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    I love DCUO and I want to give my opinion about some things in the game that maybe some players don't say, let's go by topics.

    1st DCUO needs old players more than new ones to stay alive, it all started with artifacts and PvP (in my opinion).

    2° Less progressive feats and more feats with mechs and challenges, we want to show that the game is not just about being beautiful, filling the game with feats that make us stronger, MORE FEATSS.

    3° Make artifacts easy and common to get like CR, augments and allies, no one can stand to see people thinking they are already the best just for having "200 arts" or waiting months to have 1 artifact at 200, as if it were something unusual, it seems the game focused on them, FOCUS ON THE SKILL POINTS PLEASE.

    4° Please make PvP fun, with faster battles, more accessible, easier and more attractive, revive PvP we want PvP back (same for pvp/pve legends) make the game less boring and tiring, we want to laugh.

    5° make the game easier to understand, there are so many players who don't know anything about the game with high Cr.

    6° Make the game easier for foreigners to understand, not everyone speaks English.

    7° Follow examples of other successful games and there are many people playing every day, seriously I want to make friends in the game and less toxic top players who think they own the game.

    8° The graphics are perfect to be honest I don't care about that, but make the game faster and with less bugs.

    9° Why is the game not publicized, not invested in social networks, why isn't a game like this known by everyone? DCUO is amazing everyone needs to play it before some competitor comes along and does it.

    10° There is more information about the game on the internet than in the game itself... at least tell me where to find the information... make partnerships.

    11° STOP putting items that will never come back, let it be hard to get and that only strong players can do it, but don't put something that will NEVER come back... it's boring to see someone using or having something you wanted to have.

    12° the game needs to be more fun, and I find it strange that players are ashamed to turn on the microphone... seriously, dc players are toxic because they think they are the best and don't need anyone... that's why no one wants to turn on the microphone, they will be mocked.

    13° if dc needs money to be a better game, then dc needs more players and I think all this would bring more players (a better and more fun tutorial would also help, so many players giving up playing because they find the game complicated).

    14° STOP invalidating names... let us be iconic.

    15th watchtower, hall of doom, gotham and metropolis, these places need utility, these places are the beginning of the game for new players and they find it empty?! obviously they won't want to play, they want a crowded place

    16° villains need to group with heroes... seriously you can't be a villain lol

    17° make the leagues more useful, so they are more crowded, it would be nice to have less leagues and more players united.

    18° old content is empty, because players think they don't need feats.

    19° Give some bonus to those who help their friend to get feats... you can't keep helping your friend to farm feats if you won't get anything in return, especially if you already have everything.

    20° The more items to get, the longer the players stayed in the game.

    21° If you want money, have more players playing, all this will help you to have more money to invest in the game and have a better team, sorry for my English I'm not native, but I want this game alive.

    22° Make sure there is a PC/XBOX, PC/NITENDO server!!
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  2. iEddyGaming Active Player

    Looking at number 11 :rolleyes:
  3. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    You made it to 11? I faded at 3 or 4.
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  4. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    Getting more customers is the priority of any business, be it an MMO, a car company, or a shoe shine stand. I've seen the population ebb and flow, and in my observation, this game has maintained a fairly consistent population. It's certainly gone down from it's heyday 8-10 years ago, but there are very few games that do maintain those population levels. New World showed a huge population dip after it's launch, it's population only about 1/3 of the size it was at launch, and that was a sub based game.

    There are realities that fans of DCUO have to face, first, and this is the biggest, the game engine is over 15 years old. In fact, it was an outdated engine at launch. In the world of video games, where the new shiny gets all the attention, that's a big hurdle to overcome. Second, the age of the game, it's 12 years old, and it doesn't get much attention. One saving grace the game does have, we are in the middle of a huge super hero pop culture explosion, and DCUO is the only MMO on the block. I remember at one point, there was talk of a Marvel MMO and word went out, that DC would be looking at their game very closely for any patent or copyright infringement. That project fizzled pretty quickly when they wouldn't be able to make it different enough.

    The game does have a future ahead of it, there's new content coming out, and I keep bumping into players who have just started playing the game. I do suspect there are more years behind the game than in front of it, but the end isn't nigh quite yet.
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  5. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    number 17 … they should just open it up to where we can join 5 or more leagues like most mmos…it’s nice to have your own little group but it’s also very beneficial to be in a mega league… would love them to do that
  6. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    I would love multiple leagues. In another MMO I play, let's call it "Alder Strolls hemlines" I have my trading guild, my social guild, etc. Granted a trading guild wouldn't work in this game, but it is useful, Having a social guild, and an end game guild, and a training guild would be great.
  7. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    For someone that writes books over petty qualms... I am going to kindly ask you to go to the gym and make some gains.

    I'm about 96% in favor of the OP.
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  8. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Lol... What?...Old players need DCUO waaaaay more than new players, because they've already spent a lot of time and money and they are too addicted to the game to quit, even if they hate it. There are many people on this forum who are prime examples. DCUO already got your money - you can QQ all you like, but new players who still haven't bought all the capsules and artifacts and can go play some newer/better game instead at any time - they are the ones any smart business will focus on.

    I have no idea what you think PvP has to do with this. PvP has been allowed to die, because it's a breeding ground for toxicity and exploits, and the few psychopaths who get off on teabagging each other and screaming slurs are too cheap to even buy soders for Monopoly money...
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  9. OneWhoLaughed Committed Player

    I'm about 96% opposed. This is another one of those 'gimme gimme gimme, because [insert over-entitled opinion]' threads. Hard pass.
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  10. BabyBoyzim Dedicated Player

    Lol! Nice burn, made me spit out a sip of my morning caffeine.

    Op makes some good points but a lot of them have been regurgitated ad nauseam without change for a long time. The game is what it is at this point. It’s like an old ‘get off my lawn’ grandpa. Set in his ways, will never change as he’s old and set in his ways.
  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    As someone who responds to my many books(positive or negative), obviously they are at least read-able. This was not really.

    And yeah...as OneWhoLaughed pointed out...just another gimmie gimmie thread. One that has been made many times before.
  12. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    same i get a few in then yea im done
  13. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Is this geometry or temperature?
  14. Miserable Committed Player

    I feel bad for players who come to the forums to share their opinion and are met with nothing but toxicity. This place really is an echo chamber.

    There is nothing wrong with this post (in terms of the nature of it, not necessarily the content). He expresses his love for the game and shares a list of suggestions that he believes would improve it. You might disagree with every single one of those suggestions, find them silly, unrealistic, unclear, etc., but why even bother responding just to **** on OP and contribute nothing to the discussion?
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