Everything that can go wrong in a raid happened

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by GalaxySniper, Apr 2, 2015.

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  1. XxRudgerxX Well-Known Player

    You should see the trade chat when he's online. Jesus, everyone on the server hates him bar one or two people. He really is a plague in the community of this game.
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  2. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    "Don't pug" is stupid, i pug everything and never have as much problems as players say they have on the forums. The problem was that the group just qued up the instance. Nightmarish pugs got to be a hero thing, because i don't have the problems i read about, and i pug everything across 12 toons.
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  3. zeroman New Player

    This video is sad and hurtful to watch. I give this thread a 0.
  4. Longshot Well-Known Player

    I stopped watching after the guy didn't even know what raid he was in.
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  5. Malachyte Devoted Player

    I will say this, his toon name "Online Bully" definitely represents him well, because going by his in video caption of himself, he sure the hell isn't "bullying" anyone in RL for certain.....

    Can someone say Napoleon Complex......LOL
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  6. MetalMario Loyal Player

    That was definitely a group effort of people who don't know how to play the game. At the very least it was the fault of the people who got down in the first place since it was 100% avoidable. Nobody was making it through after the tank died for no reason either, but I'm sure other things would have come up in that group even if the tank wasn't horrible.
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  7. MetalMario Loyal Player

    Do you pug through LFG or just randomly queue up for things? Percentage wise how often would you estimate you beat throne?
  8. BigDaddyDru New Player

    Looks like this Thread and it's Opening Poster needs Daddy's World Famous Quote, enjoy:

  9. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    This video is an accurate reflection of life in DCUO outside the warmth and comfort of a League Bubble.

    ****, clueless players treating each other like ****.

    This is what happens when you don't teach players the most basic skills and instead depend on them teaching themselves from other potentially misinformed players or no skills on educating others.

    This is what happens when you let anybody at any CR obliterate lower tier content for new players who are trying to learn the game for themselves and throw generous amounts of progressive gear at them.

    It honestly doesn't surprise me that only 0.64% of all characters ever created are eligible for Tier 6 content.

    People who experience this sort of thing on a daily basis can't be happy. If a player isn't happy, the chances of converting them to a paying customer are reduced. The developers really need to stop worrying about making DPS overpowered and focus on getting their game tightened.
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  10. Makineko Committed Player

    Stopped watching just before 3 minutes. This chap is so far up his own backside it's unbelievable. From the bat he was negative and derogatory, he then decides instead of working out a strategy to kick at will in the hopes that a better player comes in place (one of the reasons the kick mechanic is getting it's rework).

    Sums up (as well put earlier) the worst elements of Pugging and the community as a whole.
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  11. Saami Loyal Player

    Just imagine how hard it is for devs to make new content.
    Some people go through new raids in first try easily and some people cant do it before overgearing it or got carrying.
    Trying to find good difficulty must be almost impossible.
  12. Trial 1 New Player

    So what was wrong?

    The guy that created that video and the attitude he brought with him to that group.

    He appears to have been studying very hard for propendency towards failure and self destruction.
    He was a proverbial *** hole.

    All efforts for communication by this misanthrope was directed into empty space serving only to his ego instead of communicating with his team.

    He is the EPITOME of how terrible the DCUO community is.
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  13. ArtOfFreak Well-Known Player

    The struggle is real
  14. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    Now that I got some great answer from you guys about who fault it was about wiping. I would like to ask another question for discussion.
    This type of question will kinda be hard for me to critique on who fault it was based on the video but I will still try.

    Lets say the healer knew what he was doing, and he notice that they're two trolls in the raid. Is it the trolls fault for giving a false impression on the healer that he could spam due to the presence of two trolls or is it the healer fault for thinking he could spam with two trolls.
    The easy answer would be both. But I would like to hear answers on both side of the fence.
  15. KidMidnight Loyal Player

    raid wipes like this occur because many players are making mistakes. not just one. oftentimes what you do in one raid will work out and be viewed as successful while it may be the subject of scrutiny in the next. player chemistry is just as important as cr and skill points.

    the video was funny but really...you can blind queue up into almost amy higher end raid and see the same thing. its no secret.

    now if you had put a group of 113-115's who were all tough talking in group chat about how beast they are and the same thing happened that would have been cause for celebration...or maybe a few drinks cuz ive seen it happen.
  16. Trial 1 New Player

    You're lost in the minutia of the video.... look past the characters, their gear, the situation and focus on the people that are playing them.

    One is right in front of you...

    I said it earlier and I'll say it again, "He is the EPITOME of the DCUO community"...

    They'd rather whine and complain to themselves than take any effort to communicate in game.... that and he didn't even know what raid he was in. I can only recall I think two things he "said" in chat? "Why not" and "charname wtf".

    But he sure was communicating elsewhere, wasn't he? He was chatting to his little misanthropic heart's content to the camera... fretting about the stage signifying... nothing.

    No attention span past 10 seconds.
    Seeking immediate gratification.
    No planning, let's go NOW!
    I'm on a different level than everyone else... everyone else is below me... peons... noobs.
    Let's just kick this problem away

    People like that are a virus that spreads and this community is experiencing an epidemic.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to don my pointy tin foil hat and fly away.
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