Exo Farming Has To Stop

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  1. Ryuherz New Player

    What the topic is trying to say is that piople got aint time to farm for exos for the mods.
    A Job,Family or helpin out the League are couple of reason you got aint time for farming stuff ingame.
    Bud becuse the mods Request from you to get atlest 15x8 exobits (120 !!) per Mod.
    There are 10diferent pieces of gear to mod 120x10 exobits is 1200 !! And you ned the corect colour for the corect piece !!!
    So how we can change that ?? I got couple of solutions if sombody has a better ones feel free to post on this topic.


    1.Exceptonal Recovery Kits im marketplace 1 for 100sc Bundle 8 for 600 you get 2 for free
    2.Farming Exo Robots for your Lair 500sc Farms 1 day exos 15 stacks per day 100sc for reusing him next day
    3.Exobits Event im Gotham and Metropolis Daily Mision "stop Braniac ships from transforming piople and destroy their ship" The event drops 3stacks of exos with pickin up the 10adds and 1 boss.You can replay the mision with 10-20 replay badges
    4.Exo Magnet Soda Buster for 15minits you are able to get up to 5 exobits per pickin up exo cost 100sc

    P.S.-sory for my bad english if sombody can help me out with the writing pm me i wil change it
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  2. Savage Mind Committed Player

    You should farm while your groups are forming. I doubt you are in an instance 100% of the time.
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  3. EPICQ New Player

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  4. BackFreckIe New Player

    Yea....no... We all did it for many many sets of gear and so can you. There's a reason they are tradable and buyable. Those are the alternatives to farming. Heck pay someone to do it for you. But putting kits in mp is kinda pointless. They drop like crazy if u get all pvp boxes for the week, especially when u have more than 1 toon. The price on USPS has dropped to 1.5-1mil when it used to be around 3mil per. And giving bits away for killing some adds hardly seems like any work. I get where your coming from with the no time to do anything in game but there are already alternatives in place. I buy mods, stacks, and mats when I'm to lazy or have no time to farm. Or my friend just plainly gives me free byte stacks cuz he's nice.

    bit prices are already soo low on our server that putting easier n faster ways of acquiring them will kill that market
  5. ADG New Player

    I farm all the time now. As soon as I log in, between missions and while groups form. You have some good ideas here and Market Place Kits might help. I think it would be a win/win. I am happy with farming because I have time. I also agree with you that another option would be good for people in your situation.
  6. Spoofer New Player

    Invest time farming exos just like you invest your time in grinding gear/marks.
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  7. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    Why farm when you can buy:)
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  8. Poo New Player

    Farming is a part of any mmo game like this. Those with more time have an advantage yes. That's life man. You get out what you put in.

    Everything about exo's is fine as is.
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  9. Thatguy New Player

    Don't you kill stuff for materials in other games?
  10. Ice Lantern New Player

    By making exobits much easier to obtain you are greatly devaluing them. That would have the following effects:

    - Premium players would have a much harder time obtaining more expensive items as they main use exobits as currency.
    - Luck-based drops would have more weight in the economy.
    - It would reducing the rate at which the economy is going back to where it was due to less money being sunk into broker fees.
    - You are coupling a resource with real-life money even more so therefore giving SOE a license to milk us even more. Do you really want T6 mods to require 100 bytes each?
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  11. Ice Lantern New Player

    Some materials, yes, but not all. Unfortunately crafting and farming are so shallow in this game.
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  12. Dolfo Dedicated Player

    Ironically this game is one of the least grinding adaptations of an MMO out there so why people cry over grinding in DCUO is completely beyond me:confused:.
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  13. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    You used that meme wrong...
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  14. TeenWuulf Well-Known Player

    I just wanted to say that the meme used above would probably be better captioned with something like:

    "Yo dawg, I heard you like exos in your maps, so we put exo maps in your internets."
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  15. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    If you don't like farming, subscribe/buy Escrow so you can buy all the farmable components. This is how R&D should be. You can either do things the longer and harder way, by having to farm EVERYTHING (including the components currently in the R&D vendor) or if you subscribe/buy Escrow, you can use your cash to buy the pieces you need off Broker and those components which are currently in the R&D vendor.

    That is the sort of monetisation I support. Not blatently putting components out of my range, forcing me to either pay or become some Elitist Legendary player's *****.
  16. KydruM New Player

    I wouldn't like spending real money on them, but I don't see anything wrong with wanting the process sped up a bit. Increasing the chance to recover two exobits instead of one would be nice. I'd prefer a guarantee of two instead of one, but I guess I'm mad that way.

    It'd be cool if fully formed exobytes had a chance to drop from bosses in Alerts or Raids. Getting them alongside gear unusable for that character might make people feel they at least earned something for their trouble until the game applies a different drop system of some sort.
  17. Blazt Furnace New Player

    I see what you did here. EXOBIT - XZIBIT

  18. Fruity Reaper New Player

    I have a Wife, 2 yo son, one on the way and a full time job, I farm at random weekends mostly, what I would like is the ability to purchase in game cash with RL cash so those of us who cannot invest the time can buy them from broker and reward those who can as well, its win win :)

    Perhaps the devs would relent and allow those of us with disposable income to buy in game cash with RL cash, not just SC but gradients of 250k, 500k 1 mill (adjust for american billionaire market) for relevant SC or RL cash would be cool, kinda like GTA 5 does now, us europeans are not as affluent as our american cousins in game and I personally would love to buy stuff that I haven't got the time to farm for.
  19. Lightful New Player

    Farming is stoupid. So iz like grinding. We should just have a vendor thing that give us mods free and 88 gear free and skill points free.

    /sarcasm. This is an MMO. You should approach any MMO with the intent to grind.
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  20. Fruity Reaper New Player

    ...or the intent to put real life money in place of the grind if the facilities are there to do so.