Excessive freezing after update

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by RealGODofWar, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. afvc623 New Player

    Good to know.Hope we get a fix soon
  2. Businessman Ultra Well-Known Player

    It's beyond time to move the test server over to where the vast majority of the population is. That way things like this would be much less likely to happen.
  3. Giptonian New Player

    I have had several freezes..I normally wait a minute or 2 then everything comes back...Can't say anything yet about the Server's because i have only been playing 5 days :p
  4. DR254 Well-Known Player

    Froze twice yesterday and I'm on PS4.
  5. shutrX7 New Player

    so whats the good word mepps?
  6. GJGBlackDragon Dedicated Player

    I'll stop playing until you fellas fix the problem.

    This is not a Rant but a way for me to protect the equipment. I had a friend that got his PS3 damaged due to GU 28 Vendor Freezes. By turning off the equipment manually due to the game freeze it end up damaging the equipment. If you damaged the equipment by turning off manually the equipment it voids the Sony's Equipment Warranty and the repair will came out of your pocket or you'll have to buy a new equipment.

    Since I'm not in the mood and/or economy to buy a new PS3/PS4 I'll protect my equipment by not playing until you fellas announce that you fix the problem.

    My 2 cents.
  7. Malachyte Devoted Player

    Sorry, I tired a few times today after all the various shutdowns and it seems playing on the PS3 is not going to happen,

    Just froze 2x once during Ares fight were he is still lunging everyone and he was still half way down.

    Not sure if others are still having this issue, but its to damn frustrating to continue on like this.
  8. Ch3wtobacco New Player

    its random ...ive even crashed flying around my base...get your **** together Devs
  9. Ch3wtobacco New Player

    wow if you REALLY wanted to get rid of PS3 players devs you did a really great job....hope you get your wish ....golf clap
  10. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    its understandable all the content being added. thers only so much the ps3 can handle. if u lookat it , like a computer Your ps3 needs to be updated to ps4.
    doesnt seem like a booster bundle should do it though... but in time. i have a feeling they will have to give ps3 players an incentive to upgrade to ps4 by not adding all the content "just cause thers not enough V memory". and i could see them not making future powers available on the ps3. cause that would bog it down even more. MMOS are on going . growing by size. memory everything. this is probobly the most succesful mmo thats been on a console.. i know it sucks for ps3 players that are loyal to the end. but its just how it is
  11. shutrX7 New Player

    yeah mepps posted a list of known issues then posted an updated list with no issues listed, i assumed this meant problem solved. i'm now looking at my frozen screen. and like someone just mentioned, the shutting console off from frozen can destroy it, and if it doesn't then restoring the files is a pain in my ***, is there no way to test these updates before sending them out world wide? break your own consoles before you f#&% up mine! i just bought 3 months for my son to play with me, thats 2 memberships, plus whatever content we purchase in game, i cant afford to buy 2 new consoles as well, it may be the end of dcu for this family... GTA5 now has hiests!!
  12. Ikyotojin Dedicated Player

    mine freezes up so often, I'm not bothering. Skyrim is getting a LOT of play here.
  13. Krypton Dedicated Player

    Well I guess I will put off doing this update.

    I can't pvp anymore as it is, but I least can do some older stuff.

    Wait...why do I pay for this game? lol :)
  14. scarlettw Active Player

    why some user always say truble ps3 buy a ps4 and fixed your problem? some ppl no wanna buy a new ps4 , maybe not have the money or in my case i wait a new version i dont want buy a new ps4 in 2 month for a trouble in hardware , i live the experience whit the fat ps3 i wait at least 1 year more
  15. shutrX7 New Player

    uh oh, seems like the majority of us (ps3 players) would rather enjoy other games than buy a ps4, i hate it when a plan doesn't come together!!
  16. mightybugthe1st New Player

    I've also been having this issue on PS3, but I'd say more like twice an hour. Last night I froze twice while running the Circe solo mission... right... at ... the boss. :(
  17. indigo Star New Player

    yup, I froze FIVE TIMES last night, 3x in Bludhaven, and 2x just hanging out in the WT-- please fix your broken game, devs! TY ;-D
  18. shutrX7 New Player

    I joke about the plan, probably not intentional, however, the fact remains
  19. Dage New Player

    The games on nex gen are so meh, just alot of disappointments and remasters, oh well skyrim is calling me until I build my PC.
  20. scarlettw Active Player

    the problem is that all in game before the update run well ( yes pvp was unplayable and another thing) but in general was fine but after the update ps3 is almost unplayable