Eye of Gemini still viable?

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  1. Some rando Active Player

    Is it still worth it to level and use Eye of Gemini or should I just stay away? As both healer and dps

  2. Ryan_Ragenolds Active Player

  3. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Absolutely, although its best if used only temporarily as swap Artifact every SC now. Still pretty good without doing so too.
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  4. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    Sure it just got nerfed to about a tenth of its original value. Healer used to be able to feed 88% of the sc to the group if they had a full sc but now its just 12%. I feed mine into the clarion art. Now I run clarion ,purple healing ray and page of destiny. But I guess you can swap in the eog if your gonna use a sc like another player mentioned.
  5. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    With solid EOG healer, its better to use it in slot. Most DPS role players I ran with using it with 5k supercharges because its more efficent and frequent with that cost. You also benefit from 5% might/prec buff even if its not your orange circle. But you have to keep EOG in your slot for that to happen. Again, this is achieved with a solid EOG healer to squize most out of DPS side of EOG. Otherwise like lllStrichcodelll said it can be swap-in artifact.

    Common usage is strat-EOG-Trans. Trans swapped with soul cloak whenever you use a SC. Some supercharges do the few ticks of initial damage right away so you lose the crit effects of Trans card when you swap it with Soul Cloak. So be careful with that. (i.e. Water supercharge; Whirlpool)

    This art setup might vary depending on powerset and which build you play (prec/might).

    Edit: It is also still viable for healers but you have to slot in SC generator and train on building your own SC with weapon attacks and your abilities in flow of battle. These healers I mentioned use 10k SCs btw.
  6. Grip Committed Player

    I'm finding less use for it in burn mode but I still see it out there. I run my EoG with my sc shield (while healing) in most runs, just like its early days. Usually I play around with a 200 quis or stone other art in the Gemini slot in between uses, but it's not a religion. For me, it's a good art that I've kept on electricity for 6yrs and it helps me shield the group more often if nothing else. Given the 10 month detox, I don't miss using movement mode supers anymore. To level one from 0-200 in 2024 I'd consider what my normal setup is... lots of power handy from a good troll? Have a co-heal for e/e+ to rotate greens with? Did you level the BA ally at some point? Can you fit it into both roles? Yeah, maybe so... (my opinion)

    Good luck with whatever you choose.
  7. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    I think the Strat card has an 8 second timer, so why not swap with that instead of Trans? Not sure if the timer stays up when swapped like other arts.
  8. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    Strat is able to double proc and you wont be able to tell which -8 second duration tick- starts and ends during battle. You simply just cant track its behaviour. Especially if you are a prec DPS(because strat ticks are white). Swapping Strategist in and out is already a problem because of its animation. That artifact better kept in slot.
  9. bboy-rei Well-Known Player

    For DPS, it's still a good swap artifact. Healers tend to run it with 10k supercharges (+Scrap and Black Adam ally if you have those) especially in elite content.
  10. Some rando Active Player

    I was asking for a new toon I am on and I am still debating which three artifacts I should level.

    Seeing as most of you say that it's a good "swap artifact", I am going to go for something else.

    Thanks for the help!
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