Extra Life 2022

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Nov 1, 2022.

  1. Strawberrita New Player

    Where is this boss battle at? Where can I find a schedule of the events?
  2. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    What time is the game day stream tomorrow?
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  3. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Were today's events the only ones that will happen, or will there be more over the weekend or next week? I wasn't able to be online today and completely missed the notice. Hopefully not until next year.
  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    I expect to post more battles as incentives throughout the rest of the year. We do not have a stream tomorrow.
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  5. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Man that's a let down. I wanted you & devs to check out my base :( but thank for the boss event it was great!
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  6. Zahma New Player

    Mepps, please can u get on event 11:00am or 12:00pm? becuase everyone EU / east middle time differnet, we need you coming 12am or 10pm please <3 :)
  7. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Forgot to ask, are old rewards going to be enabled? Like the accessories and materials and the drones through the grant menu. Also Mepps ik some ppl want to donate for s forums title if you want to bring it back :p
  8. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    The 10k donations raised reward, Doctor Henchmen:
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  9. Zua Level 30

    Wow! I don't know how i'd feel about getting beat by doctors and nurses in combat...o_O
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  10. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    FYI they are for newer characters\characters that never got the rewards before
  11. Zua Level 30

    Question, when are the items being granted for Nintendo Switch users? Or is it still TBD like the seasonal, and episode?
  12. Zua Level 30

    They were
    They have been granted! Thank you! I can stock my base up with my angelic babies :p
  13. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    New Henchmen Uplink Device: Doctors do not trigger the effect of the M.E.R.C.Y Amazotron Matrix artifact (M.E.R.C.Y. Reactive Field).
  14. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    What do I have 2 be at work when this is going down =(
  15. Nhoj D New Player

    Heya Mepps, I accidently made my donation under the DC Universe Online Team, as my own team (John Dutton). I know things are locked for today, 11/05/2022, but you noted that you would be doing other runs in the year? I'd love it to be included in group later, if possible. I appreciate it and Thanks for all you do for the community.
  16. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    Not missing anything. You’ll be able to collect the rewards when you log in; and apparently the boss events today were private invitation only.
  17. iBlack dynamite New Player

    Where is boss located at
  18. JIROCON PS4 New Player

    Of oneof our league mates Helectric Joe donated the 100 dollars for a boss battle on nov 5th at 8pm gmt time but it never hapoened. Do you know why? League waited for nothing to happen. Disappointed to say the least
  19. NikoManiko Well-Known Player

    Only if he started his fundraising he could spawn boss i think. I also donated but to others fundraising so i couldnt spawn boss.
    I agree that is kind of sad its only for some people. You had to find someone who can spawn boss to participate.

    Also too bad some rewards are locked behind this. I would rly like to have that caregiver cape...
  20. Revolastion Active Player

    Hopefully the fundraiser is still available to donate on Friday, I'll also be donating this week ;)

    EDIT - 11:18PM EST: I tried to donate, but it's not allowing me too?