(:eek:
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  5. Massah Committed Player

    After reading the thread - I think there is a slight confusion - the debuff or "fake debuff" that I think that some have not been answered on is the defense icon being applied with a Controller's Healing Debuff on NPC's. The defense icon being applied in conjunction with the Healing debuff as NegativeMass mentioned prevents further shielding ....

    BUT....here is the issue - I am experiencing:

    I am normally am a Controller, but I DPS pretty often and I pay attention to the normal damage numbers I am seeing both as a DPS and Controller.

    Sometimes that Healing Debuff - is actively debuffing the defense in both PvP and PvE, however it is neither reliable nor consistent. If I see that is says the enemy is defense debuffed but the damage numbers I am seeing are smaller than I'm used to then I, as a controller, apply the defense debuff until the numbers look more like I am accustomed to. In PvE content it would be nice if the Healing debuff did both to address the issues of increased power cost, but it would be nice to have better clarification as to whether or not the NPC's actually have their defense debuffed - as the icon appears when a healing debuff is used on a target.

    *Might be a spate bug - but it feels as though the Healing debuff - which is placing the defense debuff icon is stripping/over--riding the actual defense debuff.

    Ex. - If you cast healing debuff followed by defense debuff you - see higher damage numbers indicating defense was debuffed. Sometimes - if you cast defense debuff followed by the healing debuff (healing debuff provides both a Red Heart Icon and Red Shield icon) you will see lower numbers than performing debuffs in the pre-mentioned rotation, indicating that the defense debuff is not actually applied. (I am using the moves back -to back to limit time lapse of debuff duration - BUT in a Raid with 2 or more controllers debuffing a single boss it appears that the Healing debuff is removing the defense debuff - thus attacks are weaker - even though we cannot really tell visually from the red debuff shield icon which "debuff" is active for the shielding or defense mechanic.
  6. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    yep this has been happening since origin crisis dropped for christ's sake. So instead of fixing a bug that's affecting a core mechanic of the game, they dilly-dally with other superficial things.
  7. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    This was in august...lol
  8. Thedumme103 Well-Known Player

  9. Flightboy New Player

    Still broken...... Just........ SAYING!!!!!! Lol
  10. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    now it's just the actual defense debuffs that apply the defense debuff BUT the healing debuff is now never applied no matter how many time I throw it.
    Dunno if it's just me or is this a thing?
  11. LastSonOfEarth Committed Player

    I can't believe I saw a dev in this thread who didnt know what the flashing red shield meant on paradox fights. Isn't that what the entire community knows as "the boss is flashing" or "the boss is vulnerable"? I didn't know this was a secret, I though everyone knew that that icon meant the npc with it on their bar takes extra damage than usual and its scripted...
  12. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    After Update 31,
    thehealing debuff ICON is not showing up!