EYe of Gemini spam with movement mode and iconic 25% supercharges

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by gemii, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. Mr.W Well-Known Player

    Not being disrespectful, but I'm just going to leave this here & hope everyone see no changes are necessary at all.

    1) The most meaningful impact support wise has already been taken care of when they changed nearly every healer sc shield to 100%

    2) A tank spamming a 25% shield is mostly meaningless b/c most boss mechanics have been penetrating shields since the artifacts release. (murk, tala, the entire wondervse alert, grail, zues, everything in legion) the list goes on, but those may be the most memorable for you. Even brainiac in bbs one shot through a shield if you don't block.

    3) Trolls that can actually give good power & debuff don't do that much damage anyway. Also on the off chance a troll has a healer using that it still doesn't matter b/c nearly all mechanics penetrate through shields anyway.

    4) They have been punishing ppl for standing together trying to use it for a while now. examples: trigon fight in the legion dlc, oracle bot, Lex in f&b, zues with the cages, even back at spin drift b/c you had to stay in position. Again these are just a few of the many examples that could be said.

    5) At the early stages of revamp the devs said themselves (on livestream) "we want to make sc matter"

    The artifact can be a good utility for those who choose that play-style, however, it by NO means: makes you breeze through content, makes you invincible, nor guarantees a victory. A player must be skillful enough to use it or they'll still be getting nuked from all the before mentioned draw backs.

    Also, none of those sc need to be changed either b/c none of them has a massive impact on the group. Again, b/c of this artifacts drawbacks & they don't inherently do anything for the group on their own. A major difference between bug form & these is that bug form could exponentially increase raid wide healing, multiple players pheromones were mixing for super heals etc. That's a major (group) impact, everything else is just nish utility that's not beneficial in all content or situations.
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  2. Mr.W Well-Known Player

    If that play-style is that much of an issue for you, then you could lfg for non-gemini users.....
  3. gemii Dedicated Player

    You could use this excuse for anything in the game

    If anything was ever a problem for anybody in the game they could of just went to lfg and got what they preferred you can use this statement for anything that ever caught a nerf or buff in the game.
  4. gemii Dedicated Player

    If it doesn’t help breeze through content it wouldn’t be in high demand. Have you watched the latest speed runs on dcuo stream? What do you see there a relentless amount of green super spam correct? It’s always had a big impact from a dps stand point and it does make your run quicker and easier because you always have a supercharge ready off cool down.

    Those 25% supers promote over abuse of Gemini spam. They all do not need to be 25% maybe leave the movement mode 25% and increase the other two to 50%

    I don’t have a problem with the Gemini spam but I don’t think anyone can sit here and deny it’s not over abused in content.

    Why even have adds in boss fights anymore? They are pointless serve no threat and get obliterated by the dps because not only are they being buffed by all these buff artifacts but they always have a super off cooldown...

    The game is in a stage of 90 % artifact 10% skill
  5. Mr.W Well-Known Player

    I can see where you can view it from that perspective & partially true, but a key difference for things that were buffed they did not function anywhere close to reflect a players gear, sp, etc (regardless) of what play-style they chose or was available to them. An example for this is fire tanks pre buff. The defense was horrible, the one shield in the power tree was horrible, the healing was okish but not enough to sustain the damage fire tanks took. This was b/c the defense was so low (roughly only 10k higher than a dpses....I actually hit switch role to see lol). On top of all this it used to take TWENTY hits with bad defense, a horrible shield, & only okish healing (compared to damage received) to increase your defense to anything tank worthy. That is a major group impact b/c a tank is the backbone of a group & players were at a much higher disadvantage regardless of what play-style they chose. Some may have made players "healthier" but not enough to compensate all its negatives. Thats why a buff was called for. As far as nerfs it gets tricky. Generally, those should be reserved for things so strong it guarantees victory on things that shouldn't be possible and nothing else in the game can replicate the success on said objective. The Gemini isn't that strong, & groups can replicate the success in non-gemini groups as well.
  6. gemii Dedicated Player

    I repeat I do not have any issues with the Gemini spam in the sense of rotating greens. but why do we need Two movement modes to have 25% SC and then a pheromone bloom iconic with a 25% super? And all sharing 30 second cool downs.. Why is that mandatory for the game? My thing is Why do we have the option to spam it religiously over and over and over? I’m fine with spamming it but not to the extent it can be spammed on live it’s overkill.

    That’s up to three waves of Gemini spam you can possibly rotate in your loadout with 2 more eye of Gemini spam coming from the 2nd healer and if the tank has EOG that’s another EOG you can sneak into.

    Spam tons of green burn burn burn super super burn burn yet players will complain this or that is to easy or want harder content.

    And Yeah I know why would a healer run 3 it’s going to hurt your healing. Because content is easy enough for that to be a thing and we have other arts that basically heal for us anyway and there’s two heals in the group?If you think you can’t get away with priority heal, group heal, galvanize and three 25% spams let’s say metabolic boost, speed drain, pheromone bloom while running EOG, soul cloak and page of destiny with electric I suggest you try for yourself and think again. That’s my response for that.
  7. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    This is how optimization works, you take the most efficient build, the most efficient artifact selection, the most effective powerset, the most effective group composition, and the most effective tactics. This is how optimization works, and it makes your proposal meaningless. People will just move on to the other most efficient build.

    Such a change will not bring anything positive, but !!!! but it will have a lot of negative consequences, such as the anger of people who have invested time and money in the artifact (maybe even some will leave the game, and many will reduce the spending of money on the DCUO (after the SA nerf, I gave another chance, but the EOG nerf (even if this will not happen directly, but through the nerf "supers") will be enough to limit spending to a minimum)), a decrease in the variety in the game (the artifact will become another artifact of a very, very limited use), the expenditure of developer resources for another unnecessary balancing (you understand that by changing one parameter of power, you must change others in order to balance the change (if you increase the cost from 2500 to 5000, but at the same time leave the same meager damage, then you simply add this power to the list of absolutely useless and unnecessary to anyone (again reducing variety in the game)). By reducing the usefulness of the artifact in difficult group content ... you will also radically reduce the usefulness of the artifact in solo play for the support classes and also reduce chances for success for casual players who, due to the high cost of artifacts, will not be able to quickly adapt to new realities.
    I can continue to enumerate the negative consequences, but I hope this is enough for you to see how superficially you look at the situation.
  8. Mr.W Well-Known Player

    Its not mandatory to complete content or guaranteed to make it easier though. I have the same success with league mates who don't use it as groups who try Gemini spam. & though it may be possible its so impractical most ppl wouldnt try to run 3 sc even with a second. Thats just a testament to how good the other healer was, not how fast you could charge dpses. Bloom isn't always used specifically for charging healers. Some tanks may save it in their arsenal for emergencies like ice which is more practical for emergency situations than hibernation.

    Nowhere near, the entire community use this play-style the way you're describing, not even half. In fact only a hand full can even attempt it & thats more of a testament to how skilled you & your groups may be, not how impactful the sc play-style may or may not be.

    If you want to test this, don't group any friends/league mates & dont lfg for any players. Open your on duty tap & randomly queue for all raids elite & non-elite & you will see the bulk of players don't use this strategy/can't b/c their gear, sp, augments etc aren't high enough to successfully attempt it.
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  9. Mr.W Well-Known Player

    Forgive an errors, im on mobile
  10. gemii Dedicated Player

    If it’s not mandatory why is the thread shaking in there boots if they could spam but not as often as they currently are on live lol... but I know it’s not mandatory I was just poking fun

    But I do disagree about it not guaranteeing easier content.. it does guarantee easier content but it doesn’t guarantee a easier win.

    your building up more super than you normally would which means your dishing out more damage than you normally would which tremendously helps the burn, you have a constant healing buff between you and the other healer always having a green circle up if you have it at 200. so it does make content easier imo. Which is one of my main concerns when it comes to Giving us some many 25% super options

    I’m not saying remove EOG spam or to take away what we paid for. But simply reduce how often we can currently dish out spam on live. Hopefully it’s something they at least look at if they ever do the supercharge balance pass
  11. Proxystar #Perception

    No, the point AV is making is that the person has already PAID for the utility artifacts and because the developers have made the boss mechanics already enrage or counter those utilities it's the same thing and AV is right.

    Those artifacts are effectively useless in certain fights despite the fact the player has PAID for them, even by your own logic, the easier answer to counter the point is to simply have the developers stop incorporating mechanics that enrage on orbital hit or supply or heal on supply etc. but obviously that comes with its own issues being "what mechanic replaces it"
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  12. gemii Dedicated Player

    That actually sounds like a fun idea
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  13. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Eye of gemini spam has always been op, and is currently the meta with a well constructed group. And for melee dpsing, it’s always been a superior option, even during doom spins reign. In defense of the art, the only function making it so strong is the act of 25% supercharges procing the circles
  14. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    TL;DR of this tread:
    Eye of Gemini is already got "balanced" to where it needs to be. That is done with healer grp SC cost and cooldowns increases, movement SC cooldown increase and pheromone bloom cooldown increase. REMEMBER, in the past ONE healer was able to sustain the SC feed non stop ONLY with one 25% SC which was pheromone bloom with 12 seconds cooldown or any of the mevement SCs with 1 second cooldown. = https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dc...acts-and-balance-changes.301351/#post-4222604

    That trade off is made by that healer's choice. Like I said it was well possible with one 25% supercharge to keep SC feeding, that takes 1 slot in your loadout and that healer was able to do his/her healing task 100% efficently.
    Now at this current state if you want to keep SC feed effectively/back-to-back you will need 2 or 3 25% cost supercharges on your loadout which will take your regular healing ability slots which is drawback of using EoG for SC feed purpose.

    You are saying "there can be a 2nd healer to do actual healing part". Well let me tell you, that is also a "drawback" for group which realed to healer with EoG spam. Why run a raid with 4 dpses while you can run with 5 and finish the raid faster? Hell even if its only 1 healer doing 2 or 3 sc feed and healing at the same time, the pure healing is not 100% efficent compared to 1 SC feed. Because that healer using EoG which takes 2 or 3 slots of actual healing abilities. See? That is another example of how Eye of Gemini trade off is implemented.
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  15. Mr.W Well-Known Player

    I'd say its more so convenient in some situations but not op lol. There are plenty of anti-gemini fights in the game. Oracle bot, lex, zues, posiden, trigon......those are just a few of the recent ones. I know this was way before the arifacts' development but the grodd fight in prison break even discouraged standing together & they've continued to make content to force players apart as the years went on. They've just been more mindful to continue this after the artifacts' creation.
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  16. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    So I am not a fan at all of the concept of nerfing powers so we have to pay for an artifact to get it back. Example we nerf healer SC shield to be 100% and then sale them EOG to get it back. Now it makes it harder for any healer to use SC that does not want to run EOG.

    On a separate not when you spam EOG you are sacrificing other healer artifacts and powers to do it. Your healing is limited and a lot of healers do not run EOG in hard content because they need a full healing load out. The solution is not to need powers and SC.
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  17. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Well-Known Player

    Unless your fixing to give me 400 dollars for making my eye of Gemini useless on my nature and celestial healers stop. Threads like this already ruined the healer supercharges and killed the turtle tanks oh and nature's supercharge spam
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  18. The Game Well-Known Player

    160 you mean. If you dont see the difference its cause u running a low one.

    Either way eye was nerfed already now you wanna make it useless? This is why DC is the way it is now lmaoooo
  19. DCspawn87 Well-Known Player

    You must be new here. Players have always went the easiest route (meta) to complete content. Fire and earth tanks would get insta kicked. "Need Quantum DPS for Throne." "Need Prec DPS for DME". Nothing has changed. You honestly seem like a player that wants true balance. I can respect that but I think you're trying to fight the wrong battle.
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  20. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Make it useless? Do enlighten me, where did it say I want to make it useless.