EYe of Gemini spam with movement mode and iconic 25% supercharges

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by gemii, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. gemii Dedicated Player

    I’m aware eye of Gemini was created to form a harmony or teammates working together and it’s an excellent idea however constant supers through out the raids seems a bit of over kill. DPS constantly having there supercharge locked and loaded whenever it comes off cooldown comes off very cheesey

    Pheromone bloom cooldown 30 seconds 25% sc cost
    Speed drain cooldown 30 seconds 25% sc cost
    Movement move supercharges like dash attack etc 30 second cooldown 25% sc cost

    Incredibly easy to rotate these supers and keep the group full on supercharge. Is it a bad thing? No

    would the game be a little more challenging content wise if those were adjusted.. sure. Spamming these supers back and forth is really no different than spamming bug form before that was adjusted.
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  2. DamageControlPS Active Player

    Go to bed please because you’ve literally made 4 threads of things you don’t like. Wake up a small bit and stop trying to change the game to what you want it to be. EoG is part of the game for years now. Just because you pug it’s and don’t experience full effects of it doesn’t make it op and those skill points used to get these powers shouldn’t concern you.
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  3. AV Loyal Player

    To be fair, it shouldn't go unpunished in every fight when we can't even drop Orbital/Supply a lot of the time in Elite lately. It would be nice if there were certain bosses that roided out when they saw a green/red EoG circle.
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  4. DamageControlPS Active Player

    That’s punishing for using utilities, why would bosses punish us for using artifacts ? If that’s the case that goes with every artifact no? That would mean any artifact would be subject to enrage for future bosses?
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  5. gemii Dedicated Player

    If I didn’t like something I’d just say I don’t like something none of these threads are about what I like. What I like does not even matter im one Person not the whole community and if your not going to counter any of my points with anything meaningful why comment? All you have to say is go to bed lol..

    I can technically run three 25% supercharges especially if I’m double healing... pheromone bloom, a movement mode and speed drain and give unlimited amounts of super to my group. That’s not much different than being nature pre fix and spamming bug form..
  6. DamageControlPS Active Player

    Yeah but bug form you could spam with one sc power in loadout tray, what you are referring is using 3’scs in 6 power loadout so it’s not the same thing at all not even close because you only have 3 powers to use to heal.
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  7. AV Loyal Player

    Not really. Bosses that rage on Orbital or Supply already "punish" Scepter and Stone respectively, it would be no different. It would be the same as those situations and players would have to adapt, as opposed to further nerfing 2500 SCs or EoG.
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  8. DamageControlPS Active Player

    Double healing that means you lose a dps and that’s a group choice to have a sc heal which is now part of the game. Which mean that heal is useless just for supercharge which means is doesn’t effect the group except for scs for dps but you lose a dps overall because of the second heal anyway so it all balances out :)
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  9. DamageControlPS Active Player

    Completely disagree buddy, sceptre is already tied to the “UTILITY” which already had mechanics attached to it. As stated above, while you want another mechanic added to an artifact and not a utility.
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  10. AV Loyal Player

    The "utility" argument means making an EoG rage mechanic on certain bosses would be even less impactful because it only affects the artifact as opposed to tools requiring a specific episode, a specific access level, and also affecting a specific artifact.
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  11. DamageControlPS Active Player

    Not really an argument when those mechanics existed before the artifact. PLUS most utilities are there anyway if you are going into the new content which the new Mechnic would be involved. It’s not about what would be more impactful it’s you asking to make an artifact obsolete for bosses when people paid more for it. The stone and stuff those
    Mechanics existed so people knew what they were leveling up :))
  12. gemii Dedicated Player

    Depends on the content

    But even end game elite 3 heals is enough if you have a 2nd heal in the group ive used 3 heals 3 supers with both celestial and electric just fine on my healer.
  13. AV Loyal Player

    Not sure what your argument is then. Everyone was aware the devs can make mechanics affecting specific tools, artifacts, and strategies. The idea that should be limited to Orbital and Supply is silly. The alternative being increasing the cost/cd of 2500SCs, I'd much prefer content be designed to take diverse approaches as opposed to just "spam green and burn hard." EoG currently trivializes most content for good groups.

    Also, anti-EoG mechanics are already in the game in eite content, with CTe lb being a firm anti-EoG fight. Mant fights since Atlantis have had mechanics to punish stacking to varying degrees. You're arguing against something that already exists.
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  14. gemii Dedicated Player

    For me personally it’s like it just has to much of An influence on things that are suppose to be on the harder side to obtain

    Example maybe that 11 minute speed feat would of been more challenging to get without the ability EOG spam so much

    Maybe that dps check feat on grail would of been more challenging to get without the ability to EOG spam so much

    And so on

    I don’t think it’s a bad thing but I feel the overkill aspect of being able to constantly spam it over and over and over and over is pretty meh. (Me personally) others might feel differently
  15. AV Loyal Player

    They wouldn't be more challenging, they'd be outright impossible when current. It's not a bad thing for there to be specific fights/feats where eog spam is ideal, it's just that content is currently designed such that it's meta dominant and the only "solution" at present is to design content to make it dangerous to be close together, as per CTe or Zeus for example, which shuts down more than just the group playstyle and makes for a pretty stiff fight in general (which is fine in small doses).
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  16. BitGam4r Well-Known Player

    What is it with people fixating on hating the EoG. STOP TRYING TO CHANGE IT. Also using 3 25% SC's it is pretty difficult to maintain 100% or even close to it, you're using SC too fast even with the circle restoring SC. You and he-who-must-not-be-named keeps wanting to nerf things they don't like. He didn't like how the healer SCs were 50% so he b*****d, moaned and complained until they did something about it. He doesn't like EoG because it "bypasses the challenge", BUT bypasses the challenge for who? You guessed it, for those people and only those types of people.
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  17. BitGam4r Well-Known Player

    Be careful what you wish for, because they will recycle that mechanic over and over and over for the next 500 years. Look at mind control, I liked it when they first introduced it, now its just old, stale and irritating. Raid mechanics are like spices, you keep using the same thing over and over and over, it becomes annoying and stale. They need to mix things up. I kinda like the mechanics of the last boss of COUE, BUT when they introduce something that they can't properly provide support to, is dumb (They took 1 month to fix powers not hitting Mordru, even though that was reported on test server.
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  18. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Well Eye of Gemini seems useless unless it's at rank 200, anything below that, doesn't change much, I gave it a shot at 120, I didn't see any improvements. Maybe it's me but it doesn't seem to last long.
  19. Dogico Loyal Player

    It restores sc at 120 so it's far from useless
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  20. BitGam4r Well-Known Player

    It restores the same SC @ 160 and 200. The only thing you're getting @ 200 over 160 is the healing thats done in Caster's Watch, is done again when the circle goes away, so this statement is false.