Excessive freezing after update

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by RealGODofWar, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. TheSchroedinger New Player

    Unfortunately, DCUO is back to being down (or virtually unplayable) as often as it's up. I didn't have the patience for it a few years ago and quit playing altogether until just this past October. The issues I have experienced in the past several days show me that the game is fundamentally still as unstable as it ever was, so I'm hanging up my cape. There are too many other games to play to endure this frustration from a game that's supposed to be an entertaining escape.

    No venom and no axe to grind, but I'm disenchanted to the extent that I have to say enough is enough. If I get around to it, I'll try to throw all the new auras I just bought on the broker for cheap.
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  2. Master DS New Player

    I'm currently playing DCUO on PS3 and I've been experiencing random freezes without warning. It's just been making DCUO to much of a frustration to play. It's why I've stopped playing DCUO since yesterday. I really want to get back to playing DCUO but not with my PS3 constantly under the threat of game freezes. So I've decided to wait until a fix is made. I hope we won't have to wait much longer for it.

    Ha I know I really want to buy a PS4 and play DCUO on it so I don't have to detail with the limitations of the PS3. I will someday. But I'm still dedicated to playing DCUO even on PS3. Anyway hope a fix is done soon, so I can get back to playing.
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  3. KomarnoMan Well-Known Player

    I have been a legendary member for 3 years. I will not renew my membership come May this year. In the 3 years I played I must have spent close to $1000 on memberships and add ons. I am no longer going to be a sucker and keep paying for an inferior product and snooty remarks from the people who control the game and their blatent disrespect for us their customers
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  4. Pr0tojay Committed Player

    This is what the Devs attitude feels like when they screw things up and cost us money : "You dont like it? Too bad, no ones forcing you to play. We will not give you any type of compensation. Go buy a PS4, or just play another game."

    Maybe we should.
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  5. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    I totally understand ur point of view. Only thing I can do is wait and see what happen in the near future. Im sure nobody including the Devs wanted this to happen
  6. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    I've waited a month on my wages. Job also stole from me to. But I kept working knowing they stole money from me 2 save up for school. Co-workers was getting mistreated to. Where i live jobs are scarce. So i took the abuse 4 over two years saving scraps of money for school. $150 a month!!!!!!!! from my job. I looked 4 other jobs but they wouldn't higher me so I was stuck with the job that kept ripping me off. And even tho they ripped me off I still managed to save money to go EMT school and now I'm a license EMT :)

    So I say to you is have patience. Good things come to those that wait. And to be honest If I have to choose waiting a week for a video game to be fix vs waiting a week to a month for my pay check, I would take waiting week for a video game to be fix every time.

    Dont let a video game ruin your life
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  7. Flakkjacket New Player

    I don't think this episode is ruining anyone's life. It's just frustrating to watch your money be wasted right before your eyes with the most minimal of customer support on the issue. When they do touch base it's just straight up "we will let you know". No apology or reassurance that we will be reimbursed for our wasted money/time. Some people play video games all the time. Others use it as a vent when they get some time away from other aspects of life (school, work, kids, etc.). When that is taken away, people will get angry!
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  8. Pr0tojay Committed Player

    This has no comparison to the situation we're in. If a job is supposedly "stealing" from you, then you have the right to sue them. Not only that, but you were an employee, not a consumer. We are consumers that paid to use a product for a certain amount of time, and they are taking that time away from us and just telling us "too bad, live with it". That's no where near the same.
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  9. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    Well he ask about me waiting a week in wages didn't he. So I use that experience 4 this situation since he use wages as a metaphor for waiting a week for the game to be fixed.

    And to be honest I'm not taking it as' to bad live with it' as of yet. They been open so far so that's a plus to me. I'm a type of person that wait and see what happen then form a opinion. Not jump the gun expecting something. Wait till Friday and see what they will do to make u feel special until then just wait and see.

    Lets not cry wolf about being mistreated due to this situation. If they fix it and u feel mistreated in the aftermath of the fix, THEN that is when u show ur frustration. But as of right now there nothing me or you can do to make this process go faster.
    U dont wan't to look like u get mad at every little thing to be heard this how consumer can be ignored.
    Do you have a right to be frustrated? Of course you do. But pick ur battles when it come to this type of situation. Wait and see till friday
  10. Pr0tojay Committed Player

    Oh i definitely pick my battles. I have never complained once on these forums in any other update, because there was no need to (check my previous posts if you want to). A few hours of downtime, or maybe the entire day is totally acceptable to me. However, a week is crossing the line. But I will wait until Friday then...lets see what happens.
  11. Superheimer New Player

    Yes: you should definitely get a ps4 for this game. The rest of the community will thank you and you'll have a lot less to complain about.
  12. Pr0tojay Committed Player

    Sure, spot me $400.
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  13. Treskar Committed Player

    1:14am EASTERN
    Just standing there upon my lair in GOTHAM near river front center its that 3third little building on the right.


    sniff sniff ...waah! waah!.... sniff sniff....waah. me want ice cream!!!!
  14. Keatonleroux325 New Player

    Is there any News if they are going to address this matter or not ?
  15. Treskar Committed Player

  16. Old Villan New Player

    hahahahhaha :D sorry 4 my grammar but i'm not english or american ;) anyway i'm glad that some1 thinks like me :)
    If you mean devs to pay attention i don't think they will... The game still evolve, grow & change & it's normal but it seems more like ''suck money machine'' that like normal healthy mmo... I can pay 4 play good game & i don't have problems with that & it's fair cause this is the job of devs & nobody work free... Also they must have resources to progress with game but it's not normal that some powers are much more stronger than others... I can understand when comes up NEW POWER & devs want encourage ppl to try it so ok it may be a little op but i don't like what they do with others powers... 4 example my gadgets last year with last t5(or maybe 1st t6, don't remember exactly) with about 7k might did damage something like 50k with supply & trinket & now with 8900+ might & almost t7(last t6 i mean full 100/101 gear), supply & trinket it did max 46k with emp(not for long range & it's still most powerfull power of gadgets)... I have now much more might & much more sp & i'm much more weaker than last year!!! It's a JOKE... WTF? :D Why & what is this sh*t? Cause they want encourage me to change power? Yeah maybe so i spend more money... For what reason there are stats in this game? For nothing i think, just for our eyes if i do same damage on adds lvl 5 in the city & ares in tod(maybe they have same defense & change only health)... In these weeks on servers you can see only f*cking quantums/celestial(now with rage will be same i think) & you can't do raids if you are not 1 of them... It's simply ridiculous... 1 of my friends told me that he did something like 200k with quantum LOL & me 46k with my gadgets, wow this is really nice... If this is the future way for this game i'm so sorry but even i like it very much i will stop play it & search something else...
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  17. Treskar Committed Player

    Total agreement

    I go back to ALERT 51 Novice style to test how much more powerful I am. ROFL nope same feel of the game one shotting enemies took me until 110 CR controller geared I know. BUT 110CR.

    The damage I do there is the same as in a tier 6 raid. Basically I have to hit them 500 times. Without my shields they nerfed and took away that power. PLUS SHIELDS ARE NOT able to be used with each other. Figure 25 % from gadget smoke bomb animation one then amazon bracelets then Hard light then drop a holo decoy and you would get 100% for maybe 5 seconds. Or if you factor in another form of math of 25% x4 its like 43% or something since 25 minuses from 100 then goes you get 25 % from 75 and so on. But its stuck at 25%.

    Thank you non american, non english. I understand your grammar.

    Oh yeah the name of that power that is an animation thats smoke bomb DISTRACT. why I had to edit this to write this because it came to me since I cannot play to look it up on my char. You could have looked on google for it. THATS NOT PLAYING IT ON MY CHAR. for all i know there gonna delete that power from my toon as well.
  18. Flakkjacket New Player

    Again... to everyone saying "go buy a PS4 to solve the problem"... not all of us live at home with our parents and can just afford to buy a PS4 to solve a problem caused by a game update... period!
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  19. FantasiArt New Player

    I am upset by this ever since they announced Skimming and added it to the game I noticed the game falling a part and more so after they showed what munitions will look like I want to let the Developers know that a lot of people still play this game on the PS3 all my cousins and friends still have a PS3. I have been playing this game since October of 2011 pretty much when the game first came out and I have to say that I have liked the game a lot and is addicted to the game but ever since this year 2015 I have noticed that the game has started taking a turn for the worst as it kind of has me wondering if I should take a break from the game for a while like maybe a 3 to 6 month break. I am so upset by the game freezing like this I could go back to playing it on PC but it is just to much work for me having to level up my characters and who knows the last time I played on PC was 2 years ago so they might have deleted my character's names over there I could take a look and see.

    I am also upset that the game has not changed much like the graphics for the game could be better I am starting to get bored with the game as I was looking forward to the new UI that was talked about back in November, December of last year I rather have that then what the DEVS showed us what the munition powers will look like. I am also kind of upset that there will be no Blue Lantern Powers at all and because of this that is why I am having thoughts of wanting to take a break from the game.

    Here are recent videos I did of the game showing off all 5 of my charcters which their CR's are in the 100's

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  20. Treskar Committed Player

    TRESKAR sometime between 1245am-110am.


    SEWERS to fight SCARECROW.