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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by D3monsH3ad, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. D3monsH3ad New Player

    The Devs need to make a faction change token or something. And let both factions LFG.
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  2. agent whitecell Devoted Player

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  3. TheLorax Devoted Player

    If they made a faction change token, most villains would jump to hero and stay. Some heros would jump to villain, grab feats and then jump back over to hero.
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  4. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    It has been suggested numerous times before and the answer has always been ................................. <--- this would basically dead silence At some point Way back when iot was first brought up some body may have said no we can't do that because...... Now they just don't respond.

    That would be the faction change part I'm still not 100% sure why they don't just make LFG available to both factions and even let Heroes invite villains and villains invite heroes. Heck you can BLIND QUE into that situation anyway so why not?
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  5. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

    Another day with a "y" in it.

    It's also obligatory by law that someone ask at least every two days for a gender change token.
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  6. KHALONofOGUN Unwavering Player

    No...they don't. However, if you believe there is a compelling enough reason for them to do so, by all means plead your case. I will warn you though, you need to say more than "cause we want it". Aaaannnnd go......
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  7. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    a better idea would be to make a third unaligned faction and call it anti-heroes and make them capable of populating both watch tower and the hall of doom as well as que up with both heroes and villains, this would at least to a degree improve both villain and hero que times. not by alot but by a significant enough sliver to at least make raids some what bearable.
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  8. Brit Committed Player

    They need to eliminate the silly, archaic idea of factions. Suicide Squad/Task Force X already allows us to group together to run content. That is the default status of the game. Heroes and Villains are allowed to run most content together.

    Eliminate Factions altogether, and instead treat us as characters with differing Mentors. Mentors have different Mentor-specific portals all over the open world. Only Batman-mentored heroes have the portal to Gotham Crime Labs, for example. So by using the Mentor mechanic, they could transition it so that Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman mentored characters access Police Stations and Watchtower, while Luthor/Circe/Joker mentored characters get Night Clubs and Hall of Doom. It accomplishes the same thing as Factions, but without bothering with Factions.

    The benefits? First, all players would be allowed to communicate. If I have a Villain Tank in my group, my Hero Healer can send them a /tell to explain a mechanic without having to call them out in group chat in front of everyone. We can actually talk to each other.

    Second, we could actively LFG between the factions. Crazy to think, but right now a Hero can play with their Villain friend, but only if they use the random queue, and then drop every time they don't get matched together. By eliminating factions, they could just queue up together and run what they want, with whom they want.

    Two very noticeable quality of life changes.

    So what do we lose?

    We already group together through the Suicide Squad/Task Force X, so keeping the factions separate is no longer a valid excuse.

    And I refuse to accept "But that's how WoW does it" as an excuse for why the population needs split in two and grouping/communication needs to be made to jump through a bunch of hoops.
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  9. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    As much as I love being a villain, I do think dual faction LFG at the very least is going to be needed sooner rather than later. I logged in the day the new episode dropped, at prime time on EU, and after five minutes I had to type in LFG just to make sure it was working because there hadn't been a single chat post in any channel at all since I had logged in. That's highly unusual on the day of a new episode release. Granted, people could have been in the content already playing it, but I have noticed a dramatic decrease in chat activity on the EU Villains side. I'm still able to run all the content no problem, but more often than not I have to queue into the alert on my own because nobody is looking for a group and nobody responds when I post in LFG.

    I don't want to switch to the hero side, but I would love a channel to form cross faction groups or have a common hub for both heroes and villains where we can form groups.
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  10. zZzTorrOzZz Committed Player

  11. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Totally agree the LFG needs an update. Perfect example...the other day, okay last Thursday, I was trying to join a team and battle His most "unholy" Lord Shogg in Chaos Gotham. A team leader asked if anyone wanted to join the "team" and I responded. The "team was me and him. Now we got to one of the spawn sites and did manage to pick up one more hero. Right there beside us? 3 Villains that couldn't find anyone else to join them either. Now eventually some one just said "aww screw it" and attacked and fortunately between the 6 of us we did manage to defeat Shogg but IF Heroes and Villains could just join the same team to do the same mission we'd have been able to get heals and power pushes for all 6 PLAYERS.

    I mention it in my other post here but for quite a while now I have been able to blind que into duos, alert and raids and wind up the only hero on an all villain team or vise versa but step outside and I have the exact same mission as that Villain standing next to me and I can't ask him to join me in defeating Pods? or collecting motes?

    DEVS take note..... Ever wonder how many villains that had no desire to just make hero alts and find team that was just got tired of 20, 30 or even longer waits to have the QUE find them a team have just given up and quit playing (and stopped subscribing, stopped buying TC, and anything else that makes money)? Maybe it's time to find more ways to cut the wait time to form a team.. MOST players log into the game to actually PLAY it... Hey I said most that accounts for the chatters in Metropolis LOL
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  12. D3monsH3ad New Player

    IDC about the feats. one way or another hero or villain same amount of feats points more or less. A faction change token would allow those of us with endgame level toons on both sides to run content with our main league or group without a random q. It's really as easy as making everyone capable of inviting opp factions to a group as long as your not in pvp phase
  13. Rainnifer Well-Known Player

    I agree that faction specifics and limits need to go. It'd be great if members of opposite factions were able to revive each other in open world. A number of times I have found myself to be the only villain among a bunch of heroes when fighting the Shogg and other things, and I have to hope I don't mess up and die because none of them are able to revive me, or I feel bad and cringe when I see a player die and I'm unable to help revive them. It really doesn't make sense if we can do the same missions together as a "team", yet just because were opposite factions we can't communicate or anything.

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