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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by chipzes, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. chipzes Committed Player

    Since GU28 I noticed any damaging power used in Troll stance now triggers the Defense debuff icon on enemies. This counts for literally every offensive power including Movement and Iconics.
    The Effects&Debuffs Tab shows either nothing, just the actual power effects, or garbage but no information about having an actual debuff so i assume this is just some kind of fake effect. It happens in every Troll powerset.
    Did anyone else notice this?

    Here the Debuff tabs for some HL powers:
    Last one is Impact, every of these (and some that didnt show up in the Debuff tab) gave me the red shield icon.
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  2. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    Yes, I've noticed every time I hit an enemy with a sticky bomb, while in troller stance, a defense debuff shows up on the enemy's life bar. I have no idea if it's actually debuffing anything though.
  3. Gwalir Loyal Player

    Grasping Hand gives a 4 billion percent damage bonus?

    Suddenly, I'm considering playing my Light character more. :p
  4. PureDarkness Dedicated Player

    Fast! Go play your trollers, they can grant you a temporary advantage in the new raids! It'll be fixed in a day or two though, so GO!
  5. Ivy Bird Committed Player

    Tested with a troller in my league, it is just graphical. There is no additional debuff effect.
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  6. Evian Well-Known Player

    Okay, still needs addressed. It's hard to tell if there is a real debuff on an NPC/PC or not, leading to power management issues and just general confusion.
  7. Evian Well-Known Player

    I can confirm the same is happening to my quantum troll on USPS3. Please fix.
  8. DamageControl Committed Player

    Confirm same effect as quantum, video and thread here:
  9. DamageControl Committed Player

    Found 7 other threads similar to this one and posted a message sending everyone here. Hope this gets upvoted soon, since it's a purely visual effect and makes it hard to tell when real debuff expires.
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  10. Lurkermon New Player

    I got accused of "wasting" power on debuffs other day. It was the sticky bomb doing that.

    Also I'm not sure if it is related, but I had a very enemies seem to be immune from the debuff. At least the icon didn't show like it should have.
  11. Trinidad James Loyal Player

  12. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    I'm gadgets as well and I've been seeing this "immunity" a lot lately. I couldn't seem to debuff in Nexus the other day no matter how hard I tried. We threw together a group from the few people we had online at the time and it happened to have 3 trolls. We knew power wouldn't be an issue so we weren't worried about losing power due to debuffing. Yet, I'd have to throw Gauss Grenade about 3 times at some bosses before it took. I know it wasn't an issue of the grenade hitting something else first or missing him. I would watch it hit my target, and this was often in the side rooms with just the one boss. Those side rooms in Nexus are either seriously messed up, or troll powers have some serious issues right now.
  13. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    Upvoting, even though at present, tis amusing to hear someone ask in voice during a paradox run.. why did you debuff that pillar?! IDIOT!
  14. AgentX44 Committed Player

    Upvoting since this is getting to be annoying and it's already been more than a month since it started happening. I guess it got introduced because of the movement debuffs. Would be nice if it was a real debuff though, and not fake one. one less power to waste.
  15. Massah Committed Player

    I am seeing different things on my Gadgets toon on USPS3 - my Napalm Grenade is in fact landing a Defense debuff that is providing the same damage numbers from following attacks as when debuffing with Gauss Grenade. Figured I was just glitched as I have two COntroller loadouts, 2 DAMGE loaduts , and 4 Stealth Loadouts which to switch a power I have to make sure the correct loadout is changed.

    Also, sometimes I can remove Defib from active loadout and if placed on 2nd loadout where Napalm is - then sometimes when I cast Napalm Grenade it will show that Defib granted instant power and grant my Prec & Might buff. No extra power consumption just only casting Napalm is doing this. (Also I have to have Gauss on my Stealth loadout where I keep Napalm on my troll loadout to see the effective defense debuff and must enter stealth and cast Gauss just once per zone to see Napalm actually landing the Defense Debuff in addition to the Healing debuff.)
  16. YodaDog New Player

    Bumping. This still needs a fix. Sticky Bomb and Vortex Cannon are both showing a defense debuff when cast and they shouldn't.
  17. PaperGirl New Player

    We all remember of this kind of bugs/Glitchs/skills not working .

    I wish us good luck !) IT will take months to be fixed .

    The tread has 1 month , still not any green name answer .

    Btw this bug exists since origin Crysis mostly .

    I wish us big big luck ...
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  18. YodaDog New Player

    Bump! We need a green name in here, please!
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  19. PaperGirl New Player

    Is there a green name reading the forum ?
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  20. DARKKNIGHT New Player

    This happens with quantum as well. This is really annoying as we can't tell when the debuff is actually on the target, or when its just a fake symbol put there by a pot or another power. Maybe the screwed up combat log has something to do with it
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