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  1. JKR Well-Known Player

    This is just an experiement to see if this community can be productive together in a hero and villian videogame.

    This is about idea generation, not technical specs or monetary concerns.
    If you dont like the idea at all, I already know, no need to tell the community, just keep on moving.

    Enlight of the ally system and due to a post on one of my threads:

    Solarbound said:
    “A nemesis system? Yes, please:D

    I'm interested to see the communities thoughts on a Nemesis System:

    I'm thinking of a few things I would like to see and I would be interested is seeing if the people who are willing to contribute positivily could work together through the forum to develop a plan.

    So, to begin.

    My Offering:

    - Additions to the social menu: Either a custom section or any of the ideas generated from the previous post such as Nemesis/Enemy Category, League Category, Missions Category or PVP category.
    (the ability to organize people who you interact with within the game more strategically would be beneficial)

    - Rewards or feats associated with defeating a nemesis.
    (this could encourage it's use enabling more to grasp the advantages of such a system.

    - Base and League Hall fights: Although they have a base fight in PVP, it misses the mark because the decorations disappear. By selecting a individual or league as a nemesis, this enables you to challenge that individual in your base or that league in your league hall for a short period of time (for instance 15 mins to a half hour). As inferred, it is key that decorations be allowed to exist during the fight but still be destroyed as normal to create a bit of a challenge when accepting a nemesis fight. Also, the fight locations should respond like the open world where anything goes, pvp or pve gear.

    - No one is forced to accept a fight or to be another character's nemesis and if a player feels harrassed by another player then the ignore list or other options such as reporting exist.
    (This is key to keeping the environment good natured and context based)

    - Create some limitation on fight invites such as cannot request while other player is in a mission or only two requests to any individual per a 8 hour period. Although once challenged, the challenged player would still have two active challenges remaining.
    (This is important to help activitly dissuade harrassing behavior)
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  2. JKR Well-Known Player

    - If challenged, you can create a group of up to four people in bases and eight players for league halls once a match is accepted.
    (This can create more interplay between leagues, freinds and factions)
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  3. JKR Well-Known Player

    - Challenging player them gets to accept the terms of the group that will be recieved or decline match.
    (So, if a player A challenges player B but the player B creates a group of four, then player A is not forced to fight a one against four scenario).
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  4. JKR Well-Known Player

    TAAA - DAAAA "Look Ma, no hate" lol.
    Great, at least you all showed me a thread can exist without haters, seriously, thanks again.
    This also shows the importance of "haters" to threads as well, because "haters" keep the conversation going so...

    everyone is appreciated.

    Thanks again, I call this a success.

    I'm out, c y later.
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  5. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I dig that disclaimer. :D
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  6. JKR Well-Known Player

  7. Zeph El New Player

    This something that I have wanted for DCUO for a long time. Champions Online has a Nemesis system that gives a character a Nemesis that can show up while the character is on a mission, open world etc. Also there are specific Nemesis missions that can appear. I think adding one in DCUO could be made even better - we can have a selected Nemesis - found and made during the leveling process and a Temporary Nemesis - some villain (or hero for villains) that holds a grudge - for a period of time that individual will track down our character seeking to defeat or capture them.
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  8. Lovora Liaht Well-Known Player

    OMG!!! (^_^)

    I want that feature soooooooo bad!!!!
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  9. myandria Item Storage

    True, Champions Online does have a Nemesis system and you can customize the Nemesis with the styles from the character creator. You can also create a backstory for your Nemesis, just as you can with your characters. The Nemesis power pool is limited, but they are very powerful; some powers from the Nemesis power pools grant an enhanced health bar, which requires players to take down their health bar twice.

    Your Nemesis also have minions; they cannot be customized in any way but you can choose they type of minions for your Nemesis such as robots, mafia gang members, thugs, ect. These minions harass you in the Open World; when you defeat them they leave clues as to where you Nemesis may appear next. You can follow the clues (which are mission) and chase your Nemesis until you get the mission to put your Nemesis in jail. Sending your Nemesis to jail gives you the option to create another one if you choose to do so. If you choose to keep your Nemesis around don't sent him/her to jail; just keep them around for the other Nemesis missions. That is what I do.

    When a Nemesis alert mission appears (as it appears randomly within the daily missions list) it becomes THE mission to queue up for (pre-made group or pug), because it is around only for a short period of time and extra rewards are granted when you complete it. The Nemesis daily mission appears multiple times during the day, so players never miss out on completing a Nemesis daily mission at least once.

    When you queue up for a Nemesis daily mission, the Nemesis that appears is random; if someone/everyone has a Nemesis character then the game system chooses one of those first. If no one has a Nemesis character then the game system chooses a random NPC Nemesis that the devs have created.

    Your Nemesis is as strong/stronger than your character is, so you have to gear up your character to withstand a Nemesis assault. There is a permanent Nemesis raid; however, it is REQUIRED to have a pre-made group (5 players) to queue up for it (no pugging this one), as the Nemesis will be stronger than the daily mission version. The Nemesis chosen for the raid is the group leader's Nemesis.

    The Nemesis system is available at level 25 for Champion Online (highest progression level is 40).

    OOPS TL;DR sorry for the long post; just want to point out the particulars for the Nemesis System for Champions Online. I agree that some of the nuances would be nice for DCUO.
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  10. JKR Well-Known Player

    So based on the OP, do you see a way to combine the two or do you think one method is better than another?
  11. Panderus Senior Producer

    As someone who worked at Cryptic I think the Nemesis system was super cool but underutilized by both the players AND the developers. Im not sure the juice would be worth the squeeze for us, or it would be slightly different.

    For one thing, DCUO has an amazing and rich IP associated with it that has a lot of familiarity. This sort of system would take away from that if you customized a villain. However... Maybe you could make a Joker from a different world or a character from Earth-3?

    We could probably find a way to make it work, but it would probably have some notable differences as well. Also, this is not even in the near, mid or long term plans at the moment.
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  12. L T Devoted Player

    It wasn't obvious until I read your musings--- but really, the Earth-3 version of our own characters would work really well here.
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  13. Beastmaster Well-Known Player

    Great idea but as are characters have gotten powers from exobyte (unless that can be somewhat retconned) in the dcuo universe wouldn't a similar event akin to dcuo would have to happened in another universe (e.g. Earth 3) aswell for that to viable. Sorry for dampner im just basing it on logic here. I suppose a way around it would be to create a random new Universe that happened exactely the same as DCUO but Morality and all that are Reversed. Unless the game can use sorce wall aspect or change time for earth 3 be to mirror reality of dcuo earth.
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  14. Major Shenanigans Well-Known Player

    Sorry bud but I hate your idea because I didnt think of it first.
    I really hate the idea
    I hate you
    I hate this
    I hate everything
    I hate all good ideas just because
    I hate mmmmmm ohhhhhh wait.....
    Sound familiar ? LMAO

    I wonder if Jack has brought this idea up in any past dev brainstorming sessions?

    Because it is a good idea
  15. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Don't hate him too much. This idea has been suggested in the past a few times. With mostly positive community support.
  16. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    For whatever it's worth, my own experiences with the Nemesis system in CO ended up being a bit mixed. On the first playthrough it was fun and full of some nice surprises, but it lost some of the shine/sparkle on replaying it. As an example, the first time I got jumped by the henchmen of my Nemesis was one of those surprises and a great little "what the !#@$?!" moment. Following the mission chain you'd get after that provided a good break from the regular mission path. But it didn't take long before getting jumped by those henchmen got annoying (especially when they'd show while I was already in the middle of a fight).

    I know it'd probably be a significant challenge, but if it is something you folks decide to pursue in the future finding a way to keep it relatively fresh on replaying would be a plus.
  17. myandria Item Storage


    I think there could be a way to implement part of the Nemesis system into DCUO but as Panderus pointed out, this idea needs a bit more brainstorming and consideration before it can be pinned to any future projects.

    Well, I am thinking outside of the current box DCUO has now, such as Crisis on Infinite Earths/Infinity Crisis. I think it would be easy to choose what type of Nemesis to create since there are multiple versions of the core characters to choose from, IF DC/WB allowed it. Of course, such a project would have to be feasible for the dev team to consider taking on (development time and resources).
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  18. Major Shenanigans Well-Known Player

    Ohhh no I like Jack.
    DCUO was swirling the toilet before he took over.
  19. JKR Well-Known Player

    thanks, lol, good post
  20. JKR Well-Known Player