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    So I’ve played and used orbitals for a long time now. I use to think as long as you target the enemy when you drop the orbital strike it will count as a hit regardless if the animation actually hits the target. Then I realized the DCUO does make the animation count in the strikes. So the question is, does the entire strike need to hit in order to get the full benefit or does it just need to hit initially? Also are strikes different? I read in a thread that ObsidianChill wrote that they were all equal except for the Batman emblem strike, but he didn’t elaborate on why it was different or if it was better or worse. So any insights to my questions would be helpful, thanks.
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    If the target moves out of range before the orbital strike hits, the target will not take any damage. If the target moves out of range during the orbital damage they will not take the full damage.

    I'm not 100% sure if this still applies or the specifics but there is or was a damage reduction on orbitals launched at the same target within a certain time frame. In other words if I cast my orbital strike at Doomsday and you cast your orbital strike a second afterwards, the damage from yours is or was reduced. Again I'm not 100% sure if this is accurate. Charon could confirm or correct my understanding.

    All orbital skins are just reskins of the original, their damage is the same and dependant on mainframe upgrades. I haven't heard anything specific to the Bat Signal strike, it could have been bugged?
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  3. Kimone Devoted Player

    As far as I am aware, there's no actual difference in damage production between Orbital Strikes - the differences are mostly cosmetic. The Bat Signal Uplink from Batman Day 2019 doesn't appear to be any different when used on a Sparring Target; but that may not be the case with all targets.

    As for damage dealing mechanism; the damage is based on a small fixed percentile of whatever the targets base Health is - that's why it only does 20-50K a hit to adds and subbosses, but 170K+ to high-Health targets like FV Brainiac or Sparring Targets. The only two factors that change this amount are the current level of Orbital Strike in your Base Generator, and the Dead King's Scepter Artifact.

    The functionality is as follows - you use the Orbital, it fires on your target's current position, and hits each target up to 5 times. There's no split; anything in the zone takes damage based on a fixed percentile of its available max health. If the target moves out of the zone, or dies, then it no longer takes damage. This includes displacement by Tank pulls, Atomic or Quantum teleportation, or good old-fashioned Knockback and Juggle effects from Weapon combos.

    Hope that helps.
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  4. Critical Massacre Well-Known Player

    Thanks. So basically orbitals need to be held until the tank is engaged and holding the boss in place, if possible, then we rain down the fury. Dropping an orbital as an initial hit is a bad idea since normally the boss will move after getting the initial contact.
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    Ten points to ... Massacre-dor.
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