Excessive freezing after update

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by RealGODofWar, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. AngelOfTriumph New Player

    what moves is that?
  2. Tiime_Lapse Well-Known Player

    No, no point in playing right now. Unless you want multiple freezes & tons of aggravation. My league mates and I froze repeatedly the past 2 days. Finally gave up and played SCV together.
  3. Treskar Committed Player

    He steps left, blocks and catches arm. pivots to his right elbow strikes him in ribs, captures gun, reverse hip toss over.

  4. Killswitch Enrage New Player

    I will be cancelling my premium membership until this is resolved. This is the best course of action to get quick action. If you are having this problem, i suggest you do the same. Money talks, BS walks.

    I bought my PS3 brand new in November 2014. I WILL NOT purchase another Sony product. If and when DCUO makes it to the XBOX ONE, I will take that route.
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  5. Pr0tojay Committed Player

    Wait hold up, you bought a brand new ps3 just a few months ago knowing ps4's were out? whats the sense in that lol...either way, im cancelling my subscription to after this month...spent about $100 bucks on this game, wont be back for a year or two, unless i get a ps4 which probably wont be for a long while
  6. Killswitch Enrage New Player

    The only 2 games i play are Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 and DCUO...The former isnt on either of the new consoles. I have no desire to support Sony and their new console. I prefer the XBOX so...if DCUO makes it to the XBOX ONE...that will be my next console.
  7. Flakkjacket New Player

    Sony... let's be real... you OWE me about 20000 marks of triumph been from alerts and operations I have been denied finishing!
    On top of that, my time and money wasted deserves further compensation I think! IN MY OPINION! THANKS!
  8. Ninja'd Dedicated Player

    USPS - Talking to the gear vendor on Mogo almost always freezes the game. Out of 10 tries 9 freezes were successful. I stopped testing for the sake of my system but there is definitely something going on about that gear vendor.
  9. Treskar Committed Player

    1:29 AM EASTERN
    Defeat Fatality part of the ALERT Zamaron Conversion

    Was fine hunting exobits on overworld map in metropolis fine thought to try a mission.
  10. PHOUR New Player

    I just froze for about the 100th time now, all i did was try to shout in chat, the second I hit the select button to bring it up, froze. Relogged shortly after and froze again instantly just trying to empty my mailbox of some stuff I sold on broker. I don't see how before the update I hadn't froze in ages, now I literally can't do ANYTHING. It's like I'm guaranteed to freeze up no matter what/ where.
  11. PHOUR New Player

    It wasn't as bad earlier today but now it's to the point where I freeze as soon as I get on. (standing in hall of doom, just went to broker, froze)
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  12. Pr0tojay Committed Player

    Idk, but it justs feels like theyre fixing all other known issues first, and leaving ps3 users for last. By the time they have it up and running, we will have pretty much lost 3 days of legendary due to this (possibly even 4 the way its looking), and im sure there will be no compensation for it.
  13. WildPegasusrs Dedicated Player

    How can you cancel a Premium membership when it is automatically granted to you forever as soon as you have bought something?
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  14. lukelucky Devoted Player

    i gave up an hour ago due to freezing on usps3. it was bad and for the last 2 days could not finish one instance
  15. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    I only get to play mostly on the weekend. But looks like I can't :(

    This freezing is frustrating, I can't do anything without worrying. I just have to stand around like dumb Dora.

    Looks like it's the cinemas tonight.
  16. Treskar Committed Player

    Stopped. Rebuilt database. Same problems.

    Saved all my saved games,

    Safe mode Return to default setting. Reinstalled DCUO from 140am to 600am. Went to diner and ate cheeseburger and fries with a rootbeer. Came back played looking for bits. NOTHING happens. SWEET.

    Server RESET. Back on at 750am, 824am froze In Gotham OVERWORLD. Just running around looking for bits in one of the parks I landed in.

    Nothing us PS3 players can do to reduce freezing from occuring. YOU ARE SENDING US A BAD SIGNAL interupting our systems.
  17. aurorabenz07 Loyal Player

    Just an update and its official, the freeze also occurs on my other toons. Freeze constantly occurs at HOD, duos, raids, and even in metro. I had to excuse myself with my league mates during each run where I would freeze but to them I was disconnected. I get with every update there comes some bugs but when the league box in each wing where you donate base items has undefined for each item I didn't think much of it but the freezing! Is this Sony's way to make ps3 users to update to the ps4 :(
  18. Keatonleroux325 New Player

    Arkriliss USPC i keep freezing as soon as i log in as when i try to access the Market place it freezes as well please help[
  19. Killswitch Enrage New Player

    Are you really going to be that ****? I think you should be able to figure out that i meant paying a sub fee every month.
  20. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    I can confirm too, I'm in the world or some instances, duos and raids, i don't freeze(I froze once in Return to the nexus alert) but when i enter Hall Of Doom my HQ i freeze every time. When i don't go there I'm fine so the problem is the HQ for everyone. All should stay away from their HQ until they fix it or if you have something to do, do it fast and leave.
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