Fake Debuffs

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by chipzes, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Little Sister New Player

    This is still a problem and still annoying and confusing! It would be nice if a Dev chimed in.
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  2. SoulflyMike42 New Player

    I agree Little Sister 100%. We are wasting a bit more power to make sure our real def debuff is in place. Its still been glitching for a month+. If my PoT move is not really debuffing than STOP CONFUSING ME! Its not hard lol
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  3. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Mepps! Can you comment on this? this is really annoying! and game breaking.
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  4. Cerbius New Player

    So this is a fake debuff? WOW! This whole time I thought that maybe this was a "working as intended update" and now troller powers were supposed to grant 2 debuffs. I never thought to actually check if Terrorize was giving a attack and defense debuff. So great, I guess this whole time all I was doing was wasting power, and everyone loves a Troller that wastes their own power.
  5. PaperGirl New Player

    Again this kind of Topics about the biggest Gamebreakers bugs , that will take 6 months or 1 year to have a green name to post here .
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  6. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

  7. deltablues New Player

    Oh noes! I was told by a loudmouth in my league when this started happening that "DUH IT'S THE DEVELOPERS HELPING US SAVE POWER" and to not worry about it. I had been going along with that this whole time but if this is true it means I'm not actually using defense debuffs at all!
  8. NegativeMass Developer

    I think I see what is causing the red shield debuff icon on your targets when you hit them with any ability while you are in the controller role, but I need to verify it with the systems designers.
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  9. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    EDIT: Nevermind:).
  10. Trinidad James Loyal Player


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  11. Little Sister New Player

    Yay !! Thank you !

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  12. NegativeMass Developer

    I have good news and bad news, folks. The good news is that we know why that icon is showing up. The bad news is that it is intentional; however, we are exploring a possibility to make things better for you.

    When a controller in controller role hits a target with an ability, they debuff the target to remove healer shields and such. This is part of the rock, scissor, paper system with our roles. The problem is that healer-type shields can be created from many different sources: healers have them and can give them to other players, iconic abilities can create them, and even some items can generate them. Because we don't have a lot of icons we can use to message, this shield icon is being used for this purpose (as well as for other debuffs).

    We are exploring the idea of not using an icon for this particular messaging on NPCs. That would at least help you manage debuffs in boss fights.
  13. Will Power Loyal Player

    What about my Red shield when I block it should be Green. The only time I ever see a red shield is when I'm standing in the Hell portal in hand of fate content?
  14. SoulflyMike42 New Player

    Thank you for replying to this thread NegativeMass! I understand that it can be actually very useful in PVP mode. Its great you guys are figuring out a way to be more of a manageable debuff status for PVE. That is the only problem is that in PVE we are just not sure if we have our Defense Debuff actually active on our boss target, therefore we might waste a bit more power using Def debuff too quickly when we don't have to.
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  15. Little Sister New Player

    Thank you Negative Mass for the response !

    I'm a little confused though. When a player is stripped of their Shield, why does the Defense Debuff icon need to be there? Isn't the fact that the player can no longer see a shield around their toon enough messaging?

    I think it should go back to the Red Shield only being there with a Defense Debuff.
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  16. NegativeMass Developer

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  17. NegativeMass Developer

    I just got some clarification on what is going on here, so hopefully I can pass on the knowledge.

    There are two different debuffs applied to targets when a controller in controller role hits a target.
    1. If the target is a healer, then the target has their healing stats reduced for 12 seconds.
    2. Regardless of the target's type, healing-based shields are stripped and new healing-based shields are prevented for 12 seconds.
    Part 2 is why the icon shows up when you weren't expecting it to. It is trying to message that new shields cannot be applied to the target.

    I don't know when it will make it to live, but the systems designers are going to remove the icon when these abilities hit NPCs.
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  18. Little Sister New Player

    Thank you for the clarification and thank you to the systems designers for changing how it affects NPCs ! :)
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  19. chipzes Committed Player

    Awesome, thanks very much!
    Is there any chance of information on the wierd effect descriptions too or is that a whole different thing?
    (I mean, like the 4294967289% Damage Bonus on Grasping Hand)
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  20. NegativeMass Developer

    I haven't investigated it, but it looks like a display bug with negative numbers. 4294967289 interpreted as a 32-bit signed integer would be -7, which is probably what what was intended. I'll make sure there's a bug about it.

    Edit: This bug has apparently been fixed internally. It may not make it to live until GU 31. I'm not sure about the release timing.
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