Excessive freezing after update

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by RealGODofWar, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Shifty Committed Player

    Now this is a good idea.And easily do able
  2. Guilty_iNNOCENCE8o8 New Player

    You can't be serious. People, like myself, pay MONEY to play this game- bending over backwards and taking it is NOT what a paying customer should endure. From a business perspective, Idk how this can be a good way to treat your PAYING customers. Sure, if this happens to someone who is f2p, whatever- they invested little to the profitability of the business. To those customers/players who PAY MONEY to play, not treating them justly is bad for any business. General rule of thumb, repeat business is the largest contributed to a business staying afloat. I assume a large number of that pool are ps3 owners. And I assume, many of which, will stop subscribing because of seemingly utter disregard to our loyalty and importance. This isn't the only fun mmorpg around. If I am not satisfied, then expect my customer loyalty and business to go somewhere else.

    If any dev or person working for Daybreak comes across this, or any other post related, please let us know if these freezing issues get fixed. Also, please let us know how it will be truly resolved. Thank you. I would like to continue my business with you, but only if my business is reciprocated.

    Ps- I am a ps3 owner. I would buy a ps4, but I do not see the relevance to invest more than I need to to play a game I've already invested so much in and which should work properly on a ps3 anyway. I have dealt with low frame rates, falling through the environment because it hadn't loaded, fought in PvP matches against invisible enemies because they too were not loaded (but yet could see me and have the unfair advantage), but this freezing issue is the last straw for me. I have endured and sucked it up during these times. I have had about enough of it and currently am a VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER. I work hard for my money. I expect any business to work hard to get it from me. That's all. It's only the right thing to do.
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  3. Guilty_iNNOCENCE8o8 New Player


    Allow PS users the ability to adjust graphical settings, like PC players.

    It might help lighten the load for the aging ps3. I'd gladly turn down my graphics to even ultra LOW to play how this game was meant to be played (ie: no hiccups, freezes, fighting invisible enemies in safehouses, not having to wait 5 minutes for adds to appear so you can attack them while doing dailies, no falling through the map, able to freely superspeed around without fear of falling through the environment, etc.)

    It could help. Hey ps3 users, you want pretty graphics, get a stronger system- you want playability? Let us turn down the graphical load on our aging systems. That or let me transfer my toons over to PC...my rig is pretty beastly :)
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  4. Batman-Beyond Well-Known Player

    Server are down on USPC and USPS.... hey Mepps is it the fix? If so when will we from the old country get to play the game NORMALLY?
  5. Breaker Ice New Player

    This occuring for me too, DC name is Breaker Ice. U have to do something for this Problem. I was froze 10 times in 2 hours!!!!
  6. xXS0EXx Committed Player

    I would love to have a working option like that. We currently have the option but it doesn't work(it doesn't do anything). So Bumps for u bro I hope they can give us something like that.:)

    Edit: Having the Debug mode back would be cool too. It was one of the best things they came up with atleast on the ps3 side.
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  7. JSnaples Committed Player

    You know how the people behind this game treat people, stop pretending as if downtime or freezing is some kind of suprise.
  8. Batman-Beyond Well-Known Player

    In the case of Daybreak.... a downtime often leads to freezing.
  9. Batman-Beyond Well-Known Player

    Meeeeeeppps.... a little update on status quo of the fix, please.
  10. UnlckEusps New Player

    Free up alot of space on ur ps3 it wont freeze as much
  11. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The new PS3 client has just been approved by EU PSN and deployed to EU PS3. We are still waiting on approvals from US PSN.
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  12. DustyAnkh Loyal Player

    Thanks for the update !
  13. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    So since they approved for USPC than USPS will follow very soon? Like today? Or is it still tomorrow? I can't wait to do Throne now -_- lol
  14. darkscarletx Loyal Player

  15. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    So since they approved for EUPS than USPS will follow very soon? Like today? Or is it still tomorrow? I can't wait to do Throne now -_- lol Sorry about the posts.
  16. scarlettw Active Player

    good new , at least in us will come very soon (i hope)
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  17. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We're optimistic, but your guess is as good as ours.
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  18. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    Thanks Mepps for the update. :) Can't wait we all get this hotfix.
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  19. Guilty_iNNOCENCE8o8 New Player

    Thank you for the update Mr. Mepps. I can't wait either. Haven't played for the past week or so because of this freezing issue. This is great news.. I just feel as if that week away from the game is money wasted, and wasn't directly caused by anything I did to cause it. Guess it's no big deal though...
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  20. JSnaples Committed Player

    Agreed, haven't been able to play all week because of this freezing and I have Legendary wish they could do something for us Ps3 people but I highly doubt they will
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